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Found 587 results

  1. Hola chicos, como están.. hoy publico por aquí para saber como solucionar el siguiente error ya que hace muchísimo spam cada vez que se usa el comando Espero sus respuestas por favor
  2. i need someone to explain me how does interpolateBetween work and how can it be applied and on what please and thank you. i want to make a script that shows credits like in the movies where credits go from the bottom to the top crossing the screen. like that or can someone tell me if its possible PLEASE AND THANK YOU image
  3. Hola, como están.. publico por aca para saber como arreglar el siguiente problema local tiempo = 3500 if getTickCount() - tiempo > 10000 then tiempo = getTickCount() setTimer(function() return outputChatBox ( "Espera 10 segundos para volver a utilizar esto!", playerSource, 225, 0, 0 ) Eso no deja que hagas spam de un comando, osea no puedes volver a usar el comando por 10 segundos, pero por ejemplo si equis persona pone el comando al mismo tiempo que yo no puede y entonces el tiene que esperar que pasen mis 10 segundos, como hago para que eso sea individual? y que solo el usuario que lo ponga deba esperar 10 segundos? no todos los usuarios , espero sus respuesta gracias //
  4. Some Interiors in my server when I enter them I fall under the interior that I entered. It also happens when I set Interior How Can I fix this?? PS: All Interiors are bugged like this execpt AMMUN1 Id 1
  5. fr_server.lua: function warpMe(targetPlayer) local interior = getElementInterior(targetPlayer) setElementInterior(source, interior) setCameraInterior(source, interior) if getElementData(targetPlayer, "IsWarpLocked") then outputChatBox("Ez a játékos nem engedte meg hogy rá warpoljanak", source, r, g, b, false) return end if isPedDead(source) then spawnMe() end local vehicle = getPedOccupiedVehicle(targetPlayer) if not vehicle then -- target player is not in a vehicle - just warp next to him local x, y, z = getElementPosition(targetPlayer) clientCall(source, 'setPlayerPosition', x + 2, y, z) else -- target player is in a vehicle - warp into it if there's space left if getPedOccupiedVehicle(source) then --removePlayerFromVehicle(source) outputChatBox('Get out of your vehicle first.', source) return end local numseats = getVehicleMaxPassengers(vehicle) for i=0,numseats do if not getVehicleOccupant(vehicle, i) then if isPedDead(source) then local x, y, z = getElementPosition(vehicle) spawnMe(x + 4, y, z + 1) end warpPedIntoVehicle(source, vehicle, i) return end end outputChatBox("No free seats left in " .. getPlayerName(targetPlayer) .. "'s vehicle.", source, 255, 0, 0) end end addCommandHandler("warpki", function(player) outputChatBox("Nem tudnak rád warpolni", source, r, g, b) setElementData(player, "IsWarpLocked", true) end) addCommandHandler("warpbe", function(player) outputChatBox("Mostmár rád tudnak warpolni", source, r, g, b) removeElementData(player, "IsWarpLocked") end) fr_client.lua: function toggleWarponoff() local state = guiCheckBoxGetSelected(getControl(wndMain, 'warpkibe')) guiCheckBoxSetSelected(getControl(wndMain, 'warpkibe'), not state) server.IsWarpLocked(state) end {'chk', id='warpkibe', text='Warp', onclick=toggleWarponoff},
  6. I saw alot of servers that allow you to play while downloading the mods in a spinner or anything else.. If anyone has a script like this state it here,please!
  7. HurT


