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Found 589 results

  1. Hello! I have question: "Is possible to create a rotation of image made by "dxDrawMaterialLine3D ?? "". Please fast return message.
  2. Hello There. Well my problem is really annoying. I downloaded MTA properly and after launching MTA everything was fine and when I click "Map Editor" a small window pops up "Starting local server.." Then nothing happens after that. I literally waited for 30 minutes. Thanks for your help!
  3. function noRadio() setRadioChannel(0) addEventHandler('onClientPlayerRadioSwitch', getRootElement(), function() cancelEvent() end ) end function off() stopSound(sound) noRadio() play1() end addEvent( "off", true ) addEventHandler( "off", localPlayer, play ) function play1() noRadio() stopSound(sound) outputChatBox("Radio 1!!" ) local vehicle = getPedOccupiedVehicle(getLocalPlayer( )) local x,y,z = getElementPosition( vehicle ) sound = playSound3D( "", x, y, z) setSoundMaxDistance( sound,50 ) attachElements ( sound, vehicle) end addEvent( "r1", true ) addEventHandler( "r1", localPlayer, play1 ) function play2() noRadio() stopSound(sound) outputChatBox("Radio 2" ) local vehicle = getPedOccupiedVehicle(getLocalPlayer( )) local x,y,z = getElementPosition( vehicle ) sound = playSound3D( "", x, y, z) setSoundMaxDistance( sound,50 ) attachElements ( sound, vehicle) end addEvent( "r2", true ) addEventHandler( "r2", localPlayer, play2 ) function play3() noRadio() stopSound(sound) outputChatBox("Radio 3") local vehicle = getPedOccupiedVehicle(getLocalPlayer( )) local x,y,z = getElementPosition( vehicle ) sound = playSound3D( "", x, y, z) setSoundMaxDistance( sound,50 ) attachElements ( sound, vehicle) end addEvent( "r3", true ) addEventHandler( "r3", localPlayer, play3 ) function play4() noRadio() stopSound(sound) outputChatBox("Radio 4!!" ) local vehicle = getPedOccupiedVehicle(getLocalPlayer( )) local x,y,z = getElementPosition( vehicle ) sound = playSound3D( "", x, y, z) setSoundMaxDistance( sound,50 ) attachElements ( sound, vehicle) end addEvent( "r4", true ) addEventHandler( "r4", localPlayer, play4 ) how can i stop sound only for me without stopping others sound?? like when i switch radio station it stops "sound" which stops everyones
  4. Hi ! I just downloaded a simple script that puts NOS into cars when u hold fire. I wanted to make it so it only works for selected serials but now i get this error : ERROR : Loading script failed: nos\nitro.lua:17: unexpected symbol near ')' Please help ! Attached code bellow Engedelyezettserial means AllowedSerials engedelyezettserial = { [""]=true, -- NoOne [""]=true, -- Mili ["9BC41DB2DB129348886FB6A5603433F2"]=true, -- Jani } g_Me = getLocalPlayer( ); g_Root = getRootElement( ); g_ResRoot = getResourceRootElement( ); addEventHandler( "onClientResourceStart", g_ResRoot, function( ) if engedelyezettserial[getPlayerSerial(thePlayer)] then bindKey( "vehicle_fire", "both", toggleNOS ); bindKey( "vehicle_secondary_fire", "both", toggleNOS ); end ) function toggleNOS( key, state ) local veh = getPedOccupiedVehicle( g_Me ); if engedelyezettserial[getPlayerSerial(thePlayer)] then if veh and not isEditingPosition then if state == "up" then removeVehicleUpgrade( veh, 1010 ); setControlState( "vehicle_fire", false ); else addVehicleUpgrade( veh, 1010 ); end end end
  5. WelCome


    Hi today i want create a base system but i have problem addCommandHandler("base_open",function(plr,command,name,pass) if name and pass then local find = xmlFindChild(xmlFile,name,0) for _,v in ipairs ( xmlNodeGetChildren ( xmlFile )) do local password = xmlNodeGetAttribute(v,"Password") end if find then outputChatBox("TesT",plr,255,0,0) end end end) and I want to get the value of the "password" variable and check if it is equal to the pass pass
