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  1. Sorry this is old...simple yes or no, will there be new cars in MTA 0.3?
  2. I tried that once, but it didnt work...
  3. Too bad 3dsmax is about $1000 . Well howabout just changing the COLOR of the model? That shouldent be too much of a problem...should it?
  4. Hey can anyone point me in the dirrection of a program to make custom GTA3 guns? I mean the actual models and like...pictures in the upper right corner.
  5. I scrolled down in the news section and saw "MultiTheftAuto version 0.3 is almost complete. The team is working hard to bring Mta to life. Features in the new version include... 30+ players playing worldwide! A wide variety of vehicles to choose from" Does that mean theres gonna be extra vehicles???
  6. *sigh* It worked 2 days ago...it worked 6 months ago...it worked untill I installed new vehicles...and maps...but I have my original main.scm so I dont need to start a new game...
  7. This is such crap, I even reinstalled GTA3 and played normally but after a while it still crashed, POS!!
  8. Well they work for some people(the new cars)obviously because there are ingame screenshots, but maybe its because windows XP is *edited for content* .
  9. I started downloading different mods for gta3 cause I beat the game and simple ped killing was getting boring...well now when I try to play It freezes as soon as its done loading and I get Unhandled Exception Unhandeled exception: c0000005 At address: 0047890d I doubt anyone knows how to fix this. I know, reinstall gta3, but that dosent really fix the problem because as I stated above normal ol' gta3 is boring.
  10. Ok I read the readme, after I enter an IP, then I click connect, and it says im connected. So I start GTA3, what next? I mean what button do I click? do I just start a new game or what?
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