    DELETED Reason:Double topics
  8. Hola comunidad española de MTA esta vez tengo un problema que no entiendo, pues tengo un script bajado de la comunidad que es un Vehicle System donde puedo bloquear los autos para team,class y user. El script funciona al pelo pero tiene algo que no me gusta y lo quiero cambiar la cosa es que cuando un jugador no es de una class,team o user que se ha bloqueado el auto le manda un mensaje con lo siguiente escrito "Este vehículo está bloqueado a el siguientes Grupo:Nombre del grupo al que ha sido bloqueado" Pues ese mensaje lo manda en outputchatbox y yo no lo quiero por hay si no un export que tengo. Pues le hago un export como estoy acostrumbado a hacerle a mis otros script y funciona y con este no, Aqui el script. function enterVehicle(player,seat,jacked) if getElementData(source,"lockedTo") then local carGroup = getElementData(source,"lockedTo") local lockKind = getElementData(source,"lockType") local carGroups = split(carGroup,",") local carCheckingTable = {} for i,v in ipairs(carGroups) do carCheckingTable[v] = true end if lockKind == "team" then local playerTeam = getTeamName(getPlayerTeam(player)) if seat == 0 then if not carCheckingTable[playerTeam] then cancelEvent() outputDebugString("Locked") exports.SAVGcommands:sendMessage("Este vehículo está bloqueado a el siguiente Equipo: ".. carGroup ..".",player,255,255,0) end end elseif lockKind == "user" then local playerAccount = getAccountName(getPlayerAccount(player)) if seat == 0 then if not carCheckingTable[playerAccount] then cancelEvent() outputDebugString("Locked") exports.SAVGcommands:sendMessage("Este vehículo está bloqueado a el siguiente Usuario: ".. carGroup ..".",player,255,255,0) end end elseif lockKind == "acl" then local playerAcl = isObjectInACLGroup("user."..getAccountName(getPlayerAccount(player)),aclGetGroup(carGroup)) if seat == 0 then if playerAcl == false then cancelEvent() outputDebugString("Locked") outputChatBox("This vehicle is locked to ".. lockKind .. "(s) : ".. carGroup ..".",player,255,0,0) end end elseif lockKind == "class" then local playerClass = getElementData(player,"class") or "" if seat == 0 then if not carCheckingTable[playerClass] then cancelEvent() outputDebugString("Locked") exports.SAVGcommands:sendMessage("Este vehículo está bloqueado a el siguiente Clase: ".. carGroup ..".",player,255,255,0) end end elseif lockKind == "group" then local playerGroup = getElementData(player,"group") if seat == 0 then if not carCheckingTable[playerGroup] then cancelEvent() outputDebugString("Locked") outputChatBox("Este vehículo está bloqueado a el siguientes Grupo: ".. carGroup ..".",player,255,0,0) end end elseif lockKind == "gang" then local playerGang = getElementData(player,"gang") if seat == 0 then if not carCheckingTable[playerGang] then cancelEvent() outputDebugString("Locked") outputChatBox("Este vehículo está bloqueado a la siguiente Pandilla: ".. carGroup ..".",player,255,0,0) end end end end end
  9. ZkillCatIV


