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Found 693 results

  1. I'm trying to decrease the player's speed, however I'm not any successful. I want the player to always move at the speed I set. So always when the move. Is it somehow possible to make that when a player moves, he moves at an decreased speed?
  2. I need these sample. : I need these modes. Thank you .
  3. Hi all,how to fix error code?? Please help me...
  4. i created a 'circle-hud' but it does not work well this is the problem: (when my Health = 14hp) and when my Health = 100hp the 100hp is fine, but the 14 hp not... i want something like that when my hp <100 how to fix this?
  5. Compiled the MTA client using the source code, and now it is necessary to disable the block of .asi scripts. For the global mod you need. Everything is already rummaged there, I just can not find it. Maybe someone already knew, please help) Sorry for my bad English
  6. Hey community, I need some help. I host my server Today and everything was perfect. Then restart my server and there was a problem. For your information I have all the ports activated and verified, the firewall allows it A friend wanted to enter my server and could not. My server was not listed on the Internet. Right now I do not know what to do. I hope you can help me. In mtaserver.conf everything is perfect, try to verify it with another problem of another user and still not working. Thanks
  7. It turns out that the main weapons produce damage to the zombies ... but the rest do not. To the players all the weapons produce damage but to the zombies do not. This happens on the gamemode of a DayZ server. How can I verify what is owed and how to solve it? Thanks in advance.
  8. جيت اضيف addEventHandler("onPlayerWasted",root,function(_,killer) local num = math.random(1000,2500) if ( killer ) and ( killer ~= source ) then givePlayerMoney(killer,tonumber(num)) outputChatBox ( "You Got "..tostring(num).." ! ",killer,0,255,0) end end ) عشان لما اقتل لاعب يعطيني فلوس وماظبط وش الخطأ
  9. hi i was download gamemode Survivrs (1.4.0) and all good but zombie wont work i dont know why ! so if can someone help me pls
  10. Every time I look in the MTA the aim is being pulled down the screen, I did everything but did not help me
  11. Ducktape


    Hello guys! I have small problem.. I want to disable line aftert the text in the guiCreateEdit Picture: It's possible?
  12. when i try this code it's never insert datas into database pls help me... ) -- root = getElementRoot() addEventHandler("onPlayerLogin", root, function(_, account) outputChatBox(getPlayerName(source).." Giriş yapti.", root) local oyuncu = getPlayerName(source) local ip = getPlayerIP(source) local serial = getPlayerSerial(source) local username = getAccountName(account) local result = dbPoll( dbQuery( userdata_db, "SELECT * FROM masterdata WHERE username = ?", username ), -1 ) if type(result) ~= 0 then outputChatBox("#afafaf[#f9a52fSA:MP#afafaf] #f9a52fVeritabanina bir veri eklenmedi.",root, 255, 255, 255, true ) else dbQuery( userdata_db, "INSERT INTO masterdata VALUES (?,?,?,?,?)",username,serial,ip, '',oyuncu) end end) Console Log : Username = Asokanta WARNING: mysql/serverside.lua:22: Bad argument @ 'dbQuery' [Expected db-connection at argument 1, got nil] WARNING: mysql/serverside.lua:22: Bad argument @ 'dbPoll' [Expected dbquery at argument 1, got boolean] Username = deneme WARNING: mysql/serverside.lua:22: Bad argument @ 'dbQuery' [Expected db-connection at argument 1, got nil] WARNING: mysql/serverside.lua:22: Bad argument @ 'dbPoll' [Expected dbquery at argument 1, got boolean] I Fixed Here* It's giving only login logs but it still don't insert data in database when result isn't 0 New Console Log : LOGIN: (Everyone, Console) Asokanta successfully logged in as 'Asokanta' LOGIN: (Everyone) Asokanta successfully logged in as 'deneme' Database Screenshot :
  13. Hello everyone, I am trying to make a converter from seconds to days, hours and minutes, and gives me error, could you tell me where the problem is? Sorry for my bad English. function secondsToClock(seconds) local seconds = tonumber(seconds) if seconds <= 0 then return "0 día(s), 0 hora(s) y 0 minuto(s)" else local days = math.floor(seconds/86400) local hours = string.format("%02.f", math.floor(seconds/3600 - (days*24))) local mins = string.format("%02.f", math.floor(seconds/60 - (hours*3600) - (days*24))) return days.." día(s), "..hours.." hora(s) y "..mins.." minuto(s)" end end
  14. Okay, so I need help how to delete old gamemode, so I could start uploading my new resources. In my old GM that I got from internet was a big mess (even the log in didn't work at all)... So I deleted all resources, restarted server from host, but still. Get that old gamemode on my screen whenever I try to enter to server. Now I started fresh today. Created few resources, uploaded them but I still get my old gamemode pops out when I go to my server. How to delete it entirely?
