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  1. i googled but i cant find that file can someone send it to me?
  2. HI everyone i got a BIG Probleme! Currently my Scripter is working on a MYSQL Login/Register System. On his home Computer (Windows) its working but on my Server (Linux) its not working. I cant connect to the sql databse but i got the mta_mysql.so and startet it i also get a positive back from the server. Whats wrong tehre?
  3. just modify the files and wow your gamemode is now a plugin
  4. No im Multi Shizophrenic ..... so my other "Personalitis" disturping me while learning im trying to learn php like 2 years now and i know so much like someone who learned 1 week -.-
  5. Ya but you dont know how hard it is to learn for me im not "normal" so i cant just learn a whole new language -.-
  6. Ya but 50p you know i cant lua ^^ so maybe someone else could code such a thing?
  7. I need a Script where i can Upload a bunch of MP3 to my Server and a DJ can "Switch" them and user can here them in a new Radio Channel in every Vehicle. Is that Possible?
  8. Is it Possible to Enable that Glue to specific Vehicles? Like that big Helicopter?
  9. I tryed to install the Server on a Linux Unbuntu System. But it wont start Arent any server versions some kind of "Compatible" with that system? Anyone could help?
  10. Hi folks, My name is Ardril Lerfai and im searching for some GOOD Lua Coders. What is my Project? Its more 2 Projects 1.(here english coder could help too!) The Ultimative Roleplay Script! We need Factions,Jobs,Missions and ya Reallife! (More Informations via PM and of course we need your ideas!) 2.(here only Germans pls) BOS-Funkübung Funkübungen via Teamspeak und San Andreas! Disponenten senden aufträge raus und user müssen diese erfüllen. Unfälle,Brände und und und Hier wird sehr wert auf Teamwork und Koordination gelegt! Es soll als eine Spielende möglichkeit dienen interessi
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