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  1. I had to reinstall twice, but now works perfect.
  2. It has something to do with the client.dll. If i remove it loads but wont connect. I put back and it stops loading.
  3. It was same thing that happened when 1.1 was released, and then the bug fix was released. But if i close MTA, and then try and start it again. All i get is splash screen and then nothing. I have to restart pc to start again. EDIT: i moved the 1.1 bug fix and it loads. However when i want to connect to server it says. Cannot load race mod.
  4. Yeah i have just normal GTA for MTA, at the minute I just like the vehicle mods etc, when i play GTA. Thanks for replys anyway.
  5. Just wondered do all vehicle mods etc, just go in one folder of GTA? So i could just copy that folder not reinstall entire game.
  6. With MTA:VC i had to install game twice, one for normal and one for modded. Is it same for SA? 1 version for modded GTA 1 version for playing MTA?
  7. After install it didnt work, so i restarted and it did. I then played on a server for 5 mins to test, everything was ok. Now same splash screen.
  8. This is so little its pointless. However id like, a fave server list option. Saves scrolling and easier.
  9. Thnx ill reinstall both again and try it. so before I open mta i copy the 2 files?
  10. Ive just downloaded mta 0.5 and when i try to connect to game it says i have reinstalled both vc and mta and nothing
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