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    For some reason, I got disconnected for no reason...I tried connecting to several different servers and they wouldn't work...I asked my friend if he's getting the same error, and same thing...Everything was fine till like 5 minutes later...Anyone else seeing this?..This JUST happened..
  2. Just a suggestion, if you can just add any ramps anywhere, but make the slope alil steeper for a higher jump....The jumps at the airport are pretty steep enough for a good spin on the motorcycle....is there anyway you can add those jumps anywhere in the game?
  3. That is cheap, and lame. I suggest they DO find a new admin. but if it's his server, he has every right to do whatever the hell he wants... I owned a Hostile Intent server (Half Life mod), and I own a clan ][82nd][ our rule is that Childeren 14 AND under may not use the mic. We enforce that rule because we don't want to hear whining and cracked voices. ALOTOF people love the rule, but the hostile intent forums were boycotting us and saying it was discrimination....We had every right to do whatever the fuck we wanted to do in our server cause NOONE else but my friend paid for the server, so t
  4. ..... so? With all due respect, when was the last time you did something for the team? They owe you nothing. Sir, you just got delivered like DOMINOS PIZZA!!
  5. I customized mine real bad, it looked so awesome......then I wanted to play MTA, and i had to reinstall...SONOFA!!
  6. I'm a patient person...Except for Half Life 2...CURSE YOU!!! RAAAH!!....Maybe it's saying 60% to freak you guys out, when they're actually going to release it within a month!!
  7. I was wondering if there was any way you can stop falling off the bike when your moving 2 MPH backwards? Or thats unchangeable? Basicly I move backwards slowly and I fall off, It's really annoying. Is there a way you can get rid of that, or just how the game was implimented?
  8. This is what most developers do. They want you on the edge of your chair (unless you have arm rests, then i guess you have to sit on that then ) Anyways, the anticipation kills me as well and I too, want to see more screens and videos possibly. Again, they want you to anticipate them. Just posting stuff about this isn't really going to get you anywhere. Half Life 2, is another story...Those bastards keep setting it BACK AND BACK AND BACK AND AAAHAHASDOIHFasioghsadigoh!!!!..Anyways, I'm mostly anticipating Day of Defeat:Source, Half Life 2, San Andreas, and a few other games.
  9. Will it be possible that other players will view it? or basicly all games, you have to have the same file in order to view it?....cause if you didnt have to have the file...that would...be......sweet..
  10. This sounds all too perfect now......almost...too..perfect... >_>
  11. EDIT: just read it Hopefully it will be added!
  12. I need to know if there was ANY way (and im sorry for postin this up if it's already been answered, but couldn't find it), I could add custom skins and able to play MTA? I find it pretty cheesey where you can download skins, but if you set them, you basicly have to reinstall the whole game to play it online...Is there anyway? a special way? or can NOT whatsoever?
  13. i get the same error, BUT, this is whenever i try to connect to a server, RIGHT at the end i hear a error sound, and it reads: Unhandled exception: c00000005 At address: 004e006c this happens right at the end of connecting to a server..
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