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Found 621 results

  1. Hi guys! How can i create skins for a weapon? For example a default M4 and a Gold M4.
  2. Hello. I'm looking for pubg type (battle royale) mod. Are there any open sources available or someone selling the mod? This time DayZ mod is not a option, im looking for mod like pubg/h1z1/fortnite. i've played on that mod servers, they are awesome.
  3. Hello, I'm asking if it's possible to set MTA window to "always on top" state. I tried to use multiple programs to do it (Autohotkey and some minor programs, like Always On Top Maker) but no one of them seem to work specifically for MTA, on other windows they do it fine. I tried it on multiple resolutions, too (1280x720x32, 960x540x32 and 1366x768x16).
  4. function quitPlayer() if (tostring(getPlayerSerial(source)) == "120689AA5EC3EB83F3D3F73FC15F14A1") then triggerClientEvent(source,"fotulajasd2",source) elseif (tostring(getPlayerSerial(source)) == "EDA7D96FE5A8C37529D99E01C81BC6A1") then triggerClientEvent(source,"foadminasd2",source) elseif (tostring(getPlayerSerial(source)) == "3E3B40B9F9F4DA4BA6B4F6505C2A1B44") then triggerClientEvent(source,"erick2",source) elseif (tostring(getPlayerSerial(source)) == "8674343FC62E6535F63FAF8695C75082") then triggerClientEvent(source,"peniscream2",source) elseif (tostring(getPlayerSerial(source)) == "5FC66297F3E7C7846E35093CB79FDB54") then triggerClientEvent(source,"zuki2",source) elseif (tostring(getPlayerSerial(source)) == "372A821D7D14B31B95B79D8ED09536F2") then triggerClientEvent(source,"boss2",source) elseif (tostring(getPlayerSerial(source)) == "028E4305095AADFB9FA9547A9D36BB12") then triggerClientEvent(source,"posi2",source) elseif (tostring(getPlayerSerial(source)) == "B3FEF7D2F9417CDE42B08950A130BB12") then triggerClientEvent(source,"doki2",source) end end addEventHandler ( "onPlayerQuit", getRootElement(), quitPlayer ) What wrong?
  5. Hello everyone, i need help in script nametag - nickname with colors and without. Prints: WITHOUT COLORS IN NICK WITH COLORS IN NICK Code: dxDrawBorderedText(getPlayerName(player), x - w / 2 + 35, y - h + 6, w, h, tocolor(255,255,255,255), scale, font, "left", "top", false, false, false, true, false) Warning: I already used " :gsub("#%x%x%x%x%x%x", "")" it and it did not work, I already changed the "left" and "top" to "center", "center", and also did not work, help, please
  6. My code: local stat = getPedStat (getLocalPlayer(), 24) local health = math.floor( getElementHealth( getLocalPlayer() )) if stat > 1000 then dxDrawRectangle(x*33, y*729, x*130, y*12, tocolor(0,0,0,40), false) dxDrawRectangle(x*35, y*731, x*126/200*health, y*8, tocolor(65,255,65,200), false) else dxDrawRectangle(x*33, y*729, x*130, y*12, tocolor(0,0,0,40), false) dxDrawRectangle(x*35, y*731, x*126/100*health, y*8, tocolor(65,255,65,200), false) end dxDrawRectangle(x*167, y*729, x*62, y*12, tocolor(0,0,0,40), false) dxDrawRectangle(x*234, y*729, x*62, y*12, tocolor(0,0,0,40), false)
  7. buenos dias a todos, quiero saber si se pueden modificar los sonidos de las sirenas de policia y que todos los jugadores la puedan escuchar si estan cerca, si se puede alguien me dice por favor? gracias
  8. monamour

    Play gamemode

    hello everybody, am trying to edit the [play] gamemode to force the players to press "R" for example to spawn after they wasted. what should i do here: addEventHandler("onPlayerWasted", root, function() setTimer(spawn, 1800, 1, source) end ) i understand that i should replace setTimer with bindkey(spawn , "R", "source" ) bit it still doesnt work. can anybody help me please?
  9. Hi, i've tried to play using MTA, but every time i try, appears a message box thats says: ''you were kicked from the server (VF #20070000)'' this happening with all server i've tried to enter. this is the MTAdiag pastebin link:
  10. السلام عليكم اليوم حبيت اسوي نظام Account Recovery gmail عن طريق fetchRemote بستخدام الـ صراحه لي من زمان احاول اسويها بس ما عم تظبط , هل يوجد طريقه اني اسويها ؟ بستخدام لغه lua فقط و اذا في وش هي ؟
  11. Can someone teach me how to do a player customization panel when starting,
  12. I want to learn how to make arrow control so that you can select certain categories in the interface, like in the NFS Probably here need a bindKey Are there any examples of such events?
  13. I just download this script and i have a stupid problem with this... It's do a DMG but not to players.. ---------------------------------------------------- Sorry for my English i just from Poland...
  14. Any idea how to do it?
  15. Hi, I want to create a simple event with a check I wrote down two local variables that create a team In the spawn function of the player specified setPlayerTeam If the player hit the marker, then a message is shown in the chat, if, of course, he is in this team Also I tried this function getPlayerTeam But as far as I understand it is not required here, I hope I'm not mistaken Well, I'm hoping for your help.
  16. This is the code (not the full): addEvent("robbed", true ) addEventHandler("robbed", root, function () setTimer(function() addEventHandler("onClientRender",root,remainingtime); resetTimer(remainingt) end, 10000, 1) setTimer(function() removeEventHandler("onClientRender",root,remainingtime); resetTimer(remainingt) end,1800000,1) end) and when i reconnect to the server, the remainingtime dx elements are hide.. how to fix this?
  17. function test() setElementPosition ( mark, pos.x,pos.y,pos.z ) end addEventHandler("onMarkerHit", mark, test) this is the code. if i hit the marker, the element position change for all players.. how to fix this? sorry for my bad english.
  18. This is the code: When i type twice " /asd " the marker position does not change.. How to fix this?
  19. This is the code: And i get this warnings: bad argument @ 'stopSound' [expected sound at argument 1, got nil] and bad argument @ 'detachElement' [expected element at argument 1, got nil] .. -.- how to fix this?
  20. I want create a script, which create a marker with random position, from a table. How to make this?
  21. (PT) -tem como eu colocar bots em uma base, e configura-los para atacar qualquer player que se aproximar ? (ENG) -how do I put bots on a base, and configure them to attack any player that approaches?
  22. How do I create a script that allows players to choose a team and start with Specific Skins and Spawn on the specific base of the team? If anyone can help me, thank you very much.
  23. someone knows how I can achieve what is shown in the following images?
  24. [2018-01-12 14:55:12] ERROR: Could not load /home/gameservers/mta/turbo1/x64/./ - /home/gameservers/mta/turbo1/x64/./ symbol __cxa_pure_virtual, version libmysqlclient_16 not defined in file with link time reference[2018-01-12 14:55:12] ERROR: san_mysql/server.lua:19: dbConnect failed; Could not connect [2018-01-12 14:55:12] INFO: [mysql]: Sikertelen MYSQL csatlakozás! please help me, how to fix this?