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Found 580 results

  1. I would like to create a > guiCreateEdit(wx,wy,hx,hy) I only accept numbers more without having to send a message saying that it only accepts numbers I want something that just to enter numbers does anyone know how to do?
  2. Hello guys I need DayZ VIP Base system, When I go to near of base, here have a one marker , when ı go marker system ask me code and I write code and get in to base. If you have that system or something with VIP Base please give me below <3
  3. Skin Shader from player can not see the other players, how to synchronize Shader Skin on the player saw the other players?
  4. I have an understanding in the topic the only thing that I dont get is the fprogress please can explain me with detail why they use getTickCount() and add subtract and devide to get that progress I just dont get it, thank you...!!! please not mean comments not everybody is an einstein at everything and dont say look at the wiki the wiki dont explain with details.
  5. سلام عليكم ابي اسوي زر نسخ اسم الحساب aTab1.copy = guiCreateButton ( 0.51, 0.259, 0.13, 0.04, "Copy", true, aTab1.Tab ) elseif ( source == aTab1.copy ) then if aPlayers[player]["accountname"] then aMessageBox ( "info", "") setClipboard(aPlayers[player]["accountname"]) end end الكود الثاني نسخته من ادمنيه ثانيه ومازبط معاي
  6. TechNoMatic


    So First of all to start off with...I am an experienced player and i play on SAMP instead of MTA but i prefer using MTA for map editing so i had just came up to a problem .. here are some question that i need answer to.. #1:Can you tell me the ID of This Object in MTA? #2:Can you tell me what's the big deal that people are talking that convert 0.3 Samp objects whatever! Can you tell me how to do it and what it is? Thanks For reading hoping a useful reply ..
  7. Is there a way to morph a part of an object with a shader like pedmorph? So I don't want to morph the whole model, just a part of it. (Like a ped's head, or something)
  8. Hello guys I need to delete the area 51 gates, JUST GATES, dont say "open the editor and select remove object and press to fences". I need just delete to gates
  9. Help, I can't find gamemode - FREEROAM with ranking system and no deathmatch mode (green shirt). I see every server has that new gamemode. For example when teleporting in to a destination you will land with parachute.... etc... In that freeroam gui (F1) there is also walking and fighting styles..... I really need that gamemode , I dont know how to get it, please ! I can't insert photo here for example...
  10. Eae pessoal, hoje eu pensei em criar um script que possibilitasse que ao sair do veículo as rodas permanecessem do modo em que estavam, exemplificando, eu estou com a roda virada, e ao sair do carro, a roda continua virada... No entanto, ao tentar voltar ao veículo que está com o ped mantendo a roda virada, eu não consigo realizar a ação de entrar no veículo, nem se quer é chamado o evento onPlayerVehicleEnter, e com isso penso que não seja possível fazer carjack com um ped, e gostaria de saber se existe algum outro modo para realizar o que tenho em mente ? Server: local peds = {} addEventHandler("onVehicleStartExit",getRootElement(), function(player,seat) if (seat == 0) then if (getControlState(player, "vehicle_left" )) then control = "vehicle_left" elseif (getControlState(player, "vehicle_right" )) then control = "vehicle_right" else return end ped = createPed(0,0,0,0) warpPedIntoVehicle (ped, source) setElementAlpha(ped,0) peds[source] = ped --setElementData() --setElementCollisionsEnabled ( ped, false) triggerClientEvent ( root, "setControl", root, ped, source, control ) end end ) addEventHandler ( "onPlayerVehicleEnter", getRootElement(), function(veh,seat) if (seat == 0) then if (peds[veh]) then destroyElement(peds[veh]) peds[veh] = nil end end end ) Client: addEvent( "setControl", true ) addEventHandler( "setControl", localPlayer, function(ped,veh,control) --warpPedIntoVehicle (ped, veh) setPedControlState(ped,control,true) end )
  11. Ola, Preciso De Uma Ajudinha Pra Saber Como Posso Fazer O Segundo Painel Parar De Sumir E Menos De 1 Segundo Quero Que Ele Nn Suma Fique Aberto, function Test1() dxDrawRectangle(x*94, y*261, x*167, y*26, tocolor(0, 0, color1, alfa), false) end VTR = guiCreateButton( x*94, y*261, x*167, y*26, "", false ) addEventHandler("onClientGUIClick",VTR,function() VTRS() end) function VTRS() dxDrawRectangle(273, 260, 138, 179, tocolor(0, 0, 0, 152), false) end
  12. gasshat

