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  1. erm andy u appear to have missed a few people out *HINT HINT*
  2. because the site is green and if u think the intro is rubbish then u have my permission to STFU
  3. yes a very gud game indeed of course me being the only one to die from a gun /me thinks Falcon shudnt try to rush there base in a packer
  4. hmmm i had this problem few times i traced it down to x fire and msn messenger if u run eiter of these try shutin them down worked for me might work for u
  5. hmmmm if i remember right u killed falcon with heli blades... still a kill and was funny as hell u are getin as bad a minipup which is not very gud i suggest u go to flyin school again
  6. very gud game indeed and i even got a kill
  7. yeeeee i finaly remberd my password and username (didnt relise that i still had e-mail with it all in there) and andy look my sig works this is the first sig i got workin on my own
  8. (TLR)-{JJ}-

    *TLR* CLAN

    no sorry it wasnt me it was andy i think
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