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  1. I have trouble with MTA. I have australian version. I did some search and found out that i need american exe instead. All the other exe links from old post are dead and if i try to google it i get buch of warez sites so no help from there. So i would like that could someone tell me where can i get american gta vice city exe download. Or if someone would be so nice he could e-mail one to me at Gano@hot.ee Thank you for your time.
  2. damn this is getting complicated. The single player works fine so the crack is working. But the multiplayer is another story.... If i want to run game under MTA it gives me invalid executable error... I think its somekind of version error because sometimes my MTA tells me that he failed to detect game version and puts it to default version.
  3. i have original VC but i dont have discs anymore so i downloaded no cd VC crack and it gives me error???? DO i need another exe download or what???
  4. i already did it but it then opens my MTA with the server wich i choosed and i still have to push start game button wich givem me still an error
  5. yes i told it to find gta-vc.exe and it sayd me error. I dont have gta3 only have gta vice city
  6. Ok what should i do.... can u help me out on this one because i am kinda well dumb. EDITED.. Ok now i started from client. I pushed start game button and it gave me error. IT says invalid executable. Please ensure you have the correct executable installed. What does that mean????
  7. I have installed game and MTA vc 0.5 But when i put all seeying eye i get servers and if i join one then i get normal game start. Instead of starting multiplayer game i start single player. I uninstalled and installed everything and still the same problem.
  8. hehe thats great but now prolem is i dont have gta3. Someone coud dothe same script for gta vc because their turf wars would be lot better because u can enter ur turfs property. Just imagine u and ur gang hanging in the malibu club talking about business. And then someone invades ur club and starts shooting and it will be hell of firefight just like in movies hehee
  9. Lets make our own mafa crews chose our turf and businesses malubu club and etc and make some serious mafia game busines. So the game would not inculde only pointles run and kill. Every crew has theyr own territory their making business with other crews make appointmets to make some deal like in mafia errr..... and if the deal goes bad the shooting will start. To play this kind a game u need some scripting. U need some mission other than killing. Like winning mafia gang is who earns most money or territory. The clubs and other area territory can be changed selled buyed or take over by killing
  10. there are too many hackers around. They want one thing. So dont pay any attention to them. If hacker will start fooling around just leave the server dont start calling names it only gives him the reason to go further. If the hackers wont get antettion what they want then they will be bored and hopefully stop their evil deeds.
  11. so u want to say if i like DDerby i should waste my money on gta3 instead of vc. No thank u ill stick to vc and if u cant catch or kill me thats ur problem
  12. i found solution to my problem. It turned out it was the clock issue. I had date 2092 on my computer so ASE program did not understand it and now it works fine Ps. Thanks to this date screwup ATE remided me that i should register this product after 21 days he notified to me that i used this program 12000 days. Thats 33 years. So know we know that we cannot use our ASE program after 33 years.
  13. hello i have played mta for while and yesterday my ASE didnt work anymore. i opened the progrmam and there was no servers listed. I pressed f5 for refresh and nothing happened. The bar below showed me refreshing 160 servers but nothing appeared on my screen. I tried reinstalling gta MTA and even ASE it did not work. I even formated my computer installing all over everything and the result was the same. Is this a connection problem or somekind firewall issue. I literally dont know nothing about firewalls. So please if anyone knows please help me
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