    LAN game issue

    I'm trying to play MTA local with a friend. We recently got it to work, how I don't know. Now every time we try to play, the servers show up, but we can't play together. On each other's computers, the server listings always say 0 people are on, and the pings are also different. We're on ipv4, we're on the same network, we fixed the firewall issue, we're using the server configuration command prompt thingy, and nothing is working. A little help? Also, before any of you make a rude response that in no way answers the question (>:(): I READ THE ****ING MANUAL
  13. I need script that will increase drawdistance of effects ,players ,objects. PLEASE !!
  14. Hello, I was wondering if anyone could pass me a rank with k.d system ... Ex: Nick | Kill's | Dead | Rate k.d Would be of all the players, through a storage, in case I wanted to reset, could, somebody have to pass me?
  15. Can someone make me a script that on explode for example - plane wont disappear , but just on explode plane will become wreck....
  16. I've tried to make a script that tells you what are you aiming at. For ex, it tells you if you're aiming at a player or a vehicle. But for whatever reason, it doesn't work... The script runs just fine, no warnings/errors. Thanks for the help. function checkAiming( ) if isPedAiming ( getLocalPlayer() ) then local w, h = guiGetScreenSize () local elementType = getElementType ( getPedTarget ( getLocalPlayer ( ) ) ) dxDrawText ( "You are aiming at a(n) " .. elementType .. " now", w/2, h/4) end end addEventHandler( "onPlayerRender", getRootElement(), checkAiming )
  17. Look here again ... Well this time the problem is with the resource slothbot. As you can see in this script below I created 2 bots guardians in an interior, but whenever I execute the command / render and enter the bots are stopped And I want them to move what I can change in the script? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- local Mk1 = createMarker(2412.501953125, 1123.806640625, 10.8203125 +1,"arrow",1.8,255,255,0,255) local Mk2 = createMarker(390.76953125, 173.7890625, 1008.3828125 +1,"arrow",1.8,255,255,0,255) local Mk3 = createMarker(368.4228515625, 194.044921875, 1008.3828125 -1,"cylinder",1.2,255,50,0,80) local Mk4 = createMarker(2149.4716796875, 1603.0419921875, 1006.1677246094 -1,"cylinder",1.2,255,50,0,80) local Mk5 = createMarker(2144.21484375, 1625.703125, 993.68817138672 -1,"cylinder",2,255,50,0,50) local Mka = createMarker(2165.1083984375, 1600.6103515625, 999.97644042969 -1,"cylinder",1.2,255,50,0,30) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- setElementDimension(Mk2,0) setElementInterior(Mk2,3) setElementDimension(Mk3,0) setElementInterior(Mk3,3) setElementDimension(Mk4,0) setElementInterior(Mk4,1) setElementDimension(Mk5,0) setElementInterior(Mk5,1) setElementInterior(Mka,1) ------------------------------------------------- function warp (player) setElementPosition(player,388.8701171875, 173.806640625, 1008.3828125) setElementDimension(player,0) setElementInterior(player,3) end addEventHandler("onMarkerHit",Mk1,warp) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- function warp2 (player) setElementPosition(player,2414.3779296875, 1123.6572265625, 10.8203125) setElementDimension(player,0) setElementInterior(player,0) end addEventHandler("onMarkerHit",Mk2,warp2) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- function warp3 (player) setElementPosition(player,2148.3505859375, 1602.6572265625, 1006.1677246094) setElementRotation(player,0, 0, 110.73016357422) setElementDimension(player,0) setElementInterior(player,1) end addEventHandler("onMarkerHit",Mk3,warp3) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- function warp4 (player) setElementPosition(player,367.85546875, 192.9169921875, 1008.3828125) setElementRotation(player,0, 0, 146.19454956055) setElementDimension(player,0) setElementInterior(player,3) end addEventHandler("onMarkerHit",Mk4,warp4) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- function atvbomba (player) outputChatBox("#FFFFFFPara arrombar o cofre digite /arrombar",player,0,0,0,true) end addEventHandler("onMarkerHit",Mk5,atvbomba) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- function pedLoad () local ped1 = createPed ( 150, 2166.708984375, 1600.205078125, 999.97448730469 ) setElementInterior(ped1, 1) setElementRotation( ped1, 0, 0, 69.53076171875 ) end addEventHandler ( "onResourceStart", getResourceRootElement(), pedLoad ) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ function spawnar() exports.slothbot:spawnBot ( 2142.0341796875, 1607.2802734375, 993.68817138672, 0, 71, 1, 0, nil, 27, "guarding" ) exports.slothbot:spawnBot ( 2146.7744140625, 1607.1728515625, 993.68817138672, 0, 71, 1, 0, nil, 27, "guarding" ) end addCommandHandler("render",spawnar) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  18. dromerboy