  6. Hello, I am Scripting a zombie rpg server and as I disabled headshot kills on zombies, I would like to make a damage multiplier system depending on the body part hit when you shoot a zombie. I have been trying to use this script (not mine): local weaponTable = { -- populate this list by adding weapons: -- [weap_id] = { torso, ass, left_arm, right_arm, left_leg, right_leg, head } [24] = { 75, 50, 30, 30, 25, 25, 150 }, } addEventHandler("onPlayerDamage", getRootElement(), function (attacker, weapon, bodypart, loss) if getElementType(attacker) == "player" and getPlayerWeapon(attacker) and weaponTable[ getPlayerWeapon(attacker) ] then setElementHealth(source, getElementHealth(source) - weaponTable[ getPlayerWeapon(attacker) ] [ bodyPart - 2] + loss) end end ) but it didn't work on both players and zombie peds. If someone has a solution for this to work the way I want it would be great (ideally both player and zombie ped multiplier but ped multiplier is more important)
  7. Somehow i can make this possible? When a player connect, then he have to wait the end of download, then he can use the fr gui. I want make fr gui usable when player download the mods. Sorry for my bad english..
  8. Hi guys,im stuck here... I want when i press on GUIEditor.button[1] it sends that i typed in GUIEditor.edit[1] to selected player.. --client GUIEditor = { edit = {}, button = {}, window = {}, label = {}, gridlist = {} } addEventHandler("onClientResourceStart", resourceRoot, function() local screenW, screenH = guiGetScreenSize() GUIEditor.window[1] = guiCreateWindow((screenW - 528) / 2, (screenH - 183) / 2, 528, 183, "dm panel - gat", false) guiWindowSetSizable(GUIEditor.window[1], false) GUIEditor.gridlist[1] = guiCreateGridList(29, 32, 186, 142, false, GUIEditor.window[1]) local column = guiGridListAddColumn(GUIEditor.gridlist[1], "players", 0.9) GUIEditor.button[1] = guiCreateButton(247, 107, 271, 60, "DM", false, GUIEditor.window[1]) guiSetProperty(GUIEditor.button[1], "NormalTextColour", "FFAAAAAA") GUIEditor.edit[1] = guiCreateEdit(247, 32, 269, 65, "", false, GUIEditor.window[1]) GUIEditor.label[1] = guiCreateLabel(216, 63, 31, 15, "close", false, GUIEditor.window[1]) for id, player in pairs(getElementsByType("player")) do local row = guiGridListAddRow ( GUIEditor.gridlist[1]) guiGridListSetItemText ( GUIEditor.gridlist[1], row, column, getPlayerName ( player ), false, false ) guiSetVisible(GUIEditor.window[1], false ) end end ) function show () if guiGetVisible(GUIEditor.window[1] ) then guiSetVisible(GUIEditor.window[1], false ) showCursor (false) else guiSetVisible(GUIEditor.window[1], true ) showCursor (true) end end addCommandHandler("dm", show) function clickin () if source == GUIEditor.label[1] then guiSetVisible(GUIEditor.window[1], false ) showCursor (false) elseif source == GUIEditor.button[1] then if guiGetText(GUIEditor.edit[1] ) == "" then return end --im stoped here, showCursor (false) guiSetVisible(GUIEditor.window[1], false ) end end addEventHandler("onClientGUIClick", root, clickin)
  9. How can players make money by shooting 5 targets?
  10. Revin

    MTA Crashing

    I was trying to play MTA like 3 days ago and im getting the same error in many servers (MTA is crashing) Version = 1.5.5-release-11999.0.000 Time = Wed Jun 6 19:37:34 2018 Module = C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\GTA San Andreas\gta_sa.exe Code = 0xC0000005 Offset = 0x003C91CC EAX=0ED172C8 EBX=0ED172B8 ECX=0177FAA0 EDX=000A9518 ESI=00000000 EDI=00000001 EBP=0177FC50 ESP=0177FA80 EIP=007C91CC FLG=00010202 CS=001B DS=0023 SS=0023 ES=0023 FS=003B GS=0000 Anyone can help me?
