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Found 693 results

  1. I am done. I've made a function to display text on elements, on server-side, and I wanted to trigger client event, but what? Doesn't triggering. Look: allElems = 0 function dxDrawTextOnElem(element, text, height, distance, r, g, b, alpha, size, font) allElems = allElems + 1 triggerClientEvent("dxDraw", resourceRoot, element, text, height or 0, distance or 20, r or 255, g or 0, b or 0, alpha or 255, size or 1, font or "arial", allElems) end Boom, client-side script: --Ofcourse, I've created all tables + in "onClientRender" I put outputChatBox(), outputs "{}" (because tables are empty) addEvent("dxDraw", true) addEventHandler("dxDraw", resourceRoot, function(element, text, height, distance, r, g, b, alpha, size, font, k) local i = table.find(elements, element) --table.find(pattern, s) if i then elements[i] = element texts[i] = text heights[i] = height distances[i] = distance rs[i] = r gs[i] = g bs[i] = b alphas[i] = alpha sizes[i] = size fonts[i] = font else elements[k] = element texts[k] = text heights[k] = height distances[k] = distance rs[k] = r gs[k] = g bs[k] = b alphas[k] = alpha sizes[k] = size fonts[k] = font end end) addEventHandler("onClientRender", root, function() for i, text in ipairs(texts) do dxDrawTextOnElement(elements[i], text, heights[i], distances[i], rs[i], gs[i], bs[i], alphas[i], sizes[i], fonts[i]) end end) Jesus, I'm done with it. Sorry for asking a similar thing, but it's really difficult for me. For real, I'm like doing it second time, still fails.
  2. Hello, I would like to know how I can or if it is possible to make a marker on the map to set a handling in the player's car. I would also like to know how to place a marker with a 3d image on the map
  3. This, don't work. Idk why. Look: addEventHandler("onClientRender", resourceRoot, function() dxDrawTextOnElement(localPlayer, "P L A Y E R", 1, 20, 0, 0, 255, 255, 1, "pricedown") end) Ofcourse, I have dxDrawTextOnElement() function in my script and script is in type client.
  4. It's like 32nd when I test it out. dxDrawTextOnElement doesn't work. No errors, no results. Nothing. (My) code: --dxDrawTextOnElement is in my script + script is client-side addEventHandler("onClientRender", resourceRoot, function() for _, player in ipairs(getElementsByType("player")) do dxDrawTextOnElement(player, "P L A Y E R", 1, 20, 0, 255, 0, 255, 1, "pricedown") end end) --Idk wut is wrong Some advance?
  5. Write me a script how to do it, I will be very grateful
  6. I tried to load a file, that is in a subfolder, nothing's happening, no errors in console. What's the problem (all code below)? Line of code in script, to load xml file: xml = xmlLoadFile("cars/saved.xml") meta.xml: <file src="cars/saved.xml"/> What's wrong? BTW, everything exists. IDK what's wrong with this, everything's is existing, file is assigned into xml. I clearly don't know what's worng.
  7. I have a shared script that stores a parameter provided function into a table: -- shared_script.Lua local my_table = {} function addFunctionality(key, handler) my_table[key] = handler end The point is that it's stored two different tables - client and server side. When addFunctionality is called from a client script the handler is stored only inside the respective side table. What I need is a way to communicate between both client and server to store the handler in both tables independently of who is calling addFunctionality. The tables need to be synced and have the same data. I know there are functions server/client only, but forget that for now. For the purpose of this help bear in mind I'm trying to store this function: function() return true end But from the point of view of addFunctionality you never know how handler's implementation looks like. I've already tried to: - Use events, but they do not accept functions as arguments - Store the table in the root element, but it's not possible at all - Use loadstring, but 1) I don't know how handler's implementation looks like and 2) it doesn't return values Thanks
  8. Today, I was testing my policeman job (that I will surely post) on my server, because I wanted to know, if other players (not from one XML file) can access to be policemans. Suddenly, I saw, that on other nickname, I can open F1 panel. So what can I do? Thanks everybody for advance. Here is my part of acl.xml for proof, that only me and my friend are in Admin group: <acl> <group name="Everyone"> <acl name="Default"></acl> <object name="user.*"></object> <object name="resource.*"></object> </group> <group name="Moderator"> <acl name="Moderator"></acl> <object name="resource.mapcycler"></object> <object name="resource.mapmanager"></object> <object name="resource.resourcemanager"></object> <object name="resource.votemanager"></object> </group> <group name="SuperModerator"> <acl name="Moderator"></acl> <acl name="SuperModerator"></acl> </group> <group name="Admin"> <acl name="Moderator"></acl> <acl name="SuperModerator"></acl> <acl name="Admin"></acl> <acl name="RPC"></acl> <object name="resource.admin"></object> <object name="resource.webadmin"></object> <object name="resource.acpanel"></object> <object name="resource.modloader"></object> <object name="resource.loginpanel"></object> <object name=""></object> <object name="resource.stats"></object> <object name="resource.vsys"></object> <object name="resource.cp"></object> <object name="resource.Serwer"></object> <object name="user.VaporZ"></object> <!--My nick--> <object name="user.maxeo11"></object> <!--My friend's nick--> <object name="resource.job3"></object> <object name="resource.cs"></object> </group> blah blah blah blah blah blah </acl>
  9. I'm just curious. Is there a way, to remove spawned cars on the Play/Freeroam gamemode. For example: monster trucks at Grove Street with bikes, along with Buffalo near Ryder's house. Just want to include some modded maps onto my server, and I don't want cars to bug out [from custom map]. If there's a script to it, or a line that i can change in a code - can you sent it here? Thanks in advance!
