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  1. Hi, I am new to MTA in general and i encountered a problem when i tried to play for the first time. Yeah, as you may already know those battle royale games are one of the most played games right now, and i have a laptop that isn't good for those games. And one day when i saw that MTA has this genre and people keept playing on it and they keep saying that it is fun, i downloaded it and installed it. Now when i first joined i got this CC23 problem, and couldn't fix it (NO SERVER WORKS). After a while i found the thing that caused the problem. I have a WIFI router that is connected to another WIFI router (basically to my uncle one, the one who gets the network by the cable). So, when i am connected in my network this error shows up, but when i am connected on my uncle WIFI it works (there is no error and i played a bit). The problem is that the network isn't good from there because its a bit far. Now , if someone can help me to make it work on my WIFI router i would greatly appreciate it. Thanks in advance (Sorry for the long post).
  2. Hello, good afternoon, I would like to know how I can correct this error, which is quite annoying, because when the mta is playing or playing, the message of Direct3D Reset device error appears. which closes the game in full game. https://pastebin.mtasa.com/391451704
  3. What wrong with this script? Error: script.lua:1: unexpected symbol near '?' How to fix this?
  4. Hola tengo problema y nececita su ayuda, resulta que yo juego con unos amigos en un sv de pubg squad y cuando entro me hecha o por el error de ''se ha perdido la conexion con el servidor (cd19) o que me kickean'' no se que hacer nececito un español que le haya pasado es muy molesto y yo en verdad queiro jugar pls muchas gracias
  5. Hello people, I need your help. I was getting "Attempting to index global (nil value)" a lot in past, but i have solved them, somehow. I really don't know why those errors appear. I even separated each event to single files, doesn't help anyway. Code: function loadWeaponsOnSpawn() local ped = source local account = getPlayerAccount(source) local weapon0 = getAccountData(account,"weapon0") local weapon1 = getAccountData(account,"weapon1") local weapon2 = getAccountData(account,"weapon2") local weapon3 = getAccountData(account,"weapon3") local weapon4 = getAccountData(account,"weapon4") local weapon5 = getAccountData(account,"weapon5") local weapon6 = getAccountData(account,"weapon6") local weapon7 = getAccountData(account,"weapon7") local weapon8 = getAccountData(account,"weapon8") local weapon9 = getAccountData(account,"weapon9") local weapon10 = getAccountData(account,"weapon10") local weapon11 = getAccountData(account,"weapon11") local weapon12 = getAccountData(account,"weapon12") local ammo0 = getAccountData(account,"ammo0") local ammo1 = getAccountData(account,"ammo1") local ammo2 = getAccountData(account,"ammo2") local ammo3 = getAccountData(account,"ammo3") local ammo4 = getAccountData(account,"ammo4") local ammo5 = getAccountData(account,"ammo5") local ammo6 = getAccountData(account,"ammo6") local ammo7 = getAccountData(account,"ammo7") local ammo8 = getAccountData(account,"ammo8") local ammo9 = getAccountData(account,"ammo9") local ammo10 = getAccountData(account,"ammo10") local ammo11 = getAccountData(account,"ammo11") local ammo12 = getAccountData(account,"ammo12") local cloth1 = getAccountData(account,"cloth1") local cloth2 = getAccountData(account,"cloth2") local cloth3 = getAccountData(account,"cloth3") local cloth4 = getAccountData(account,"cloth4") local cloth5 = getAccountData(account,"cloth5") local cloth6 = getAccountData(account,"cloth6") local cloth7 = getAccountData(account,"cloth7") local cloth8 = getAccountData(account,"cloth8") local cloth9 = getAccountData(account,"cloth9") local cloth10 = getAccountData(account,"cloth10") local cloth11 = getAccountData(account,"cloth11") local cloth12 = getAccountData(account,"cloth12") local cloth13 = getAccountData(account,"cloth13") local cloth14 = getAccountData(account,"cloth14") local cloth15 = getAccountData(account,"cloth15") local cloth16 = getAccountData(account,"cloth16") local cloth17 = getAccountData(account,"cloth17") if (weapon0) and (weapon1) and (weapon2) and (weapon3) and (weapon4) and (weapon5) and (weapon6) and (weapon7) and (weapon8) and (weapon9) and (weapon10) and (weapon11) and (weapon12) and (ammo0) and (ammo1) and (ammo2) and (ammo3) and (ammo4) and (ammo5) and (ammo6) and (ammo7) and (ammo8) and (ammo9) and (ammo10) and (ammo11) and (ammo12) then giveWeapon(source,weapon0,ammo0) giveWeapon(source,weapon1,ammo1) giveWeapon(source,weapon2,ammo2) giveWeapon(source,weapon3,ammo3) giveWeapon(source,weapon4,ammo4) giveWeapon(source,weapon5,ammo5) giveWeapon(source,weapon6,ammo6) giveWeapon(source,weapon7,ammo7) giveWeapon(source,weapon8,ammo8) giveWeapon(source,weapon9,ammo9) giveWeapon(source,weapon10,ammo10) giveWeapon(source,weapon11,ammo11) giveWeapon(source,weapon12,ammo12) setPedClothes(ped, 4, cloth4) setPedClothes(ped, 5, cloth5) setPedClothes(ped, 6, cloth6) setPedClothes(ped, 7, cloth7) setPedClothes(ped, 8, cloth8) setPedClothes(ped, 9, cloth9) setPedClothes(ped, 10, cloth10) setPedClothes(ped, 11, cloth11) setPedClothes(ped, 12, cloth12) setPedClothes(ped, 13, cloth13) setPedClothes(ped, 14, cloth14) setPedClothes(ped, 15, cloth15) setPedClothes(ped, 16, cloth16) setPedClothes(ped, 17, cloth17) end end addEventHandler("onPlayerSpawn",root,loadWeaponsOnSpawn) Any help appreciated. Thanks I have more scripts like that, nothing helped and I'm not sure what's :Oing cause of this :Oing bull:~ error. ):-( error: [17:24:16] ERROR: [gamemodes]/[play]/play/save2.lua:29: attempt to call global 'getPedClothesID' (a nil value) [17:24:21] ERROR: [gamemodes]/[play]/play/save1.lua:61: attempt to call global 'setPedClothes' (a nil value) Note: It works on death, even after error message, that's what's even more weird
  6. Hi Friends! Help me plz.. Help me solve this error [2017-12-18 23:28:42] WARNING: [ServerNG]\NGTeam\kill.lua:518: Bad argument @ 'getPlayerTeam' [Expected player at argument 1, got nil] function isPlayerInTeam(src, TeamName) local team = getPlayerTeam(src) ----Line 518 if team then if getTeamName(team) == TeamName then return true else return false end end end
  7. xyair12