  11. Hello, I need help to complete a slow idle script for the vehicle, but I just could not get a good result, if you can help me, thank you! RX7_sound = { {"001.wav",494}, } function replacesound(player) for i,OBJ in ipairs(RX7_sound) do vehicle = getPedOccupiedVehicle (OBJ[2]) if vehicle then sound = playSound (OBJ[1],looped = true) setSoundVolume(sound, 0.5) setSoundMaxDistance(sound,25) end end end addEventHandler("onClientResourceStart",root,replacesound)
  12. I need help to create this script that replaces objects across a table, thus getting more practical and quick to convert objects Garage_OBJ_DFF = { {"garage_1.dff",1455}, {"garage_2.dff",1455}, } Garage_OBJ_TXD = { {"garage_1.txd",1455}, {"garage_1.txd",1484}, } Garage_OBJ_COL = { {"garage_1.col",1484}, {"garage_2.col",1484}, } function replacemodels(player) for i,object1,object2 in ipairs(Garage_OBJ_DFF) do table.insert(object1[1],object2[2]) object1 = engineLoadDFF object2 = engineReplaceModel end for i,object1,object2 in ipairs(Garage_OBJ_TXD) do table.insert(object1[1],object2[2]) object1 = engineLoadTXD object2 = engineImportTXD end for i,object1,object2 in ipairs(Garage_OBJ_COL) do table.insert(object1[1],object2[2]) object1 = engineLoadCOL object2 = engineReplaceCOL end end addEventHandler("onClientRender",root,replacemodels)
  13. I attached a song to my car, but when i'll go far away from car, the music starts from the beginning... s: how to fix this?
  14. client: function rtwjhrt() if isElement(ss) then stopSound(ss) return end local car = getPedOccupiedVehicle ( localPlayer ) local gettext = guiGetText ( GUIEditor.edit[1] ) local x, y, z = getElementPosition( car ) local ss = playSound3D( 'asd.mp3', x, y, z ) setSoundMaxDistance( ss, 85 ) attachElements(ss,car) end addEvent("asd123asd456",true) addEventHandler("asd123asd456",root,rtwjhrt) server: function trig() triggerClientEvent(root,"asd123asd456",root) end addEvent( "asjdlaj", true ) addEventHandler( "asjdlaj", root, trig ) Why not hear the sound another players?
  15. Estou com o problema não consigo bloquer os trabalhos da agencia estou tentado a bloquear por eu fiz o codigo mais esta dando erro de debug pfvr alguem me ajude local Nível = getElementData (origem "Nível" ou 0) se Nível <5 depois outputChatBox ("teste") return end oq sera esta errado como corrigo Trab_Ambulancia_Veiculo = {} Trab_Ambulancia_Blip = {} Trab_Ambulancia_Marcador = {} Trab_Ambulancia_LastLocal = {} Trab_Ambulancia_LastEntrega = {} Entrega local = { {= 1564,06799, y = 1833,44080, z = 10,75031}, {x = -2723,76416, y = 557,64191, z = 14,55469}, {x = 1988,68262, y = -1432,54785, z = 14,77065}, {x = -315,68024, y = 1063,52026, z = 19,59375}, {x = -1525,02063, y = 2528,02954, z = 55,72723}, {x = -2201,01514, y = -2291.76367, z = 30,62500}, local } = local de trabalho "Motorista de Ambulancia " local TrabalhoFunc =" MotoristadeAmbulancia " local MaxLocal = 6 SalarioMin local, SalarioMax = 1500,4000 function TrabalhoPegar() local Level = getElementData(source "Level" or 0) if Level < 5 then outputChatBox("teste") return end setElementData(source,"Trabalhando",true) outputChatBox("#FFFFFF* #FF0000[Trabalho]#00FF00 "..Trabalho.."", source, 255, 255, 255,true) outputChatBox("#FFFFFF* #FF0000[Trabalho]#00FF00 Transporte o veiculo ate #FF0000BLIP Vermelho Gigante #00FF00 no seu F11", source, 255, 255, 255,true) outputChatBox("#FFFFFF* #FF0000[Trabalho]#FFFFFF para desistir use /abandonar