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  1. No, no. It really was an imposter. I proved this by asking questions only the real "THEMAFIA" would know the answers to. It was an imposter, and has been verified by many people. Thanks for banning the fake one BTW, when the mafia imposter comes in, my friend has to use "THEMOBSTER" because he didn't register.
  2. I think he was just exaggerating abit, for emphasis. But there are QUITE A FEW hackers in the GTA3 servers, and there are never any admins around when they come in. How about this, just to filter out a couple more hackers, just make it so that on the scoreboard, IP's are posted next to people's names. If there's no admin, just copy the IP, and when the admin comes in, if the hacker cusses out the admin and then leaves, (a usual occurence) then we have the IP at hand.
  3. Probably partyserver... EDIT : Actually, yeah, I've seen him ingame before. So it was partyserver I'm assuming.
  4. No, I think he's talking about the "Real" hackers. The ones in PARTYSERVER GTA3 every weekend. The ones where me, an admin, and one of my gang members are all shooting the same person at the same time, and they dont die. I mean circled around them with a shotty, ak47, and an uzi, and they don't lose ANY health. Then, they get in a car, fly 100 ft in the air, and fly away. Someone like: Roxanna-Rose Lil Kim And this guy that comes and LOGS IN as my frinds name, and hacks. I have a friend who calls himself "THEMAFIA" in the game. This guy comes in, an imposter, and hacks, under my friends na
  5. I had a brower hijack, it forced my browser into some adware search site, overwrote google, etc all the typical hijack stuff.. but I removed it by hand, it was a bitch, but do-able none the less, you just need alot of techincal pc skills \ resources, or you could do more damage than was done however I still use IE or my own web browser that I programmed, but its more of an IE wrapper than a full fleged browser, because it uses IE's core, that isnt affted by hijacks, yet still can trigger them. Whatever, I like my combo, and should a hijacker come a knocking, it'll get its ass kicked by me.
  6. Yes but firefoz is secure. Wait until you have a browser hijack, maybe you'll think differently then.
  7. Well, when you visit some websites, they don't even ask you if you want to install certain programs that have spyware. You end up getting browser hijackers (Which I've had to reformat a couple of times before because of) and other malicious programs. Firefox doesn't allows this to happen. I've battled with browser hijackers by modifying the registary, using ADaware and Spybot S-D (two of the most well-know anti spyware products) and other methods to get rid of broswer hijackers, but most you cannot get rid of. Play it Safe. Get Firefox. And enjoy tabbed browsing!
  8. Thanks, that's what I figured. Anyways, see ya around!
  9. Whoa, ok. I'm really confused now. I have a couple of members in my gang, they've been in it for about a week now. One of the, calls himself "THEMAFIA." We were getting along fine, everything, being a team, almost like friends. Then, I switch servers, and he starts immaturely calling me names. I have no clue what happened when we switched servers, but he doesn't like me anymore that's for sure. This is really, strange, because I didn't say anying, all I did was switch servers and i'm greeted with: ETC. ETC.I don't know what to do, our gang gets along good too. Never had any problems. Wierd.
  10. Thanks! By the way, PM for becoming a member.
  11. Hey, once again, it's nice to be a part of this community! I've decided after some time, to create a new clan called "The Mafia." It's a Grand Theft Auto 3 based clan, if you didn't already know, and I hope to be competing in Turf Wars soon, so if you have any experience with that, great! I have the ability to run a server, if needed, so don't worry about that. I'm looking for good drivers and people who get along with others. No Hackers/Modders PLEASE. I'm a Graphic/Web Designer, so a website could definately be a possibility. You can view my work at http://www.echosky.deviantart.com Tha
  12. UnholyDemon

    gta 5

    GTA4 would imply that it was running a new engine. It's not. Flame if you want, but it's true.
  13. UnholyDemon

    gta 5

    Are you sure? I thought GTA: Vice City and GTA: San Andreas were just new features on the same engine, basically "Mods" of GTA3. That would also explain why the main img file is called "GTA3.img" in Vice City. Correct me if I'm wrong.
  14. I need to get more active in these forums. I think the Mafia Sentinel kicks ass! All black, quite fast, and a four door. I love it! The infernus is ok, but I think that the sentinal is also the most faithfully reproduced car. (Looks to me to be a BMW of sorts.) While the infernus looks completely made up.
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