  10. I've made a marker-variable (code): exitF = createMarker(246.85884094238, 62.326526641846, 1003.640625, "cylinder", 1.5, 0, 162, 255, 172) Since I've put here a LSPD coordinates, It should work, but It's not. Even If I've inserted, that I want to move this marker to interior ID 3, it's STILL DOESN'T APPEARING. setElementInterior(exitF, 3) Help me! Screenshot from the game (couldn't insert):
  11. I want create a HUD with image progress bars. I think i need dxDrawImageSection, but i don't know how to use this for a progress bar. Anyone can give me a example of this progress bar with imagesection?
  12. Boa Noite, Eu to com problema, fiz um timer a onde cria o objeto quando chega proximo da col, e deu certo mais ele fica criando varias vezes o mesmo objeto e queria que cria-se apenas 1 vez, so que com o timer rodando ainda setTimer(function(col) local cx, cy, cz = getElementPosition (col) --Aqui você deve colocar a posição do loot.. local px, py, pz = getElementPosition (localPlayer) --Aqui você acha a localização do player. local distancia = math.floor(getDistanceBetweenPoints3D (cx, cy, cz, px, py, pz)) -- outputChatBox(distancia) if tonumber(distancia) <= 20 then --Caso a distância seja maior ou igual que "x", então.. outputChatBox("COL PROXIMA: "..distancia) -- if not(isElement(obejctItem[counter])) then obejctItem[counter] = createObject(item[2],cx,cy,cz,item[4]) setObjectScale(obejctItem[counter],item[3]) setElementCollisionsEnabled(obejctItem[counter], false) setElementFrozen (obejctItem[counter],true) outputChatBox("OBJETOS CRIADOS") -- end else -- if isTimer(timerObjetos) then -- killTimer(timerObjetos) -- end if (cx and cy and cz) then if isElement(obejctItem[counter]) then destroyElement(obejctItem[counter]) end end -- outputChatBox("COL FORA: "..distancia) end end,1000,0,col)
  13. Estou recebendo aviso no console direito de uma função que eu fiz quando o player entra no hit de uma col AVISOS QUE FLOODA O CONSOLE. WARNING: Bad argument @ 'getAccountName' [Expected account at argument 1, got boolean] ERROR: attempt to concatenate a boolean value --[[Aviso]] -- isObjectInACLGroup("user."..getAccountName(getPlayerAccount(player)),aclGetGroup("Admin")) function chePlayergr(player,x,y,z,baseName) if isElement(player) then cheTimer = setTimer(function(player,baseName) if not((getElementData(player,"Group") == getGroupNameFromBaseName(baseName)) or isObjectInACLGroup("user."..getAccountName(getPlayerAccount(player)),aclGetGroup("Admin"))) then if isTimer(cheTimer) then killTimer(cheTimer) end setElementPosition(player,x,y,z+1) end end,2000,0,player,baseName) end end
  14. EU ACHEI O PROBLEMA, MAIS PRECISO DE AJUDA. No meu servidor de DayZ ele tem objetos criados que são as GEAR itens que dropa em toda parte do mapa e na area 51 também e como a area 51 é editada com objetos também ela fica pistando eu vou mostrar imagens. UMA PARTE DO SCRIPT DA GAMEMODE, ESSE SCRIPT ABAIXO É AS 'GEAR' a onde dropa os itens dentro de uma Col. OBS: esse escript é server.Lua function createPickupsOnServerStart() iPickup = 0 for i,pos in ipairs(pickupPositions["residential"]) do iPickup = iPickup + 1 createItemLoot("residential",pos[1],pos[2],pos[3],iPickup) end for i,pos in ipairs(pickupPositions["industrial"]) do iPickup = iPickup + 1 createItemLoot("industrial",pos[1],pos[2],pos[3],iPickup) end for i,pos in ipairs(pickupPositions["farm"]) do iPickup = iPickup + 1 createItemLoot("farm",pos[1],pos[2],pos[3],iPickup) end for i,pos in ipairs(pickupPositions["supermarket"]) do iPickup = iPickup + 1 