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  1. Yes it will work, I was reading in a Gamestop catalogue and had it Xbox 360 controller for 39.99 and it said "Also Works on PC"
  2. ...Very different. When eacing, normally players dont try to sabotage each other. In this mode, there are no 1st 2nd 3rd etc. places.
  3. Your only goal? Get to the finish line...ALIVE. I got this idea when i ran someone of the road to their doom. This encourages aggressive racing.
  4. This feature would fit better in a RPG mode IMO.
  5. Cant..some1 already took it....
  6. Maybe this has been posted..but an armor gauge would be good so ppl can see if you have armor and how much you have. Maybe you could place it under the Health Gauge and make the bars white. here are some ideas At first.. [||||||||||] Then... [|||] Finally [||||||||||] OR [||||||||||] and under it [|||||||||||] Please tell me which one you like better..
  7. That is a bad idea still because some poeple will use it to avoid death.
  8. Easy solution for people who make mods...Make a Crosshair mod
  9. Next time could you make it so you can actually make money...similiar to the SB server's RPG script
  10. Voice Chat?....MTA?....and have noobs complaining and arrongant assholes shouting in my ear....NO THANKS
  11. I never really played SA so.....whats an andromeda
  12. Sometimes the "go to the remote area and pause the game" I tried that..here what happened Me: Im going AFK *goes to remote area* then some gay admin hunts me down to see if im paused 5 minutes later...poof Kicked for pausing... Anyways i think the "vulnerable while paused" thing is useless...if your gonna get hurt/killed anyways why puase in the first place.
  13. I have no problem with car killers....There is only a 3% chance that a car kill can even come CLOSE to hitting me
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