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  1. Yeah, I wanted to express how I felt without sounding like a San Andreas basher. I played the game for hundreds of hours, at least. Even after hour 100 I still couldn't get over how akward the controls + camera angles were on some parts of the game. The one mission that comes to mind is the RC helicopter mission. I used to own the hell out of SNOMANE when it came to helis in VC (Though he'll deny it) and I spent HOURS on the mission and never ended up beating it. It literally seemed IMPOSSIBLE given the short ammount of time with the combination of control and camera issues. One of the reason
  2. I don't think this is just an issue with people who play Vice City trying to adapt, because I don't JUST play Vice City. This is an issue of poor controls and poor control options. I went out and purchased San Andreas on day one. One of the first things about it on PlayStation 2 that I noticed about it was the annoying controls. The on-foot controls were very good, and the shooting system was quite good. I especially liked the fact that the controls had been more adapted to the PC version in that you could use both auto targeting and munual aim, and seemlessly switch between the two. Now the
  3. omghax!!!111!!! As much as I hate KFC for how they treated my friends... I hope the forum moderators verified that the people they gave the cheater rank were actually cheating... It would be a shame to see KFC generalized the same way that AA was. Nobody deserves that.....
  4. I think you should at least have an option where it lets you download/install the mod from in-game. I mean, it puts your average end-user in an annoying spot having to alt-tab between VC and a browser to type in the web address of something instead of being able to click "download now" and download it from a provided URL or the server itself.
  5. MTA really does have an awful game mode format. Deathmatch mode gets n00bs running around getting lost in the map and driving around stunting instead of fighting. Stunt mode is very poor, and actual stunts in vice city aren't really that fun because there aren't places to stunt on (like huge ramps, only crappy little ramps randomly scattered about.) DM mode in its current state is more like a "free-roam" mode. Deathmatch should provide a few different maps (waaaaaay smaller than vice city as a whole) without vehicles, where each player spawns in a different location with a crappy weapon. Play
  6. We don't need parachutes, Vice keeps you alive no matter how high you fall from. What should be fixed though, is that annoying bug that you get sometimes after a heli kill where you keep mashing enter but you won't bail from the heli. I have died countless times from that. It pisses me off every time.
  7. Bot users WILL have an effect on Blue. They have an effect on every other online game out there, and cheat protection for MTA is much worse than a lot of other games out there. Free-roam spectating is a feature that Blue should have, and I don't see why your team isn't adding it. Sure it's possible, but essentially your team is making on online vice city engine. Most mod-builders won't want to have to make a feature that should be in the engine itself.
  8. You can turn off the radar right now. It's not that hard to do... As for getting everybody else to do it, that's another problem entirely.
  9. Rumor has it that the netcode in MTA currently is from a third-party, and not everything is synched because they couldn't find the memory addresses. So far it has been confirmed that they're actually working on the netcode this time and that they have found all the memory addresses they need. Considering these set-backs from earlier versions, I think MTA turned out much better than it really should have.
  10. If MTA:Blue really does provide 100% synched fighting, stubby wars wouldn't be a problem. Think about how easy it is to hit somebody with an M60. Now think about how easy it is for you to actually KILL somebody with an M60. Obviously the stubby is a pathetic weapon when compared to others. I think if you had a server with all the weapons, the stubby would be somewhere at about number 7 on the list of the best weapons. Now if you REALLY want to talk about cheap, we'll talk about the spaz. (Which wasn't that great in 0.3 either.) Hopefully we'll also have real servers when Blue rolls around. To
  11. Damnit gamefreek, you nub. Get the hell out of our thread. We obviously aren't allowed in yours.
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