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Found 589 results

  1. You were kicked from the game (SD #16 021A) < that's why i can'T join servers pls help me my pc is clean my files are clean i have no mod or no cheat that problem started today after the new update
  2. I want play songs from youtube, but i don't know how to use a converter to this.. Anyone can send me a WORKING link like this: Sorry for my bad english...
  3. There is some way to convert any rounded quantity from 5 to 5 for example the amount 893 that rounds to 895 or de quantity 562 is rounded to 560
  4. I maked a Password based gate script with dx and normal gui pic This resource is working properly but i have a problem iwant to setup close butten and gui visible set to marker pls help me this is client side GUIEditor = { button = {}, edit = {} } addEventHandler("onClientResourceStart", resourceRoot, function() GUIEditor.button[1] = guiCreateButton(534, 370, 265, 54, "OPEN THE GATE", false) GUIEditor.button[2] = guiCreateButton(872, 429, 62, 37, "Close", false) GUIEditor.edit[1] = guiCreateEdit(463, 269, 250, 43, "", false) addEventHandler ( "onClientGUIClick", GUIEditor.button[1], checkPassword ) guiEditSetMasked ( GUIEditor.edit[1], true ) end ) password = "1234" function checkPassword () local text = guiGetText ( GUIEditor.edit[1] ) if text == password then triggerServerEvent ( "openGate", resourceRoot) else outputChatBox ( "Password Incorrect!" ) end end this is the server side local gate = createObject(980,-2423.94385, -609.48846, 132.56250, 0, 0, 0) function open() moveObject(gate, 980,-2414.95703, -603.12976, 132.56250, 0, 0, 0) end addEvent( "openGate", true ) addEventHandler( "openGate", resourceRoot, open ) <meta> <meta> <info type="script" name="psswd based gate" author="heshan" version="1.0.0"></info> <script src="my2.lua" type="client" ></script> <script src="my2s.lua" type="server" ></script> </meta> pls help
  5. Ivan Orel

    Local CHAT.

    How to add a local chat to the server? Please help me.
  6. Hello. I have a global mod, really global. It has close to 65.000 models, so I have to use limitadjuster fastman92. I need to adapt an AIT client so that players can play my modification online. By type MTA Province (Google) I disabled the .asi file check изменив .asi на .ass(:D) изменил еще этот файл, заменив false на true I compiled the MTA, it worked, the MTA turns on, and does not pay attention to the .asi files in the game folder. The MTA starts up and works, I started the local server, and I'll try to connect, but my game is minimized, and after 10 seconds it flies. It starts proxy_sa, I started it not with the help of MTA, but just from the game folder, I got an error, there was a shortage of .dll files, I threw them from the AIT folder to the GTA folder, it worked. Proxy_sa was turned on. But still when connecting to the server through the client, the game is minimized, and after 10 seconds it turns off, in dispatching tasks, it is written that proxy_sa does not respond. Also on the server, I allowed players to use the modified gta3.img, and also removed the / maps and the rest from the verification of the data. But with all this, it does not work properly. Help me, please.
  7. Good morning/afternoon/evening, I have stumbled across a quite annoying problem with animations and, sadly, reviewing many animation-related topics did not lead me to solving the problem. Goal is simple: force a "talking" animation upon player when he says something in the chat and make him able to move during the animation. The issue is that the player, who was previously affected by an animation, keeps running with his arms down below. The issue seems to stick unless a player/ped performs any kind of action - punching, jumping, shooting e.t.c. [video linked below in a spoiler] Topics that covered some kind of animation freezing issues were usually solved by a) using setTimer() and nullifying the animation with setPedAnimation(ped) function combination or b) making an animation stalemate [by setting freezeLastFrame to false]; however, both of those methods are dissatisfying. If someone has stumbled across anything similar, any kind of advice will be of much help! Thanks in advance! Code that displays the issue: addEventHandler ( "onPlayerChat", root, function ( message, mType ) if ( mType == 0 ) then --[[ .. some code .. ]]-- if not isPedInVehicle(source) then setPedAnimation (source, "ped", "IDLE_CHAT", 0, false, true, true, true) end elseif ( mType == 1 ) then --[[ .. some code .. ]]-- end end ) Video example:
  8. I download mta with gta san andreas good i entry in mta and he crash me and he typed ( AUDIO/CONFIG/BANKSOLT.DAT ) How i can do to work ? Help plz GTA:SA he intimpineited a problem at open fisier AUDIO/CONFIG/BANKSOLT.DAT
  9. Could someone help fix my problēmas with my server my Skype is 100CENT iņ picture is dog
  10. I got a custom hud in my MTA server,but the default one is glitching in it! how to fix this error hud downloaded from here pls help me to fix this eror
  11. set FPS limit when players is AIM. As you know, if a player has more than 70 fps (like 100), he cant aim and move at the same time. Therefore, I want the set FPS to 60-70 when the player is aiming. Will you help? (After the player stops moving and aim at the same time, then the FPS will return to the usual server limit. (100 frames))
  12. Hi guys! Help me make the save. player walking style? ---------------Определить языкАзербайджанскийАлбанскийАмхарскийАнглийскийАрабскийАрмянскийАфрикаансБаскскийБелорусскийБенгальскийБирманскийБолгарскийБоснийскийВаллийскийВенгерскийВьетнамскийГавайскийГаитянскийГалисийскийГреческийГрузинскийГуджаратиГэльскийДатскийЗападнофризскийЗулуИвритИгбоИдишИндонезийскийИрландскийИсландскийИспанскийИтальянскийЙорубаКазахскийКаннадаКаталанскийКиргизскийКитайский (традиционный)Китайский (упрощенный)КорейскийКорсиканскийКосаКурдскийКхмерскийЛаосскийЛатинскийЛатышскийЛитовскийЛюксембургскийМакедонскийМалагасийскийМалайскийМалаяламМальтийскийМаориМаратхиМонгольскийНемецкийНепальскийНидерландскийНорвежскийНьянджаПанджабиПерсидскийПольскийПортугальскийПуштуРумынскийРусскийСамоанскийСебуанскийСербскийСингальскийСиндхиСловацкийСловенскийСомалиСуахилиСунданскийТаджикскийТайскийТамильскийТелугуТурецкийУзбекскийУкраинскийУрдуФилиппинскийФинскийФранцузскийХаусаХиндиХмонгХорватскийЧешскийШведскийШонаЭсперантоЭстонскийЮжный сотоЯванскийЯпонский Hi guys! How do I save a player's fighting style? Save and Load player's fighting style on (onPlayerLogin, onPlayerQuit, onPlayerLogout, onPlayerWasted). Please help me! I will be grateful to YOU! :)
  13. السلام عليكم كيف اخلي الابل يطفى و يرجع مثل السايف زون و شكرا
  14. Hello everyone, today I decided to write a script that is responsible for the destruction of already (explosed) blown up cars (in order not to load the server). That is, after the car has blown up it automatically disappears. But the problem is that I do not know how to write such a script, so I ask you. Help me.
  15. AmrMarshall