createItemLoot("supermarket",pos[1],pos[2],pos[3],iPickup) end for i,pos in ipairs(pickupPositions["military"]) do iPickup = iPickup + 1 createItemLoot("military",pos[1],pos[2],pos[3],iPickup) end end createPickupsOnServerStart() function createItemLoot(lootPlace,x,y,z) col = createColSphere(x,y,z,1.25) setElementData(col,"itemloot",true) setElementData(col,"parent",lootPlace) setElementData(col,"MAX_Slots",12) for i, item in pairs(itemTable[lootPlace]) do if not tonumber(item[5]) then outputServerLog(item[1]) end local value = math.percentChance (item[5],math.random(1,2)) setElementData(col,item[1],value) end refre:~emLoot (col,lootPlace,true) return col end > Essa imagem é com os objetos da gamemode(ITENS) ATIVADO, olhe como ela some os objetos. > Já essa aqui é com esse aqui é com os (ITENS) DESATIVADO DA GAMEMODE, ela renderiza certinho o mapa. Ai queria se colocando uma função de distancia da col de cada GEAR, iria resolver ou o que? OBRIGADO DESDE DE JÁ
  15. Is there a way to prevent this from happening? I'm making a movement script with cubic-bezier support, but when I render the movement onClientPreRender the server kinda limit the executions. DEMONSTRATION
  16. então pessoal tento editar a acl do server até consigo porém logo em seguida quando atualizo o filezilla ele some e só consigo ficar com o nome da minha host no console, alguém pode me ajudar por favor?
  17. Help please I need the other players to see the share that I put on my vehicle ----Client GUIEditor = { label = {} } addEventHandler("onClientResourceStart", resourceRoot, function() Panel_imagen = guiCreateWindow(0.30, 0.29, 0.37, 0.28, "fetchRemote test", true) guiWindowSetSizable(Panel_imagen, false) guiSetVisible(Panel_imagen, false) guiSetAlpha(Panel_imagen, 1.00) GUIEditor.label[1] = guiCreateLabel(0.02, 0.11, 0.96, 0.38, "¡Test", true, Panel_imagen) guiSetFont(GUIEditor.label[1], "default-bold-small") guiLabelSetHorizontalAlign(GUIEditor.label[1], "center", true) guiLabelSetVerticalAlign(GUIEditor.label[1], "center") url = guiCreateEdit(0.02, 0.53, 0.96, 0.17, "", true, Panel_imagen) secUrl = guiCreateButton(0.12, 0.75, 0.36, 0.18, "enter URL.", true, Panel_imagen) guiSetFont(secUrl, "default-bold-small") guiSetProperty(secUrl, "NormalTextColour", "FFAAAAAA") cerrarPanelURL = guiCreateButton(0.52, 0.75, 0.36, 0.18, "Clouse", true, Panel_imagen) guiSetFont(cerrarPanelURL, "default-bold-small") guiSetProperty(cerrarPanelURL, "NormalTextColour", "FFAAAAAA") end ) addCommandHandler("Panel", function() guiSetVisible(Panel_imagen, not guiGetVisible(Panel_imagen)) showCursor(not isCursorShowing()) end) addEventHandler("onClientGUIClick", resourceRoot, function() if source == cerrarPanelURL then guiSetVisible(Panel_imagen, false) showCursor(false) elseif source == secUrl then texto = guiGetText(url) if texto ~= "" then if isPedInVehicle(localPlayer) then if texto:len() > 3 then -- if string.find(texto, "png") or string.find(texto, "jpg") then triggerServerEvent("change", localPlayer, texto) guiSetEnabled(secUrl, false) guiSetVisible(Panel_imagen, false) showCursor(false) outputChatBox("Loading image..", 100, 255, 0) -- else outputChatBox("The image should end at the end as PNG or JPG.", 255, 0, 0) -- end else outputChatBox("The url must have more than 3 characteristics ", 255, 0, 0) end else outputChatBox("You must be in a vehicle to load the URL", 255, 0, 0) end else outputChatBox("You must put a URL to put it to your vehicle.", 255, 0, 0) end end end ) function invalido() guiSetEnabled(secUrl, true) end