    no servers appear

    Hi, how are you friends, I have a problem. When I open the MTA and inside server browsers and no servers appear, there is no server help. thanks.
  8. When i start MTA this appears... https://imgur.com/gallery/4ZN87 Please help me... PS: Yes i do have GTA SA.
  9. JulseC

    Error [CL33]

    Help me please. This is the MTADiag: https://pastebin.mtasa.com/996091447
  10. Hello amióta be jött az 1.5.5 verzió nem indul el az mtam ezt irja ki : Hiba [CL03] Multi Theft Auto nem lett megfelelően telepítve,kérlek telepítsd újra. [Registrz kez not writable] Hiába telepiem újra mindeg ezt irja ki (nem tudom hogz ezt ide lehet e irni ha nem azért elnézést)
  11. manic15

    mta error problem

    I on my mta and write me this idk why pls help me . ERROR [CL03] [Registry key not writable] if some body know how to fix it pls help me
  12. Mate Varadi

    Germany MTA

    Hi!! Can i download mta servers in Germany, because here every download, what i not buy is illegal, please write a text, for me, with if i get punishment i can prove i have a licence. Thanks!
  13. LMozer


    I can not install the game, can anyone help me? https://imgur.com/a/WPugA
  14. I get always error when i try play sound all player. Sound work localplayer but other clients get error: Clientside: function eventHandler() if source == test then triggerServerEvent("PlaySelectedMusic",resourceRoot,guiGetText(editBox),localPlayer) end end function FinallyPlaySound() x,y,z = getElementPosition(localPlayer) sound = playSound3D(guiGetText(editBox),x,y,z, true) end Serverside: function test(message) triggerClientEvent( "PlaySoundAll",root) outputChatBox(message) end
  15. Fui criar um servidor para jogar com amigos e fiz todos os passo como diz no site mas quando o cmd abriu deu nisso https://uploaddeimagens.com.br/imagens/sem_titulo-png--23180
  16. 4vxyou