    Im somewhat new in scripting, i was making a login panel and the login panel is working and i can login and register but the only problem i have is that when i get join and i'm on the login panel and somebody else joins and is on the panel and mess with it my panel also changes,it acts like the login panel was in the server instead of just the player that joins. to be honest i don't really understand the localPlayer and the root and the getRootElement() and all of that but i have a feeling that that is what is going wrong on my script please help me
  10. Hello, I have a radar on my server when I'll turn it does not appear, someone help me? local screenW,screenH = guiGetScreenSize() local resW,resH = 1366,768 local sW,sH = (screenW/resW), (screenH/resH) local turn = true local alpha = 255 addEventHandler( "onClientResourceStart", resourceRoot, function() setPlayerHudComponentVisible ( "radar", false ) --# Create Textures hudMaskFX = dxCreateShader("mask.fx") radarTexture = dxCreateTexture("img/map.png") maskTexture = dxCreateTexture("img/radar_mask.png") checkTextures = ( hudMaskFX and radarTexture and maskTexture ) if not ( checkTextures ) then outputChatBox( "[Arma II DayZ Radar]: Could not create textures. Please use debugscript 3" ) else dxSetShaderValue( hudMaskFX, "sPicTexture", radarTexture ) dxSetShaderValue( hudMaskFX, "sMaskTexture", maskTexture ) end end ) function drawRadar() if not ( checkTextures ) then return end dxSetShaderValue( hudMaskFX, "sMaskTexture", maskTexture ) local x,y = getElementPosition( localPlayer ) local zoom = 13 x = ( x ) / 6000 y = ( y ) / -6000 dxSetShaderValue( hudMaskFX, "gUVPosition", x,y ) dxSetShaderValue( hudMaskFX, "gUVScale", 1/zoom, 1/zoom ) --# Get rotations local _, _, c_Rot = getElementRotation( getCamera()); local _, _, p_Rot = getElementRotation( localPlayer ) dxSetShaderValue( hudMaskFX, "gUVRotAngle", math.rad( -c_Rot )) if getElementData(getLocalPlayer(),"GPS") >= 1 then setPlayerHudComponentVisible ( "radar", false ) --# Alpha --dxDrawRectangle(23.5*sW, 676.5*sH, 130.5*sW, 9.2*sH, HP_Alpha) --dxDrawRectangle(156.6*sW, 676.5*sH, 65*sW, 9.2*sH, tocolor(0, 102, 255, 100)) --dxDrawRectangle(225*sW, 676.5*sH, 62.6*sW, 9.2*sH, tocolor(255, 255, 0, 100)) --# Bars --dxDrawRectangle(23.5*sW, 676.5*sH, 130.5*sW/maxHealth*playerHealth, 9.2*sH, HP_Colour) --dxDrawRectangle(156.6*sW, 676.5*sH, 65*sW/100*playerArmor, 9.2*sH, tocolor(0, 102, 255, 190)) --dxDrawRectangle(225*sW, 676.5*sH, 62.6*sW/1000*playerOxygen, 9.2*sH, tocolor(255, 255, 0, 190)) --# Minimap x,y,w,h 21 -- dxDrawImage(-6*sW, 500*sH, 300*sW, 250*sH, "img/radar_cover.png", 0, 0, 0, tocolor(255, 255, 255, 255)) dxDrawImage(0*sW, 592*sH, 216*sW, 183*sH, "img/radar_cover.png", 0, 0, 0, tocolor(255, 255, 255, 255), true) dxDrawImage(0*sW, 598*sH, 197*sW, 125*sH, hudMaskFX, 0,0,0, tocolor(255,255,255,255)) dxDrawImage(90*sW, 655*sH, 21*sW, 21*sH, "img/radar_player.png", -p_Rot+c_Rot, 0, 0, tocolor(200, 200, 200, 200)) end --# Wanted local g_wl = getPlayerWantedLevel( localPlayer ) if ( g_wl > 0 ) then if ( turn == true ) then alpha = alpha + 5 if ( alpha > 180 ) then alpha = 180 turn = false end elseif ( turn == false ) then alpha = alpha - 5 if ( alpha < 0 ) then alpha = 0 turn = true end end --dxDrawRectangle(23*sW, 536*sH, 265*sW, 135*sH, tocolor(0, 102, 255, alpha)) else return end end addEventHandler( "onClientRender", root, drawRadar) addEventHandler( "onClientResourceStop", resourceRoot, function() setPlayerHudComponentVisible ( "radar", true ) end)
  11. dsmatias

    [ HELP ]

    Can someone help me? when I give restart this script appears this error, how can I solve? Erro:
  12. Hi. I'm trying to do script while which block control HORN from other keys than ( H // CAPSLOCK) Code server: function klakson (source) if (isKeyBound (source,"capslock")) or (isKeyBound (source,"h")) then setControlState (source, "horn", true ) outputChatBox ("on",getRootElement(),255,0,0,true) -- only information else toggleControl ( "horn", false ) outputChatBox (source,"off",getRootElement(),255,0,0,true) -- only information end end addEventHandler ("onClientResourceStart",getRootElement(),klakson) Any ideas? ;/