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Found 609 results

  1. Happyboi

    How to draw...

    Hello there mta community!, im new in this forum so sorry if theres mistakes in this topic...I need a help that can anyone give me the link/name of any program that you can draw items or stuff in it and make it in real in mta? with some scripts like the backpacks of dayz or customed cars how they do that? pls help if you know how.. and thanks!
  2. YukiDev

    Your imperssions?

    Hmmm, i was playing MTA Battlegrounds...And MTA is pretty good.... I'm 10/10 SAMP Developer, and its pretty booooring cuz there is nothing more to show unicate... ( I'm in SAMP world since 2013 ) So, why I'm opening this topic? - I want your imperssions from MTA, and I need some help if you understand well MTA Scripting... My question: - Write your imperssions down (including scripting imperssions) - I want to know, what language is used to script a server (main lang, like for SAMP its PAWN ), I don't understand WIKI well, and i don't have alot of time, just let me know what language is used for scripting so i can start <3 !!! - Biggest request from me: ENJOY ! <3
  3. Hi. So I was wondering about how to make a custom currency, so i have the default & the donator coin f.e. Could somebody help me with this? Like how to do it. And if possible, some code. Thanks
  4. Hello everyone Please give me a system of advertising This system is such that the player displays a player with a command to advertise a car or a house for sale to other players for example : ad from MrThinker (123-2212): My Infernus For Sell The MrThinker phone number is 123-2212! Please help me on this script
  5. I wanna know how to use ipairs and pairs correctly plz
  6. Hello to all Please help me build a referral system I want to make sure that each player sends another player to the server with a referral and receives a prize And have commands like / myref. For example Server: Your Referral Number is 10 my referral is 10 Quick thanks for help. Thank you all
  7. Hellow dudes! I need a html or image render video or gif introduction source or resource for my server
  8. Gat