ou saia do veiculo",source,255,255,255,true) if Trab_Ambulancia_LastEntrega[source] == "sucesso" then Trab_Ambulancia_LastLocal[source] = Trab_Ambulancia_LastLocal[source] + 1 else if not Trab_Ambulancia_LastLocal[source] then Trab_Ambulancia_LastLocal[source] = 1 else Trab_Ambulancia_LastLocal[source] = Trab_Ambulancia_LastLocal[source] end end if Trab_Ambulancia_LastLocal[source] > MaxLocal then Trab_Ambulancia_LastLocal[source] = 1 end Trab_Ambulancia_Veiculo[source] = createVehicle(416,-53.86434, -217.51563 ,5.63623) setVehicleRotation (Trab_Ambulancia_Veiculo[source], 0,0,173.8740234375) warpPedIntoVehicle (source,Trab_Ambulancia_Veiculo[source]) setVehicleLocked (Trab_Ambulancia_Veiculo[source], true) local posid = Trab_Ambulancia_LastLocal[source] local x,y,z = Entrega[posid].x, Entrega[posid].y,Entrega[posid].z Trab_Ambulancia_Blip[source] = createBlip (x,y,z, 0, 5, 255, 0, 0,255, 0, 25000,source) Trab_Ambulancia_Marcador[source] = createMarker (x,y,z-1,"cylinder", 10, 0, 200, 55, 255, source) triggerClientEvent (source,"contadortrab",source,x,y,z) addEventHandler ("onMarkerHit",Trab_Ambulancia_Marcador[source], TrabalhoFinalizou) end addEvent("Trab:"..TrabalhoFunc.."", true) addEventHandler("Trab:"..TrabalhoFunc.."", getRootElement(), TrabalhoPegar) function TrabRemoveFunctions(toDestroi) Trab_Ambulancia_LastEntrega[toDestroi] = "cancelado" setElementData(toDestroi,"Trabalhando",false) removeEventHandler ("onMarkerHit",Trab_Ambulancia_Marcador[toDestroi],TrabalhoFinalizou) if Trab_Ambulancia_Veiculo[toDestroi] and isElement ( Trab_Ambulancia_Veiculo[toDestroi] ) then destroyElement( Trab_Ambulancia_Veiculo[toDestroi] ) end if Trab_Ambulancia_Blip[toDestroi] and isElement ( Trab_Ambulancia_Blip[toDestroi] ) then destroyElement( Trab_Ambulancia_Blip[toDestroi] ) end if Trab_Ambulancia_Marcador[toDestroi] and isElement ( Trab_Ambulancia_Marcador[toDestroi] ) then destroyElement( Trab_Ambulancia_Marcador[toDestroi] ) end end function TrabalhoAbandonar (player) if getElementType(player) == "player" then if getElementData(player, "Trabalhando") == true then outputChatBox("#FF0000[Trabalho]#FFFFFF você desistiu do Trabalho de "..Trabalho.."",player,255,255,255,true) TrabRemoveFunctions(player) end end end addCommandHandler("abandonar", TrabalhoAbandonar) function TrabalhoSaiuVeiculo (leaver) if source == Trab_Ambulancia_Veiculo[leaver] and getElementData(leaver, "Trabalhando") == true then TrabRemoveFunctions(leaver) outputChatBox("#FFFFFF* #FF0000[Trabalho]#FFFFFF Você saiu do Veiculo e Desistiu do Trabalho de "..Trabalho.."",leaver,255,255,255,true) else return false end end function TrabalhoSaiuServer () TrabRemoveFunctions(source) if Trab_Ambulancia_Veiculo[source] and isElement ( Trab_Ambulancia_Veiculo[source] ) then destroyElement( Trab_Ambulancia_Veiculo[source] ) end end addEventHandler ("onVehicleExit",getRootElement(), TrabalhoSaiuVeiculo) addEventHandler ( "onPlayerQuit",getRootElement(), TrabalhoSaiuServer) function FunçãoFinalizou (jogador) se getElementType (jogador) == "jogador" então se getElementData (jogador, "Trabalhando") == verdadeiro então TrabRemoveFunctions (jogador) Trab_Ambulancia_LastEntrega [jogador] = "sucesso" dinheiro local = math.random (SalarioMin, SalarioMax) givePlayerMoney (player, tonumber (dinheiro)) setElementData (jogador, "Trabalhando", false) outputChatBox ("# FFFFFF * # FF0000 [Trabalho] #FFFFFF Você completou o Trabalho e Ganhou # FF0000" .. cash .. "$ ", jogador, 255,255,255, verdadeiro) triggerClientEvent (" fimdotrab ", raiz, jogador) end end end outputDebugString ("Trabalho" ..Trabalho .. "Iniciado")