    MTA Crashing

    pastebin link screenshot this PC has low graphic card and processor i have Gaming PC and it works on it finely without any problem so it is graphics problem or what ?
  16. Where can i download a good inventory script for rp server?
  17. anybody can give me a resource for Random messages on chat please????
  18. How i can change the version of the server that Sr versiunea 1.01
  19. Guest

    help me

    No errors no warning in debugscript I wan't only vips can spawn hydra by typing /cv 520 or /cv Hydra function onPlayerCommand ( cmd, thePlayer ) local p = {getElementPosition(source)} for _,vehicle in ipairs(getElementsByType("vehicle")) do if getElementModel(vehicle) == 520 then local v = {getElementPosition(vehicle)} if getDistanceBetweenPoints3D(p[1], p[2], p[3], v[1], v[2], v[3]) < 10 then destroyElement(vehicle) local accName = getAccountName ( getPlayerAccount ( thePlayer ) ) if not isObjectInACLGroup ("user."..accName, aclGetGroup ( "VIP" ) ) then outputChatBox ( "● You must be VIP to spawn this vehicle", thePlayer, 255, 0, 0 ) end end end end end addEventHandler("onPlayerCommand", root, onPlayerCommand)
  20. Hello everyone , Im making Race CnR for my server . It's very simple , one player becomes robber and other players becomes police and race starts. If map duration is over robber wins , that's ok but how can i made cops won ? I mean , when robber dead i want start votemap poll and change map while cops still alive. How can i do that ?
  21. Geeente estou com um poblema, Quero deixa meu painel GUI Window com suas funções ativada porem invisivel e funcional! Ajudem PFV
  22. How can I make this resource like the globalchat? I mean that by touching a key I can open the chat and send the text, so I do not have to type a command / u [text] function ADMINCHAT ( thePlayer, cmd, ... ) local accountname = getAccountName(getPlayerAccount(thePlayer)) if isObjectInACLGroup ( "user." .. accountname, aclGetGroup ( "Admin" )) then message = table.concat({...}," ") outputChatBox ("#5594FF[CHAT]-#FE5757"..getPlayerName(thePlayer)..": #FFFFFF"..message.."",getRootElement(thePlayer),255,255,255, true) end end addCommandHandler ( "u", ADMINCHAT )