    [HELP] discord bot

    Hello guys My name is Gat and im new here and i want a help. I found a mta bot for discord script that echo chat between mta server and a discord channel. URL: The problem is I don't know how to use it 😂
  9. Hello to all Please give me a faction system As well as the Police Departments and Police F.B.I and Medic and All Mafia and Natianol Guard factions thanks for your help
  10. Hello everyone! I have a little problem createMarker(0,0,3,"checkpoint",2,255,255,255,0) i know that color goes r,g,b,a and when i output alpha(a) i see number "0". But why markers still visible?
  11. When I'm translating i found a printf error. The translation should be "%d day [enter] %d days". I tried pressing enter button but after i submit the translation it keeps removing the enter i've given. I checked other language translation and they got 2 translation boxes. How can i add another box? Also there's a string which sounds like this; "Unable to elevate". What does the elevate mean actually? I mean, can i replace it with Upgrade/Increase? Ty.
  12. I want create a script, which play a sound, when a player shot another player head. But the sound play for killed player and localplayer too. How to make this?
  13. Hello! I made a handling, in 'hedit' resource. (link: I can export this handling and I got a string, like this: SWATVAN 5000.0 10000.0 2.5 0.0 0.0 -0.1 85 0.65 0.7 0.46 5 110.0 24.0 25.0 4 D 6.4 0.45 0 27.0 0.7 0.08 1.0 0.30 -0.18 0.5 0.0 0.32 0.06 40000 880010 1000000 0 1 13 How can I load this handling to all vehicles, easily? I don't want to apply every handling property, with 'setVehicleHandling'.
  14. Hola, quisiera que cuando un jugador escriba /afk por arriba de su cabeza unas letras que diga AFK y cuando escriba /noafk estas desaparescan. Nose muy bien como usar usar el dxDrawText, por favor AYUDA Aqui les dejo el scrip del AFK: Hello, I would like that when a player writes / afk above his head some letters that say AFK and when he writes / noafk they disappear. I do not know how to use the dxDrawText, please HELP Here is the AFK scrip: addEventHandler("onPlayerJoin",getRootElement(), function () setElementData(source,"afk_state","back") setElementData(source,"HideState","disabled") --setElementData(source,"tafk",false) end) addEventHandler( "onResourceStart", getResourceRootElement(getThisResource()), function () for i,v in pairs (getElementsByType("player")) do setElementData(v,"afk_state","back") setElementData(v,"HideState","disabled") setElementData(v,"tafk",false) setElementData(v,"invencible",false) end end) function afkstart(player) local vida = getElementHealth ( player ) if getElementData(player,"afk_state") == "back" then local state = ( not getElementData ( player, "invencible" ) ) if vida < 35 then return outputChatBox ("No puedes ir AFK con la vida baja!",player,255,0,0) end if getElementData (player, "tafk", true) then outputChatBox ('#00FF00Espere 10 segundos...',player,255,0,0,true) return end local id2 = getPedWeapon (player) triggerClientEvent(player,"god_mode",player) setElementData ( player, "invencible", state ) --outputChatBox ( "AFK ".. ( state and "Activado" or "Desactivado" ) ..".", player, 255, 0, 0 ) setElementFrozen(player,true) setPlayerNametagText (player, "|AFK|" .. getPlayerName ( player )) outputChatBox(getPlayerName(player).." #ff0000 esta AFK!",getRootElement(),0,255,0, true) setElementData(player,"afk_state","afk") if id2 > 15 then giveWeapon (player, 0, 1, true) end setElementData (player, "tafk",true) toggleControl (player, "fire", false) toggleControl (player, "next_weapon", false) toggleControl (player, "previous_weapon", false) toggleControl ( player, 'vehicle_fire', false ) toggleControl (player, "aim_weapon", false) bindKey (player,"w","down","noafk") bindKey (player,"d","down","noafk") bindKey (player,"s","down","noafk") bindKey (player,"a","down","noafk") bindKey (player,"num_0","down","noafk") bindKey (player,"lctrl","down","noafk") bindKey (player,"arrow_u","down","noafk") bindKey (player,"arrow_d","down","noafk") bindKey (player,"arrow_l","down","noafk") bindKey (player,"arrow_r","down","noafk") bindKey (player,"delete","down","noafk") bindKey (player,"mouse2","down","noafk") bindKey (player,"capslock","down","noafk") if getPedOccupiedVehicle(player) then fixVehicle(getPedOccupiedVehicle(player),true) setElementFrozen(getPedOccupiedVehicle(player),true) setVehicleDamageProof(getPedOccupiedVehicle(player),true) end setElementData (player, "tafk",true) setTimer (setElementData, 10000, 1, player, "tafk", false) end end addCommandHandler("afk", afkstart ) function afkend(player) if getElementData(player,"afk_state") == "afk" then local state = ( not getElementData ( player, "invencible" ) ) setElementData(player,"afk_state","back") triggerClientEvent(player,"disable_god_mode",player) setElementFrozen(player,false) setPlayerNametagText (player, "" .. getPlayerName (player)) outputChatBox(getPlayerName(player).." #00ff00 ya no esta AFK!",getRootElement(),0,255,0, true) toggleControl (player, "fire", true) toggleControl (player, "next_weapon", true) toggleControl (player, "previous_weapon", true) toggleControl ( player, 'vehicle_fire', true ) toggleControl (player, "aim_weapon", true) setElementData ( player, "invencible", state ) --outputChatBox ( "AFK " .. ( state and "Activado" or "Desactivado" ) ..".", player, 255, 0, 0 ) unbindKey (player,"w","down","noafk") unbindKey (player,"d","down","noafk") unbindKey (player,"s","down","noafk") unbindKey (player,"a","down","noafk") unbindKey (player,"num_0","down","noafk") unbindKey (player,"lctrl","down","noafk") unbindKey (player,"arrow_u","down","noafk") unbindKey (player,"arrow_d","down","noafk") unbindKey (player,"arrow_l","down","noafk") unbindKey (player,"arrow_r","down","noafk") unbindKey (player,"delete","down","noafk") unbindKey (player,"mouse2","down","noafk") unbindKey (player,"capslock","down","noafk") if getPedOccupiedVehicle(player) then setElementFrozen(getPedOccupiedVehicle(player),false) setVehicleDamageProof(getPedOccupiedVehicle(player),false) end end end addCommandHandler("noafk", afkend ) addCommandHandler("wp", afkend ) addCommandHandler("weapon", afkend ) addCommandHandler("dim", afkend ) addEventHandler( "onResourceStop", getResourceRootElement(getThisResource()), function () for i,v in pairs (getElementsByType("player")) do setElementData(v,"afk_state","back") setElementData(v,"HideState","disabled") --setElementData(v,"tafk",false) setElementData(v,"invencible",false) end end)
  15. I want create a bank-system. But i don't know, how to begin the script. Can i make it possible this with setElementData, and getElementDatas? sorry for my bad english
  16. Bem, Como eu estou fazendo um servidor RPG, estou querendo meio que deixar realista e tals se alguem saber como desativar o f1?
  17. Stev3y