  16. Hi, I need help creating a DX bar that when moved by the mouse it changes the acceleration of the vehicle function bar move () move = dxDrawImage(x*35, y*60, x*230, y*58, "bar.png", 0, 0, 0, tocolor(255, 255, 255, 255), false) setVehicleHandling(v, "engineAcceleration", move ) end
  17. Help, what's wrong with the code? After the death of the player should be 1 hp.
  18. ^iiEcoo'x_)

    Shader !

    Hello Can I use the first picture instead of the second picture in the Shader? Picture : 1 Picture : 2
  19. I want create a dxdraw rectangle and text on the map. But how to make this possible?
  20. Hellow..!! After creating a DX image [ image created using "dxDrawImage" function ], can a GUI Window set font of that DX image ?? And how ?? [ i think "guiSetFont" function is not useful in this occasion. Because I tested it :3 ]
  21. vas1 = createObject ( 3529, -2112.55103, -249.87376, 35.32031, 0, 0, 0 ) function repairClickedVehicle( button, state, player ) if button == "left" and state == "down" then if getElementType( source ) == "object" then destroyElement(vas1) end end end addEventHandler( "onElementClicked", getRootElement( ), repairClickedVehicle ) This working fine... but when i reconnect, the object appear again.. how to fix this?
  22. Why I'm getting kicked for using compiled ahk? I'm playing on RP server. I need to pack it, because i don't want other people steal my code. But each time I login, AC kicking me with it. (VF #4 9KCC) I played with compressed exe before and started to give it away. cause it worked. But after update I'm getting kicked for it. Or what's wrong with script? I could share it, it's just text sender for RP. Any ideas? Waiting for answer...
  23. Hi guys..!! Now I am finding a way, how to create an arrow [ "Down arrow" pickup :- 1318 ] that every-time targeting one position. Like... there is an arrow on player's head and it leads the player to reach a position. So that arrow always target one position. What should i do to set the arrow's target to one position ?? Can you help me ??
  24. Hello there scripters, Im in a secret project of starting officially new and most popular idea In mta me and my friends started this project I dont want to say the name of it but it needs such a proffesional scriptors and 2 staff's which is need to be trusted and not paid at all, but the scriptors will be [aid and we need to discuss how much depends on the scriptors and on the script itself and on us, so imma tell some of what it indicates : - Systems ( alot of kinds ) - Custom gui - And much more Note: the idea will be explained to the scripter and tell him what to script, and this thread will be on until 5/26/2018. After this time done ill contact who posted in this thread, so when you tell me to contact you I WONT until this time done. bye and thanks we need atleast 5 scriptors tho c:
  25. Kostel

    Help me

    Salut! Am si eu o problema , am un server de M.T.A , este unu rp , doresc sa ii creez interioare , am putut face vreo 4-5 interioare , la pretul de 250.000 lei , am bagat in guvern vreo 50.000.000 lei , si acum cand incerc sa creez alt interior la pretul de 250.000 lei , imi zici ca guvernul nu-si permite aceasta propietate . Ma puteti ajuta cu un sfat ceva ? Multumesc frumos.