  15. i have a plugin which makes the nametag appear above the player and the own player and everyone too should be able to see it but it wont work heres the code addEventHandler("onClientRender",getRootElement(), function() local px,py,pz,tx,ty,tz,dist px,py,pz = getCameraMatrix() for k,v in ipairs(getElementsByType("player")) do if (v~=getLocalPlayer()) then tx,ty,tz = getElementPosition(v) dist = math.sqrt((px-tx)^2 + (py-ty)^2 + (pz-tz)^2) if dist < 30.0 then if isLineOfSightClear(px,py,pz,tx,ty,tz,true,false,false,true,false,false,getLocalPlayer()) then local sx,sy,sz = getPedBonePosition(v,5) local x,y = getScreenFromWorldPosition(sx,sy,sz+0.3) if x then dxDrawText(getPlayerName(v),x,y,x,y,tocolor(150,50,0),0.85+(15-dist)*0.02,"bankgothic") end end end end end end )addEventHandler("onClientRender",getRootElement(), function() local px,py,pz,tx,ty,tz,dist px,py,pz = getCameraMatrix() for k,v in ipairs(getElementsByType("player")) do tx,ty,tz = getElementPosition(v) dist = math.sqrt((px-tx)^2 + (py-ty)^2 + (pz-tz)^2) if dist < 30.0 then if isLineOfSightClear(px,py,pz,tx,ty,tz,true,false,false,true,false,false,getLocalPlayer()) then local sx,sy,sz = getPedBonePosition(v,5) local x,y = getScreenFromWorldPosition(sx,sy,sz+0.3) if x then dxDrawText(getPlayerName(v),x,y,x,y,tocolor(150,50,0),0.85+(15-dist)*0.02,"bankgothic") end end end end end )
  16. hi .. There was a problem with the site ?? I have encrypted the script but the problem happened that it works and opens in the local server and does not work with servers global Error !! Start was requested(not starting resource givesall server has come back from the future) [20:26:42] WARNING: givesall requires upgrade as <min_mta_version> section in the meta.xml is incorrect or missing (expected at least server 1.5.2-9.07903 because of 's.luac') [20:26:42] Use the 'upgrade' command to perform a basic upgrade of resources. [20:26:42] Starting givesall [20:26:42] Server minclientversion is now 1.5.2-9.07903 [20:26:42] givesall restarted successfully
  17. Hello! I am working at my own custom map and in order to do this i need to delete the default GTA SA map. For an unknown reason this little script( server side ) : for i=550,20000 do removeWorldModel(i,10000,0,0,0,0) --Here the interior is set to 0 end deletes the interiors too and i don't want that to happen.