addEvent("Invalido", true) addEventHandler("Invalido", root, invalido) addEvent("onClientReLoadImage", true) addEventHandler("onClientReLoadImage", root, function(image) shader_cars, tec = dxCreateShader ( "shader.fx" ) myTexture = dxCreateTexture( image ) local theScriptC = fileCreate("test.png") fileWrite(theScriptC, image) fileClose(theScriptC) engineRemoveShaderFromWorldTexture ( shader_cars, "vehiclegrunge256", getPedOccupiedVehicle(localPlayer) ) engineApplyShaderToWorldTexture ( shader_cars, "vehiclegrunge256", getPedOccupiedVehicle(localPlayer) ) dxSetShaderValue ( shader_cars, "TX0", myTexture ) outputChatBox("remove texture /removetexture", 0, 255, 0) ---outputChatBox("", 0, 255, 0) outputChatBox("You can only put it once in a single vehicle, unless you remove your texture to put it in another, if your vehicle disappears bad luck you will have to reconnect to put your paintjob ..", 255, 255, 255) end ) function removetexta() if isPedInVehicle(localPlayer) then if myTexture then engineRemoveShaderFromWorldTexture ( shader_cars, "vehiclegrunge256", getPedOccupiedVehicle(localPlayer) ) guiSetEnabled(secUrl, true) outputChatBox("It has been totally removed.", 255, 0, 0) end end end addCommandHandler("removetexture", removetexta) ---server addEvent("change",true) addEventHandler("change",root,function(url) fetchRemote(url,onPlayerDownloadImage,"",false,source) end) function onPlayerDownloadImage(image,err,pl) if isElement(pl) then if err == 0 then triggerClientEvent(pl,"onClientReLoadImage",root,image) local theScriptC = fileCreate(image) else outputChatBox("Invalid URL, please insert one that is.", source, 255, 0, 0) triggerClientEvent(source, "Invalido", source) triggerClientEvent(pl,"onClientReLoadImage",root,image) end end end
  18. Bom dia alguem poderia me ajudar estou com uma dificuldade no meu chat local, estou tentando colocar o meu chat local para quando os jogadores usar codigos de cores no nick deles ficar branco a cor quando eles for falar no chat, Assim bloqueando as cores para não modificar no chat local. Esse script abaixo é meu chat local, espero que me ajudem, já tem muito tempo que tou tentando não consigo de jeito nenhum. DistanciaDoChatLocal = 200 -- Metros MensagemFalandoRapidoDemaisLocal = '#ffffff[ #CE98EBAnti Flood #ffffff] - #ffffffVocê Esta Digitando Muito Rapido, Aguarde 2 Segundos' -- ComandoDoChatGlobal = "f" -- Ex /g Mensagem ComandoDoChatGlobal2 = "u" ValorDoChatGlobal = 0 -- Dinheiro --MensagemFalandoRapidoDemaisGlobal = '#ffffff[ #FF0000Anti Flood #ffffff] - #ffffffVocê Esta Digitando Muito Rapido, Aguarde 5 Segundos' MensagemVoceEstaMutadoGlobal2 = '#ffffff[ #FF0000Aviso #ffffff] - #FF0000Você Esta Mutado, e Não Podera Utilizar os Chat do Servidor' MensagemVoceEstaMutadoGlobal = '#ffffff[ #FF0000Aviso #ffffff] - #FF0000Você Esta Mutado, e Não Podera Utilizar os Chat do Servidor' -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -- Config do Chat Local addEventHandler("onPlayerChat", root, function(tresc, msgtype) if (msgtype == 0) then cancelEvent() local x,y,z = getElementPosition(source) for key, gracze in ipairs(getElementsByType("player")) do local x2,y2,z2 = getElementPosition(gracze) -- if getElementData (source, "ChatLocal:Delay", true) then -- outputChatBox ( MensagemFalandoRapidoDemaisLocal, source, 255, 255, 255, true ) return end if ( getDistanceBetweenPoints3D ( x, y, z, x2, y2, z2 ) < DistanciaDoChatLocal ) then local int = getElementInterior ( source ) local dim = getElementDimension ( source ) local int2 = getElementInterior ( gracze ) local dim2 = getElementDimension ( gracze ) if ( int == int2 and dim == dim2 ) then conta = getAccountName ( getPlayerAccount ( source ) ) if isObjectInACLGroup ("user."