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Found 11 results

  1. Hello,let me introduce my self.My name is Damazigh, I'm 17 years old. My hobbies is to play foot ball and scripting. I'm a designer(logos,banners,posters,web design) experienced 4years. I'm WEB DEVELOPER that means i can create STATIC (without using the server side) and DYNAMIC(using the server for data base ...etc). I'm MTA:SA SCRIPTER which i have a good level . Contact me By: -Discord: DiGiTal#2028 -PM ME
  2. TPF is bringing opportunities for those players who don't know scripting but wants to learn. We ( TPF staff ) offers free courses in various languages, as well as designing, for totally free. Languages we can teach you? We can teach you Lua, HTML, CSS ,PHP and MYSQL What can we teach you in designing ? Creating logos, creating banners ,posters , web design and MORE !!!(Using Photoshop cs6) Our contact: Contact DiGiTal#2028 or join our discord server : For more information and tutorials visit our website :
  3. السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاتة For Honor يحتوي على اللعبة الشهيرة والرائعة Uplay أليوم عندي كم حساب على برنامج :فيديو سينمائي للعبة :فيديو لطور الاون لاين :فيديو لطور القصة السعر: 7 دولار
  4. بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم الصلاة والسلام على اشرف الانبياء والمرسلين نبينا محمد عليه افضل الصلاة واتم التسليم اليوم ستصدر لعبة بـ أسم [ Darwin Project ] ETC في المساء ساعة 3 بتوقيت على STEAM, Xbox One شرح نظام اللعب: ترسبن بمكان عشوائي وتحاول انك تكون الناجي الوحيد بأستخدام الموارد وتدفئ نفسك من البرودة القاسية والأبتعاد عن المناطق المحظورة حيث انها البرودة فيها جدا قاسية القوانين: - سوف ينزل 10 لاعبون في مناطق عشوائية - توجد 7 مناطق وفي كل فترة زمنية يتم حظر أحد المناطق عشوائياً - ( توجد 3 موارد : ( خشب, وجلد, وقطع كهربائية الخشب الأكثر سهولة في الأيجاد وكذلك الجلد اما القطع الكهربائية فهي تتواجد في أحد المناطق السبع ولها فائدة كبيرة بحيث أنها تمكنك من الاختفاء والانتقال والخ اما الخشب فتصنع به النار والأسهم وأيضاً بعض الأفخاخ اما الجلد فتصنع به أحذية ورداء يخفف البرد عنك - ابق الناجي الوحيد وسوف تفوز مميزات اللعبة: - يوجد معلق في المباراة - نظام فريد وجديد - جرافيكس ورسم جيد - تواجد سيرفرات عديدة سعر اللعبة: 15 دولار فيديو تشويقي للعبة : قيم بلاي للعبة : ( وفي الختام انصحكم تشترونها ( نصيحة من مجرب ( أبرئ ذمتي من يستمع لموسيقى اللعبه ) والسلام عليكم
  5. Dear members of Im founder of and i have prepared a few offers for VPS GameServers [Special Prices for Mtasa Community] All our game servers are located in France with Full DDOS Protection , No Lag also 24/7 Online without problems ! VPS 1 [France] 1 Core 512 MB Memory 20 GB Storage 1 TB Bandwidth 1 IPv4 Address Free Setup Free Linux OS ( CentOS , Debian , Ubuntu ) Free Reinstall OS Self-Managed France Location 250GBPS DDOS Protected IP Regular Price Is: $7.00/monthly MTASA Price $3.50/monthly Use Coupon Code: mtasa Order Link: VPS 2 [France] 1 Core 1 GB Memory 30 GB Storage 2 TB Bandwidth 1 IPv4 Address Free Setup Free Linux OS ( CentOS , Debian , Ubuntu ) Free Reinstall OS Self-Managed France Location 500GBPS DDOS Protected IP Regular Price Is: $13.00/monthly MTASA Price $6.50/monthly Use Coupon Code: mtasa Order Link: VPS 3 [ France ] 2 Core 3 GB Memory 100 GB Storage 4 TB Bandwidth 1 IPv4 Address Free Setup Free Linux OS ( CentOS , Debian , Ubuntu ) Free Reinstall OS Self-Managed France Location 500GBPS DDOS Protected IP Regular Price Is: $25.00/monthly MTASA Price $12.50/monthly Use Coupon Code: mtasa Order Link: VPS 4 [ France] 4 Core 8 GB Memory 350 GB Storage 10 TB Bandwidth 1 IPv4 Address Free Setup Free Linux OS ( CentOS , Debian , Ubuntu ) Free Reinstall OS Self-Managed France Location 500GBPS DDOS Protected IP Regular Price Is: $50.00/monthly MTASA Price $25.00/monthly Use Coupon Code: mtasa Order Link: ------------ Test IP: | | | Network: 1gbps uplink Servers: Dell PowerEdge Servers ------------------------------ Our site: Ticket support link: Servers are created manually and payments that we accept is PayPal only.