  18. Freeroam Warining Help Me !!!! g_Root = getRootElement() g_ResRoot = getResourceRootElement(getThisResource()) g_PlayerData = {} g_VehicleData = {} local chatTime = {} local lastChatMessage = {} g_ArmedVehicles = { [425] = true, [447] = true, [520] = true, [430] = true, [464] = true, [432] = true } g_Trailers = { [606] = true, [607] = true, [610] = true, [590] = true, [569] = true, [611] = true, [584] = true, [608] = true, [435] = true, [450] = true, [591] = true } g_RPCFunctions = { addPedClothes = { option = 'clothes', descr = 'Modifying clothes' }, addVehicleUpgrade = { option = 'upgrades', descr = 'Adding/removing upgrades' }, fadeVehiclePassengersCamera = true, fixVehicle = { option = 'repair', descr = 'Repairing vehicles' }, giveMeVehicles = { option = 'createvehicle', descr = 'Creating vehicles' }, giveMeWeapon = { option = 'weapons.enabled', descr = 'Getting weapons' }, givePedJetPack = { option = 'jetpack', descr = 'Getting a jetpack' }, killPed = { option = 'kill', descr = 'Killing yourself' }, removePedClothes = { option = 'clothes', descr = 'Modifying clothes' }, removePedFromVehicle = true, removePedJetPack = { option = 'jetpack', descr = 'Removing a jetpack' }, removeVehicleUpgrade = { option = 'upgrades', descr = 'Adding/removing upgrades' }, setElementAlpha = { option = 'alpha', descr = 'Changing your alpha' }, setElementPosition = true, setElementInterior = true, setMyGameSpeed = { option = 'gamespeed.enabled', descr = 'Setting game speed' }, setMySkin = { option = 'setskin', descr = 'Setting skin' }, setPedAnimation = { option = 'anim', descr = 'Setting an animation' }, setPedFightingStyle = { option = 'setstyle', descr = 'Setting fighting style' }, setPedWalkingStyle = { option = 'walkstyle', descr = 'Setting walking style' }, setPedGravity = { option = 'gravity.enabled', descr = 'Setting gravity' }, setPedStat = { option = 'stats', descr = 'Changing stats' }, setTime = { option = 'time.set', descr = 'Changing time' }, setTimeFrozen = { option = 'time.freeze', descr = 'Freezing time' }, setVehicleColor = true, setVehicleHeadLightColor = true, setVehicleOverrideLights = { option = 'lights', descr = 'Forcing lights' }, setVehiclePaintjob = { option = 'paintjob', descr = 'Applying paintjobs' }, setVehicleRotation = true, setWeather = { option = 'weather', descr = 'Setting weather' }, spawnMe = true, warpMe = { option = 'warp', descr = 'Warping' }, setMyPos = true } g_OptionDefaults = { alpha = true, anim = true, clothes = true, createvehicle = true, gamespeed = { enabled = false, min = 0.0, max = 1 }, gravity = { enabled = true, min = 0, max = 0.1 }, jetpack = true, kill = true, lights = true, paintjob = true, repair = true, setskin = true, setstyle = true, walkstyle= true, spawnmaponstart = true, spawnmapondeath = true, stats = true, time = { set = false, freeze = false }, upgrades = true, warp = true, weapons = { enabled = true, vehiclesenabled = true, disallowed = {} }, weather = false, welcometextonstart = true, vehicles = { maxidletime = 100000, idleexplode = true, maxperplayer = 1, disallowed = {} } } function getOption(optionName) local option = get(optionName:gsub('%.', '/')) if option then if option == 'true' then option = true elseif option == 'false' then option = false end return option end option = g_OptionDefaults for i,part in ipairs(optionName:split('.')) do option = option[part] end return option end addEventHandler('onResourceStart', g_ResRoot, function() table.each(getElementsByType('player'), joinHandler) end ) function joinHandler(player) if not player then player = source end local r, g, b = math.random(50, 255), math.random(50, 255), math.random(50, 