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  1. If you look at the bottom of the GTA4 official website, you can see there is a Xbox 360 Live button. I hope this means only good. http://www.grandtheftauto4.com
  2. I don't play MTAVC hardly anymore. I occasionally play MTASA. FYI nice name steal.
  3. Yeah, thanks to Brophy never replying on MSN .
  4. One more cheating gang down.
  5. Sloth, the only reason there are ads is because your not using the url: http://www.vck.ecwhost.com/forum/
  6. Yay, and with IPB! URL without annoying banner at top is http://www.vck.ecwhost.com/forum/
  7. Heh, that backup was fucked up.
  8. What are you talking about? You can play MTA with a cracked game. Most of us do. You can't however play with a cracked CLIENT, meaning MTA itself.
  9. Yeah Sloth, sticky our thread pelase.
  10. Sounds like some compition will be happening over online San Andreas. We got MTA:SA, SA-MP, and GTA:C (i think). EDIT: Where the hell did my sig go?!
  11. Imagine if Flare joined KFC? LOL.
  12. VCK Just Beat VCP in the gangwar! Click here for details!
  13. Wow, there hasn't been much activity in this thread since the new forums opened.
  14. Great tutorial Sloth. I love the pics in it. Anyways everybody, Sloth's comic site will be back up soon so stay tuned!
  15. Welcome nonarky WHO I RECRUITED . He was in ACK, but since ACK is dead now, he wants to join VCK. Be sure to slap him under New Recruits BD.
  16. Its called the gang that ownz everyone. The Vice City Killaz. http://forum.mtavc.com/viewtopic.php?t=12172
  17. Good luck! We'll need a clan match sometime.
  18. Yeah, Vtec should hook us up.
  19. That was a great match. I said I was going to make the VCK forum. Check the last VCK thread.
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