    Tuneable cars

    Hello. So, I made a MTA server the other day. I made it only for fun, like to play with my IRL friends. Once I downloaded a modded car, which had tuneable parts, and in the rar file I had a lot of files like these : fbmp_a_l.dff, and a lot more, and I don't know what to do with them. Can I get some help pls? I have another question: I was searching for a tuning system but I couldn't really find any. Can somebody link me some?
  18. Meu script com mta esta dando problema com Valo nulo que não consigo resolver Minicio = createMaker (-2084.712890625, 229.470703125, 35.72966003418, "cylinder", 2, 255, 0 ,0, 255) veh[source] = {} function inicio (source) if isElementWithinMarker(source, Minicio) then if veh[source] and isElementWithinMarker ( veh[sorce] ) then destroyElement ( veh[source] ) veh[source] = nil end x,y,z = getElementPosition(source) Trabalho = true veh[source] = createVehicle(524, -2088.3271484375, 258.548828125, 35.823341369629) outputChatBox ( "#00ff00,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,",sorce, 0,0,0,true ) outputChatBox ( "LEVE O VEICULO ATE A PEDREIRA DE LAS VENTURAS",sorce, 0,0,0,true ) outputChatBox ( "#00ff00,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,",sorce, 0,0,0,true ) end end addEventHandler( "onMarkerHit", Minicio, inicio )
  19. i need help guys i need lua code to show player rank on player in the middle of the cylynder this is for run gamemode
  20. I want create a script, which tp a player to me, and teleport me to a player, like in admin panel, just with command. How to make this? For example: /tpto playername , and /tpme playername. And when i teleport a player to me, the player get out from vehicle
  21. I want create a script, which creates a 3d text with a cmd. For example, when i type "/word asd" then this make a 3d text the player position "#playername : asd", then after elapse 3 hours, the text will hide. How to make this?
  22. addEvent( 'clientRoundEnd', true ) addEventHandler( 'clientRoundEnd', localPlayer, --function( camPosX, camPosY, camPosZ, camLookX, camLookY, camLookZ, winTeamName ) function( table ) local camPosX, camPosY, camPosZ, camLookX, camLookY, camLookZ, winTeamName camPosX = table[ 1 ] camPosY = table[ 2 ] camPosZ = table[ 3 ] camLookX = table[ 4 ] camLookY = table[ 5 ] camLookZ = table[ 6 ] winTeamName = table[ 7 ] w = winTeamName setGameSpeed( 0.02 ) guiSetVisible( gui.images['intro'], true ) showPlayerHudComponent( 'radar', false ) guiSetVisible( weaponsGui.window[1], false ) guiSetVisible( weaponsGui.window[2], false ) guiSetVisible( gui.images[ winTeamName ], true ) fadeCamera( true ) setElementData( localPlayer, 'State', 'Dead' ) setTimer( function( ) attachRotatingCamera( false, localPlayer ) guiSetVisible( gui.images[ winTeamName ], false ) fadeCamera( false, 0.01 ) setCameraMatrix( camPosX, camPosY, camPosZ, camLookX, camLookY, camLookZ ) setGameSpeed( 1 ) setTimer( fadeCamera, 500, 1, true, 1.0 ) end, 5500,1 ) setTimer( function( ) triggerServerEvent( 'takeClientWeapons', resourceRoot ) setGameSpeed( 1 ) end, 6000,1 ) showCursor( true ) updateBestKiller( ) gdyRundaSieSkonczy( ) endRoundOgg = playSound( "audio/round_end.ogg" ); end ) how to add random round end music to stealth pro ? i want to add 5 random select musics to round end music pls help me guys. sorry about my bad english
  23. Hello, I would like to know if you can help me ... My MTA is not coming out sound, but the GTA yes, I would like you to help me because I'm with this problem a year ago
  24. am trying to make script that allows only staffs(or acl i chose) to enter such vehicles and it would be great if somone teach me how to make players pays amount of money to spawn them this is what i made but it's not working SCRIPT ERROR: carpriv\server.lua:4: ')' expected near 'then' } script: staffcar = { [432]=true,[425]=true,[520]=true,[599]=true } function enterVehicle ( player, seat, jacked ) if ( staffcar[getElementModel(source)] ) and ( not isObjectInACLGroup ( "user." .. getAccountName(getPlayerAccount(source)), aclGetGroup ("Admin") ) then cancelEvent() outputChatBox ( "only acl can enter this!", player ) end end addEventHandler ( "onVehicleStartEnter", getRootElement(), enterVehicle )
  25. function outputChatBoxRemote ( playerName, message, type, serverport ) outputChatBox ( "From " .. playerName .. " on " .. serverport .. ": " .. message ) return "hello sailor" end function finishedCallback( responseData, errno ) responseData = tostring(responseData) if responseData == "ERROR" then outputDebugString( "callRemote: ERROR #" .. errno ) elseif responseData ~= "hello sailor" then outputDebugString( "callRemote: Unexpected reply: " .. responseData ) else end end function playerChat ( message, type ) callRemote ( "", getResourceName(getThisResource()), "outputChatBoxRemote", finishedCallback, getPlayerName(source), message, type, getServerPort() ) end addEventHandler ( "onPlayerChat", getRootElement(), playerChat ) This is the code, but does not working.. what wrong?