255) setPlayerNametagColor(player, r, g, b) g_PlayerData[player] = { vehicles = {} } g_PlayerData[player].blip = createBlipAttachedTo(player, 0, 2, r, g, b) if g_FrozenTime then clientCall(player, 'setTimeFrozen', true, g_FrozenTime[1], g_FrozenTime[2], g_FrozenWeather) end if getOption('welcometextonstart') then end end addEventHandler('onPlayerJoin', g_Root, joinHandler) addEvent('onLoadedAtClient', true) addEventHandler('onLoadedAtClient', g_ResRoot, function() if getOption('spawnmaponstart') and isPedDead(client) then clientCall(client, 'showWelcomeMap') end end, false ) addEventHandler('onPlayerWasted', g_Root, function() if not getOption('spawnmapondeath') then return end local player = source setTimer( function() if isPedDead(player) then clientCall(player, 'showMap') end end, 2000, 1 ) end ) addEvent('onClothesInit', true) addEventHandler('onClothesInit', resourceRoot, function() local result = {} local texture, model result.allClothes = {} local typeGroup, index for type=0,17 do typeGroup = {'group', type = type, name = getClothesTypeName(type), children = {}} table.insert(result.allClothes, typeGroup) index = 0 texture, model = getClothesByTypeIndex(type, index) while texture do table.insert(typeGroup.children, {id = index, texture = texture, model = model}) index = index + 1 texture, model = getClothesByTypeIndex(type, index) end end result.playerClothes = {} for type=0,17 do texture, model = getPedClothes(client, type) if texture then result.playerClothes[type] = {texture = texture, model = model} end end triggerClientEvent(client, 'onClientClothesInit', resourceRoot, result) end ) addEvent('onPlayerGravInit', true) addEventHandler('onPlayerGravInit', resourceRoot, function() triggerClientEvent(root, 'onClientPlayerGravInit', resourceRoot, getPedGravity(client)) end ) function setMySkin(skinid) if isPedDead(source) then local x, y, z = getElementPosition(source) if isPedTerminated(source) then x = 0 y = 0 z = 3 end local r = getPedRotation(source) local interior = getElementInterior(source) spawnPlayer(source, x, y, z, r, skinid) setElementInterior(source, interior) setCameraInterior(source, interior) else setElementModel(source, skinid) setElementHealth(source, 200) end setCameraTarget(source, source) setCameraInterior(source, getElementInterior(source)) end function spawnMe(x, y, z) if not x then x, y, z = getElementPosition(source) end if isPedTerminated(source) then repeat until spawnPlayer(source, x, y, z, 0, math.random(9, 288)) else spawnPlayer(source, x, y, z, 0, getPedSkin(source)) end setCameraTarget(source, source) setCameraInterior(source, getElementInterior(source)) end function warpMe(targetPlayer) if isPedDead(source) then spawnMe() end local vehicle = getPedOccupiedVehicle(targetPlayer) local interior = getElementInterior(targetPlayer) if not vehicle then local x, y, z = getElementPosition(targetPlayer) clientCall(source, 'setPlayerPosition', x + 2, y, z) setElementInterior(source, interior) setCameraInterior(source, interior) else if getPedOccupiedVehicle(source) then outputChatBox('Get out of your vehicle first.', source) return end local numseats = getVehicleMaxPassengers(vehicle) for i=0,numseats do if not getVehicleOccupant(vehicle, i) then if isPedDead(source) then local x, y, z = getElementPosition(vehicle) spawnMe(x + 4, y, z + 1) end setElementInterior(source, interior) setCameraInterior(source, interior) warpPedIntoVehicle(source, vehicle, i) return end end outputChatBox('No free seats left in ' .. getPlayerName(targetPlayer) .. '\'s vehicle.', source, 255, 0, 0) end end local sawnoffAntiAbuse = {} function giveMeWeapon(weapon, amount) if weapon and weapon > 50 then return end if table.find(getOption('weapons.disallowed'), weapon) then errMsg((getWeaponNameFromID(weapon) or tostring(weapon)) .. 