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  1. ooo free copys of doom 3.... yes there should be seperate versions because its not just graphics that will be held back by the ps2 port, it will be lenth of the game (i dont think anyone would like to keep swaping dvd's in the ps2), a dedicated pc version would allow for: more complex missions, more controlls and useable items like bridge controlls without the pink rings of vc, better quality models (atm i dont think they re-model them for the port) multiplayer built from the ground up, i dont think ps2 will ever get multi player gta but if there was a dedicated pc version rather than po
  2. Yes it does, some people having files that others dont promotes instability. Yes they do, for the reasons above. And who would that be? I suspect he is pulling your leg as we aren't looking for any further members currently. the mods were running fine the only instability was caused by "master exploit" and his flooding of the server untill then no one had had any problems for over 2 hours, and it wasnt a server crash it was just all clients,... meh w/e forgett it i point out some one useing a exploit to crash clients on servers and you lot obsess over the mods fine...
  3. but the current system you have doesnt stop hackers and ppl crashing the clients with stuff like that, it has nothing to do with the mods the server was unmodifyed i was just running vcd on my client and had named the server "=(SEO)= clan vice city deluxe" so its not the mod that is to blame for the client crash (not all ppl on the server were running vcd) its that the current systems to stop cheats dont work, and that most of the anti cheat stuff is client side and can be overrode easily, the mods dont factor into it with the cracked exe's that are circulating you could use mods on any serve
  4. 3 hackers and 1 client crasher (scary thing is one is trying for a job on the mta team...) ok i know it was a modded server but i gave them fair warning that it was Vice city deluxe and was willing to tolerate there other mods / hacks untill they crashed all the clients... click the link for the log http://www.seo-clan.com/mtalog.txt basicly they had warnings to turn cirtian cheats off like a speed hack and stuff but did not then one of them came on and crashed all the clients that were on, shows what you get when you open a mod server to let ppl play somthing great like vice city deluxe..
  5. =(SEO)= Ste00

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    But what's the point in adding a feature that a lot of people are going to disable? because some ppl will use it... you could argue like that for stunt mode on mta a lot of mta players dont use it so why is it there? because its a nice little feature (and i love it lol)
  6. i thought that the 1.1 patch wasnt needed any more with the new graphics drivers?
  7. aol is well known for not letting ppl host for one reason or another... not sure quite why but aol just doesnt let you connect, thats one of the reasons they have got the reputation of sucking so much...
  8. yeah cause you drive round your real town killing constantly =(SEO)= hosts one from time to time but the ip vairys, good to see other ppl rp in mta though,
  9. i think hes trying to say that one of the mta team did it... can we all laugh at that now? seriously i dont think the mta team would waste time hacking msn accounts of ppl that use there software and cheat... he probably just annoyed some noob because he cheated so they got there "revenge"
  10. MTA is a great mod but seo has got a bit bored of standered cars so we wanted to try somthing differant so i dled KillerKip's Full GTA: Vice City modpack installed a clean copy of vc and then put the mod on installed mta on it setup a server and tried to join.... it came up that my files had been modifyed... now seo just wants it for private games and i would be hosting the server so i am wondering if there is anyway to bypass that check or modify it so it sees the mod as ok or mabee a mod like kips that changes almost every car and stuff, seo members all like mta as it is but we just want s
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