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  1. Hello. starts with me .. I have not yet ingame press something? have the resources already installed but is not: (
  2. donut


    thx thx thx Hm where I need to do? Habs in hingetan resources comes at the beginning but nothing: (
  3. donut


    THX. Now have another question (sorry so many question because I know with the code of MTA did not'm still from beginner ^ ^) I use always votemode and so do I have the code now in every mode, the insert or even easier?
  4. donut


    Hello, I have a question I wanted to do this when on my server which is connected to a window opens with some text, and with my own logo. So maybe someone knows how that does?
  5. Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-NDCd337btk Download: http://solidfiles.com/d/bjTY
  6. Moin, had me read through everything here now. then also have the ports open: Port: 22004 UDP Port: 22005 TCP and port: 22127 TCP If yes or true? Now, then the server started and then searched in the list but not found. Must I now what to change or something?
  7. Hm. What exactly do I start? And how do I do it all? Sorry if I have to question of zero anhung mta: (
  8. Hello, I have a question how do I create / votemode and / votemap? Understand from the wiki is not: (
  9. Jo had the problem now also be found. Had the resources installed wrong ^ ^
  10. Hello, I wanted to use the MTA: SA map editor 1.0 for free. Have you followed everything what it says: http://code.google.com/p/multitheftauto ... uilds?tm=2 Well now when I go ingame map editor and click on it to start but then there is only a black screen and nothing happens. In what could be the reason? Hope you understand I can not really habs English using Google translator ^ ^
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