's are not allowed', source) else giveWeapon(source, weapon, amount, true) if weapon == 26 then if not sawnoffAntiAbuse[source] then setControlState (source, "aim_weapon", false) setControlState (source, "fire", false) toggleControl (source, "fire", false) reloadPedWeapon (source) sawnoffAntiAbuse[source] = setTimer (function(source) if not source then return end toggleControl (source, "fire", true) sawnoffAntiAbuse[source] = nil end, 3000, 1, source) end end end end function killSawnOffTimersOnQuit() if isTimer (sawnoffAntiAbuse[source]) then killTimer (sawnoffAntiAbuse[source]) sawnoffAntiAbuse[source] = nil end end addEventHandler ("onPlayerQuit", root, killSawnOffTimersOnQuit) function giveMeVehicles(vehicles) if type(vehicles) == 'number' then vehicles = { vehicles } end local px, py, pz, prot local radius = 3 local playerVehicle = getPedOccupiedVehicle(source) if playerVehicle and isElement(playerVehicle) then px, py, pz = getElementPosition(playerVehicle) prot, prot, prot = getVehicleRotation(playerVehicle) else px, py, pz = getElementPosition(source) prot = getPedRotation(source) end local offsetRot = math.rad(prot) local vx = px + radius * math.cos(offsetRot) local vy = py + radius * math.sin(offsetRot) local vz = pz + 2 local vrot = prot local vehicleList = g_PlayerData[source].vehicles local vehicle if ( not vehicles ) then return end for i,vehID in ipairs(vehicles) do if vehID < 400 or vehID > 611 then errMsg(vehID ..' is incorrect vehicle model', source) elseif not table.find(getOption('vehicles.disallowed'), vehID) then if #vehicleList >= getOption('vehicles.maxperplayer') then unloadVehicle(vehicleList[1]) end vehicle = createVehicle(vehID, vx, vy, vz, 0, 0, vrot) if (not isElement(vehicle)) then return end setElementInterior(vehicle, getElementInterior(source)) setElementDimension(vehicle, getElementDimension(source)) table.insert(vehicleList, vehicle) g_VehicleData[vehicle] = { creator = source, timers = {} } if vehID == 464 then warpPedIntoVehicle(source, vehicle) elseif not g_Trailers[vehID] then if getOption('vehicles.idleexplode') then g_VehicleData[vehicle] = setTimer(commitArsonOnVehicle, getOption('vehicles.maxidletime'), 1, vehicle) end g_VehicleData[vehicle].timers.destroy = setTimer(unloadVehicle, getOption('vehicles.maxidletime') + (getOption('vehicles.idleexplode') and 10000 or 0), 1, vehicle) end vx = vx + 4 vz = vz + 4 else errMsg(getVehicleNameFromModel(vehID):gsub('y$', 'ie') .. 's are not allowed', source) end end end _setPlayerGravity = setPedGravity function setPedGravity(player, grav) if grav < getOption('gravity.min') then errMsg(('Minimum allowed gravity is %.5f'):format(getOption('gravity.min')), player) elseif grav > getOption('gravity.max') then errMsg(('Maximum allowed gravity is %.5f'):format(getOption('gravity.max')), player) else _setPlayerGravity(player, grav) end end function setMyGameSpeed(speed) if speed < getOption('gamespeed.min') then errMsg(('Minimum allowed gamespeed is %.5f'):format(getOption('gamespeed.min')), source) elseif speed > getOption('gamespeed.max') then errMsg(('Maximum allowed gamespeed is %.5f'):format(getOption('gamespeed.max')), source) else clientCall(source, 'setGameSpeed', speed) end end function setTimeFrozen(state) if state then g_FrozenTime = { getTime() } g_FrozenWeather = getWeather() clientCall(g_Root, 'setTimeFrozen', state, g_FrozenTime[1], g_FrozenTime[2], g_FrozenWeather) else if g_FrozenTime then setTime(unpack(g_FrozenTime)) g_FrozenTime = nil setWeather(g_FrozenWeather) g_FrozenWeather = nil end clientCall(g_Root, 'setTimeFrozen', state) end end function