    Crashing MTA

    Hello. For a few days I have continuous crashes on one of the MTA servers. I get them every 15-20 minutes. I did pretty much everything that was in your 32bit system manuals. I have Win XP SP3 and freshly installed GTA and MTA. GTA is original from a DVD disc. Logs from MTADiag: https://pastebin.mtasa.com/869696099 Crash ScreenShot http://imgur.com/a/pWV5O
  17. Every time I enter a server,I'm kicked out of the Server shortly thereafter.I've already downloaded the game 5 times and reinstalled it,It is saying that files have been modified, but the game is original without modification.Please help me I have a server to administer Here is a LINK with the video of the error, please help me Here is a LINK with the video of the error, please help me: https://www.dropbox.com/s/w8r0sx6gdbtcgs4/ERRO MTA.avi?dl=0
  18. First of all, sorry for bad English. I am creating a script and I used the getElementData function to get data stored in the user account and then the setElementData function to get the information through the getElementData on the client but the script has the following error in debugging: Bad argument @ setElementData [Expect element at argument 1, got nil] SCRIPT: [SERVER-SIDE] function setarDados_Entrar(source) local acc = getPlayerAccount(source) local habl = getAccountData(acc, "hablt") local ficha = getAccountData(acc, "fichacriminal") setElementData(source, "hblt", habl)--In that error line setElementData(source, "fich", ficha) -- In that error line end function setarDados_Iniciar() local acc = getPlayerAccount(player) local habl = getAccountData(acc, "hablt") local ficha = getAccountData(acc, "fichacriminal") setElementData(player, "hblt", habl)--In that error line setElementData(player, "fich", ficha)--In that error line end function setarDados_Mudar(player) local acc = getPlayerAccount(player) local habl = getAccountData(acc, "hablt") local ficha = getAccountData(acc, "fichacriminal") setElementData(player, "hblt", habl)--In that error line setElementData(player, "fich", ficha)--In that error line end addEventHandler("onPlayerLogin", getRootElement(), setarDados_Entrar) addEventHandler("onResourceStart", root, setarDados_Iniciar) addEventHandler("onAccountDataChange", root, setarDados_Mudar)
  19. Hi. I have a code, but the code is very wrong. Can somebody correct it? code: dxDrawImage(getScreenFromWorldPosition(getPedBonePosition(headShowingElements[i][1], 8)) - 65 * interpolateBetween(1, 1, 0, 0.15, 0, 0, getDistanceBetweenPoints3D(getCameraMatrix()) / maxDistance, "OutQuad") / 2, getScreenFromWorldPosition(getPedBonePosition(headShowingElements[i][1], 8)) - 65 * interpolateBetween(1, 1, 0, 0.15, 0, 0, getDistanceBetweenPoints3D(getCameraMatrix()) / maxDistance, "OutQuad") / 2, 65 * interpolateBetween(1, 1, 0, 0.15, 0, 0, getDistanceBetweenPoints3D(getCameraMatrix()) / maxDistance, "OutQuad"), 65 * interpolateBetween(1, 1, 0, 0.15, 0, 0, getDistanceBetweenPoints3D(getCameraMatrix()) / maxDistance, "OutQuad"), "files/" .. headShowingElements[i][3] .. ".png", 0, 0, 0, tocolor(255, 255, 255, 255)) What i want: (With going up and down anim from the head) http://imgur.com/a/aHeHL What this code do (why?): http://imgur.com/a/X78mx
  20. What is the problem with this system ? Why is not sql writing? mysql = exports.mysql function setetiket(thePlayer, commandName, targetPlayerName, etiketLevel) local targetName = exports.global:getPlayerFullIdentity(thePlayer, 1) if exports.integration:isPlayerLeadAdmin(thePlayer) then if not targetPlayerName or not tonumber(etiketLevel) then outputChatBox("Kullanım: #ffffff/" .. commandName .. " [İsim/ID] [VİP]", thePlayer, 255, 194, 14, true) else local targetPlayer, targetPlayerName = exports.global:findPlayerByPartialNick( thePlayer, targetPlayerName ) if not targetPlayer then elseif getElementData( targetPlayer, "loggedin" ) ~= 1 then outputChatBox( "Player is not logged in.", thePlayer, 255, 0, 0 ) else mysql:query_free("UPDATE `characters` SET `etiket`="..mysql:escape_string(etiketLevel)..", WHERE `id`='"..mysql:escape_string(getElementData(targetPlayer, "dbid")).."'") setElementData(targetPlayer, "etiket", tonumber(etiketLevel)) outputChatBox("[!]