    Help Socorro

    English: Hello friends, I have a problem with this script posted below, I am a beginner in the moon language, and I would like to know how I can use the setTimer function to give a 2 second delay in the outputChatBox. Portuguese: Olá amigos,Estou com um problema nesse script postado a baixo,sou iniciante na linguagem lua,e gostaria de saber como posso usufruir da função setTimer,para dar um delay de 2 segundos no outputChatBox. function HandlerWasted() valor = math.random( 170, 500 ) outputChatBox("#FFFFFFForam cobrados #FBFF00 $"..tostring ( valor )..",00 #FFFFFFpelos seus gastos no hospital",source,255,255,255,true) valor = takePlayerMoney(source, valor) end addEventHandler("onPlayerWasted",getRootElement(), HandlerWasted)
  19. Hello, When I try To Connect to a Server It Shows Me a Message Says "To Join this server you must update MTA" But i Already Have The Latest Version Of Game I tried to Reinstall The Game, but still The Same Problem. Please! Tell me How to solve this Problem. Photos Of The Problem
  20. Hi there, So, before I got my new computer, I was running windows 7 and I would always use the 1920x1080x16 resolution option as using x32 resulted in lower frame rates. However, I've got a new one now and I'm running windows 10 instead. As such, there's only a bunch of x32 resolution settings showing in the options. To get around this, I changed the color mode of the MTA exe to x16, and the other resolutions were now showing. I changed it, restarted the game and it worked fine, however, every time I do this, mta automatically reverts my compatibility changes as if I'd never touched them, and I can't figure out why. I've tried running it as an admin, and I even have the "Run as Admin" box checked, and it reverts that back as well. I'm capable of using x32 resolutions now, but I'd rather not because x16 is a lot more comfortable for me. Any responses/ideas would be immensely appreciated.
  21. INGLÊS What is the name of the feature that makes players visible on the admin panel? Example I want to give money to a player, but for this I must select his name, but the name of the players in the panel is not appearing for me What do I do? PORTUGUÊS Qual é o nome do recurso que torna os jogadores visíveis no painel de administração? Exemplo quero dar dinheiro a um jogador,mas para isso devo selecionar o nome dele,mas não está aparecendo para mim o nome dos players no painel Oque eu faço?
  22. hello all Today,I tried to remove all object in KACC Military Fuels.I used MTA Editor but It didn't work.I couldn't remove some objects.How do I remove all objects there? heres the Picture:
  23. How can i just apply the same shader to the same texture twice? I want to make a car vinyl system, but the last shader i've created overwrites the others. Any idea?
  24. Hello. Szóval az a problémám, hogy 2 GUI-t csináltam, és el kéne különítenem a kettőt, mert a 2. GUI gombjait, az első GUI gombjainak érzékeli. Külön fájlban vannak megírva, de nem tudok semmit csinálni a második GUI-n mert az első reagálja le.
  25. So i have a problem, with GUIs. I made two GUIs and i should separate them, because the first GUI affects the second GUI. On the first GUI, i have two buttons. GUIEditor.button[1] and GUIEditor.button[2] On the second GUI, i have buttons two, starting from GUIEditor.button[1]. So the problem is, that the second GUI's buttons, aren't working, because it calls the function of the first GUI's buttons. The two scripts are in two files. So how could i separate them, so they don't have any effect on each other?