fadeVehiclePassengersCamera(toggle) local vehicle = getPedOccupiedVehicle(source) if not vehicle then return end local player for i=0,getVehicleMaxPassengers(vehicle) do player = getVehicleOccupant(vehicle, i) if player then fadeCamera(player, toggle) end end end addEventHandler('onPlayerChat', g_Root, function(msg, type) if type == 0 then cancelEvent() if chatTime[source] and chatTime[source] + tonumber(get("*chat/mainChatDelay")) > getTickCount() then outputChatBox("Teker teker yazınız!", source, 255, 0, 0) return else chatTime[source] = getTickCount() end if get("*chat/blockRepeatMessages") == "true" and lastChatMessage[source] and lastChatMessage[source] == msg then outputChatBox("Aynı kelimeleri tekrarlamayınız!", source, 255, 0, 0) return else lastChatMessage[source] = msg end local r, g, b = getPlayerNametagColor(source) outputServerLog( "CHAT: " .. getPlayerName(source) .. ": " .. msg ) end end ) addEventHandler('onVehicleEnter', g_Root, function(player, seat) if not g_VehicleData[source] then return end if g_VehicleData[source] then killTimer(g_VehicleData[source] g_VehicleData[source] = nil end if g_VehicleData[source].timers.destroy then killTimer(g_VehicleData[source].timers.destroy) g_VehicleData[source].timers.destroy = nil end if not getOption('weapons.vehiclesenabled') and g_ArmedVehicles[getElementModel(source)] then toggleControl(player, 'vehicle_fire', false) toggleControl(player, 'vehicle_secondary_fire', false) end end ) function setMyPos(x, y, z) if not isElement(client) or getElementType(client) ~= "player" then return end local veh = getPedOccupiedVehicle (client) if veh then if getVehicleController(veh) == client then setElementPosition (veh, x, y, z) setElementInterior (veh, getElementInterior (client)) for s = 1, getVehicleMaxPassengers (veh) do local occ = getVehicleOccupant (veh, s) if occ then setElementInterior (occ, getElementInterior(veh)) end end else removePedFromVehicle(source) end end setElementPosition (client, x, y, z) fadeCamera (client, true) end addEventHandler('onVehicleExit', g_Root, function(player, seat) if not g_VehicleData[source] then return end if not g_VehicleData[source] then for i=0,getVehicleMaxPassengers(source) or 1 do if getVehicleOccupant(source, i) then return end end if getOption('vehicles.idleexplode') then g_VehicleData[source] = setTimer(commitArsonOnVehicle, getOption('vehicles.maxidletime'), 1, source) end g_VehicleData[source].timers.destroy = setTimer(unloadVehicle, getOption('vehicles.maxidletime') + (getOption('vehicles.idleexplode') and 10000 or 0), 1, source) end if g_ArmedVehicles[getElementModel(source)] then toggleControl(player, 'vehicle_fire', true) toggleControl(player, 'vehicle_secondary_fire', true) end end ) function commitArsonOnVehicle(vehicle) g_VehicleData[vehicle] = nil setElementHealth(vehicle, 0) end addEventHandler('onVehicleExplode', g_Root, function() if not g_VehicleData[source] then return end if g_VehicleData[source] then killTimer(g_VehicleData[source] g_VehicleData[source] = nil end if not g_VehicleData[source].timers.destroy then g_VehicleData[source].timers.destroy = setTimer(unloadVehicle, 5000, 1, source) end end ) function unloadVehicle(vehicle) if not g_VehicleData[vehicle] then return end for name,timer in pairs(g_VehicleData[vehicle].timers) do if isTimer(timer) then killTimer(timer) end g_VehicleData[vehicle].timers[name] = nil end local creator = g_VehicleData[vehicle].creator if g_PlayerData[creator] then table.removevalue(g_PlayerData[creator].vehicles, vehicle) end g_VehicleData[vehicle] = nil if isElement(vehicle) then destroyElement(vehicle) end end function quitHandler(player) if type(player) ~= 'userdata' then