..conta, aclGetGroup ( "Console" ) ) then outputChatBox("*#FFEE00ʙᴄʙ ʟᴏᴄᴀʟ #FFEE00- #FF6A6APresidente #FFEE00- #ffffff"..getPlayerName(source).. " ("..getElementData(source, "ID")..")#FFEE00 - #ffffff#FF6A6A "..tresc, gracze, 255, 255, 255, true) elseif isObjectInACLGroup ("user."..conta, aclGetGroup ( "Admin" ) ) then outputChatBox("*#FFEE00ʙᴄʙ ʟᴏᴄᴀʟ #FFEE00- #FF6A6AVice Presidente #FFEE00- #ffffff"..getPlayerName(source).." ("..getElementData(source, "ID")..")#FFEE00 - #ffffff#FF6A6A "..tresc, gracze, 255, 255, 255, true)
  19. Eu gostaria de saber quando a pessoa tivesse em download a tela dela ficasse toda preta. E também o radar sumir quando n tiver dentro de um carro.
  20. When a player create car with the freeroam panel, the cursor does not disappear, i removed all showCursor from the script, and the players show the cursor with another script, when press M, but the cursor does not disappear too.. then how can i fix this bug?
  21. It's possible get the firetruck vehicle turret target?
  22. This is the code: local now = getTickCount() local x,y = interpolateBetween(one, one1, 0, two, two1, 0, (now - start) / ((start + 2500) - start), "Linear") local now2 = getTickCount() local x2,y2 = interpolateBetween(asd, asd1, 0, fgh, fgh1, 0, (now2 - start2) / ((start2 +2500) - start2), "Linear") if right == false then dxDrawRectangle(x, (sy_/2-20) * ym, 3* xm, 40 * ym,tocolor(255,255,255,255)) else dxDrawRectangle(x2, (sy_/2-20) * ym, 3* xm, 40 * ym,tocolor(255,255,255,255)) end -- if x >= 1063 and x <= 1073 and right == false then test = true elseif x >= 1089 and x <= 1099 and right == false then test = true elseif x >= 1158 and x <= 1172 and right == false then test = true elseif x >= 1212 and x <= 1232 and right == false then test = true elseif x >= 1276 and x <= 1293 and right == false then test = true elseif x >= 1423 and x <= 1433 and right == false then test = true elseif x >= 1476 and x <= 1487 and right == false then test = true else test = false end i want change the test to true when the rectangle is in the granted position, but how can i get the momentary position of the dx rectangle?
  23. Hello, I need an explanation regarding compression of my server resources so that the client can download faster. I looked around and the MTA has HTTP DOWNLOAD feature, but I don't understand how it works right. I also read that the MTA reads files that are compressed in .ZIP, but I don't know if it is to compress only the folder that has the files or can compress subfolders as well. About this external web server, how does it work? Do I need to upload my mods to external web too? Need to be compressed as .zip? I would like to speed up the download of my players. Could someone explain to me right what I have to do and how does HTTP DOWNLOAD really work?
  24. Merhaba, Erişim engellendi ((CreateProcess)) sorunu almaktayım istersen cevabını bekliyor bu sayfadan cevaplarınızı girin veya adresini ziyaret edin, teşekkürler ... Lütfen yardım... CD5
  25. ENGLISH: Hello, I need scripters to help me develop the servers in my community, there are 4 servers that will be hosted on December 25, for that reason I need a scripter to help me with the servers. I hope to have your help! SPANISH: Hola, necesito scripters que me ayuden a desarrollar los servidores de mi comunidad, son 4 servidores que se hostearan el 25 de diciembre, por esa razon es que necesito scripter que me ayuden con los servidores. Espero contar con su ayuda, gracias! Help Plis!