  6. Background Hello everybody, I'm here to present you my brand new and updated race server but first some information about how I got to make it. It all started around august 2015 when I read a tutorial on these forums on how to open my own server as back then I needed it to train some maps alone and restart them as many times as I wanted. But in time I got interested in how all those other servers I play on are actually made and little by little I started learning LUA. At first I just used ready scripts from the community, a bit later I started to edit small parts of them and soon after I started to recreate community resources, meaning that I use the base idea/code but adapt it for my needs. And not long after I made my first standalone script. Since then I've learned a lot about how MTA works and actually that was what got me interested in programming and at the moment I'm first year in university, studying informatics and working on a few MTA servers A Glimpse Of What's Included If you wish to have a look at some of the features on the server, screenshots are available at the following link (not all are included in the screenshots): click me Server Information I won't give an IP here because there's no telling when it might change since I'm on a free hosting service (which has premium quality by the way)( You can either search for the server by it's name (Classic Racing) or you can see the current IP on it's forums at Other than that below you will see some more information about the server if you want to know more about it: Server Location: France Server Version: 1.5.4 First Download: Around 50 MB Maps: There are around 2000 racing maps each of which was reviewed and had it's details edited if needed. My main goal is to offer that old classic feeling of race which sadly most other servers have just forgotten and they started accepting any kind of maps in their race arenas/rooms, even DM maps or ones which are kindly put - horrible to play in any gamemode. If a map on the server is bad, you can report it to be deleted on the forums and it actually will be deleted. I hope you give the server a go when you have some free time. There are a lot of features (some quite unique and not seen in other servers) not included in the screenshots above. I have used open-source servers' resources as well as a lot of community ones but everything that was not made by me was edited or recreated mainly by me and a few of my MTA friends so that there are zero bugs or incompatibility between scripts. See you on the roads of San Andreas
  7. x,y = guiGetScreenSize() image = guiCreateStaticImage( x*0.05, y*0.1, x*0.9, y*0.7, "border.png", false) local browser = guiCreateBrowser(x*0.113, y*0.045, x*0.673, y*0.605, false, false, false, image) guiSetVisible ( image, false ) local theBrowser = guiGetBrowser(browser) addEventHandler("onClientBrowserCreated", theBrowser, function() loadBrowserURL(source, "") end ) function funct() if guiGetVisible ( image ) == false then showCursor ( true ) guiSetVisible ( image, true) else showCursor ( false) guiSetVisible ( image, false) end end addCommandHandler("honfoglalo", funct) why not working? when i change the URL to "" the YT is working, but this why not?
  8. __ السلام عليكم__ -:واما بعد .اولا: ياريت اللى مايفهم بالبرمجة شى اصلا نصيحة لاتضيع وقتك هون* . بردو لاتضيع وقتك هون mta ثانيا : اللى هيقلى انا ابرمج فى* شى اساسى طبعا! linux ثالثا : نبداء بالشى المهم اول شى لازم يعرف فى نظام* .ip,tcp,udp,ports,other.....وثانى شى لازما يعرف فى مجال الشبكات يعنى مثال& . ثالث شى يالحلوين يحط فى حسابة انة مايشتغل على فى بى اس عادى يعنى بختصار فى مودم منجر& رابع شى الوقت مهم ولله بسبب تكالف الباهظة الفى بى اس يعنى يخلص الاستضافة فى يوم اقصى& .شى 24 مفهو م ماعم امزح نرجع بقى لعنوان الموضوع *-- كيف يعنى اكبر استضافة عربية --*! قق $$$يب راح اجوابك الحين $$$ 35 vCPUs ,200 GB memory -1 HDD :10000 Tb -2 Internet speed :2000 mb and Unlimited -3 4-Servers : America, Asia and Europe the cost : 1500 $ in month بختصار الموضوع كله بلكلمتين :ا اذا انطبقت عليك هالشروط ببساطة تقدر تنورنا اسكيب الحين عبر اللينك اسفل الموضوع* ثانى شى لك اجرك اللى تطلبة او فى بى اس بمواصفات محددة لمدة شهر او ادمن فى اللوحة لمدة سنة ولك تشغل4 سيرفرات لاى لعبة تبيها * اخر شى : :بالاخير Thanks for watching my Topic !
  9. السلام عليكم شباب انا عندي vps Debian GNU/Linux 8 مطلوب برمجة لوحة Open Game Panel ومقابل vps Windows او Linux البرمجة راح تتم عن طريق TeamViewer للتواصل مع اصاحب الاستضافة عن طريق Skaype
  10. function addToGroup( group ) group = aclGetGroup( group ) if group == false or group == nil then error( "The value of the 'group' is nil or false !" ) end account = getPlayerAccount( source ) if not isGuestAccount( account ) then local name = getAccountName( account ) local add = aclGroupAddObject( group, "user." ) if getPlayerMoney(source) >= 2500 then elseif add then outputChatBox( "Színesen írsz, amíg turbesz el nem veszi.", root, 0, 255, 0, true ) triggerClientEvent( source, "hideall", source ) takePlayerMoney ( source, 2000 ) else outputChatBox("Nincs erre pénzed.", source, 255, 0, 0, false) end else outputChatBox( "Regisztrálj, és jelentkezz be.", source, 255, 0, 0, true ) end end addEvent( "addToGroup", true ) addEventHandler( "addToGroup", root, addToGroup )
  11. Hemos vuelto y con mejor calidad en servicios y soporte, participa en este sorteo para ganarte un servidor de MTA o SAMP totalmente gratis durante un mes, válido hasta el 15 de octubre. -- Calidad, Seguridad & Economía Ingresa al link para participar