player = source end if g_PlayerData[player].blip and isElement(g_PlayerData[player].blip) then destroyElement(g_PlayerData[player].blip) end table.each(g_PlayerData[player].vehicles, unloadVehicle) g_PlayerData[player] = nil chatTime[player] = nil lastChatMessage[player] = nil end addEventHandler('onPlayerQuit', g_Root, quitHandler) addEventHandler('onResourceStop', g_ResRoot, function() for player,data in pairs(g_PlayerData) do quitHandler(player) end end ) addEvent('onServerCall', true) addEventHandler('onServerCall', resourceRoot, function(fnName, ...) source = client local fnInfo = g_RPCFunctions[fnName] if fnInfo and ((type(fnInfo) == 'boolean' and fnInfo) or (type(fnInfo) == 'table' and getOption(fnInfo.option))) then local fn = _G for i,pathpart in ipairs(fnName:split('.')) do fn = fn[pathpart] end fn(...) elseif type(fnInfo) == 'table' then errMsg(fnInfo.descr .. ' is not allowed', source) end end ) function clientCall(player, fnName, ...) triggerClientEvent(player, 'onClientCall', g_ResRoot, fnName, ...) end
  19. Hello! I tried to assign a lod to an object ( both the model and the lod are custom models ) . My problem is that when the object appears the lod doesn't dissapear as it should /debugscript 3 : empty Code ( Server sided ) lods = { [ 12855 ] = 13250 --[ object id ] = corresponding lod id } function map_load() --irelevant code removed LODs_load() end addEventHandler( "onResourceStart", getRootElement(), map_load ) function LODs_load() for index, value in pairs ( getElementsByType( "object" ) ) do for i, v in pairs ( lods ) do if ( lods[ getElementModel( value ) ] ) then local x, y, z = getElementPosition( value ) local rX, rY, rZ = getElementRotation( value ) setLowLODElement( value, createObject( lods[ getElementModel( value ) ], x, y, z , rX, rY, rZ, true ) ) end end end end lod model still there:
  20. Apo


    hey i have a roleplay server and when i update resources the player downloads them even after logging in. i want them to download it before they log in
  21. Hello! I am developing my own server and i need some help with the custom vehicles textures. My server is based on Romania and i need someone to help me replace the emergency vehicles textures with the romanian ones. If it's a complicated thing and is needed i can pay More details : galea.stefan ( skype )
  22. Necessito inserir alguns dados no aquivo internal.db pra que quando eu logue em minha conta eles estejam sempre salvos e atualizados como posso inseri los lá?
  23. Hello! There was such question: it is possible to make a window with buttons and pictures by means of html / css and to make a bind on the button? Something like a GUI window, just made with html. I am hope for your help!
  24. Galera, Estou com um problema com esse script: veh1 = createVehicle(596, 2485,-1667,13.34375) function spawnar() if (veh1) then setVehicleRespawnDelay(veh1, 2000, 1) toogleVehicleRespawn(veh1, true) end end addEventHandler("onVehicleExplode", getElementRoot, spawnar) Eu spawno o veiculo,mas não consigo entrar nele resumindo torna-se inutilizável. aguem poderia corrigir ou mencionar oque está ocorrendo com este script pra mim concerta-lo?
  25. Fala galera! então como sabem estive afastado do mta e me dediquei ao samp por um tempo, acabei esquecendo todo meu conhecimento sobre programação .lua e agora como estou de volta vou precisar da ajuda de vocês mais que nunca vamos lá! Então eu preciso setar uma animação no servidor pra que quando alguém entre já esteja com a animação,tentei fazer sozinho aqui,mas como eu já falei não lembro de quase nada: function sa(player) setPedWalkingStyle (source, 128) end end addEventHandler("onResourceStart", root, sa)