#ffffff".. targetPlayerName .. " adlı kişinin vip seviyesini " .. etiketLevel .. " yaptın.", thePlayer, 0, 255, 0, true) outputChatBox("[!]#ffffff"..targetName.." tarafından vip seviyeniz " .. etiketLevel .. " yapıldı.", targetPlayer, 0, 255, 0,true) end end else outputChatBox( "[!]#ffffffBu işlemi yapmaya yetkiniz yok.", thePlayer, 255, 0, 0, true) end end addCommandHandler("etiketver", setetiket)
  21. I think the Title says it all. What dxSetRenderTarget() is used for?And could you give me some example other than on the wiki?
  22. When I connect to a server, The downloading doesn't start. it's stuck on 0% and after 10 seconds it disconnects automatically and an error appears in the menu, 'Error downloading requested files. Timeout was reached. [Operation too slow. Less than 10 bytes/sec transferred the last 10 seconds] [performancebrowser_client.lua]' I've tried everything, Re-installing MTA, Deleting the resources, Changing the firewall settings. Non of them works. Please help .-.
  23. Okey, i have made this small function: addEvent("onClientWantToExecuteCommandHandler",true) addEventHandler("onClientWantToExecuteCommandHandler",resourceRoot,function(playername, item,value,count,source) if (getElementData(source,"acc:admin") or 0 >= 6) then local sourcePlayer = source local rovid = "#398FB1[GreenStone - Inventory] #ffffff" if id and item and value and count and source then local targetPlayer, targetPlayerName = exports.mta_main:findPlayer(sourcePlayer, playername) if targetPlayer then if giveItem(targetPlayer, tonumber(item), tostring(value), tonumber(count), 0) then -- 0 -> dutyitem if not (source==targetPlayer) then outputChatBox(rovid.. " Adott egy itemet neked: #43cd80".. getElementData(playerSource,"char:anick") .."#ffffff (" ..exports["mta_item2"]:getItemName(tonumber(item))..")", targetPlayer,255,255,255,true) end outputChatBox(rovid.. " Adtál egy itemet neki: #43cd80".. targetPlayerName:gsub("_", " ") .."#ffffff (" ..exports["mta_item2"]:getItemName(tonumber(item))..")", source,255,255,255,true) dbExec(con, adminlog, getElementData(playerSource, "char:anick"), getElementData(playerSource, "acc:id"), "GIVEITEM", getElementData(playerSource, "char:anick") .. " adott " .. count .. " db " .. exports["mta_item2"]:getItemName(tonumber(item)) .. " -t. Érték: " .. value .. "", getPlayerName(targetPlayer), getElementData(targetPlayer, "acc:id")) exports.mta_admin:outputAdminMessage("#43cd80" .. getElementData(playerSource, "char:anick") .. "#ffffff adott " .. count .. " darab " .. exports["mta_item2"]:getItemName(tonumber(item)) .. " -t #43cd80" .. targetPlayerName .. "#ffffff játékosnak.") else outputChatBox("#43cd80[" .. serverName .. " #43cd80- Inventory]: #ffffffNem fér el több tárgy az adott játékosnál!", playerSource, 255 ,255, 255, true) end end end end end) Its throwing the error on the line 7, but i dont know why...
  24. Greetings community, My Map Editor started throw a error in console but when I connect to server it is all loaded up but I am missing that bottom left bar and editor wont load any map so I cant edit map or create new ones. So then I saw error in console "ERROR: edf\edf.lua:220: editor_main: couldn't load edf file" But I dont make changes to edf file... So I dont know why it start throwing that error. Can someone help me with this? Thanks and have a good day or night (Idk what time it is in your country...) :).
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