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  1. Ahh you legend, shows how long its been since i used mta, been on AA for 5 months
  2. Re-installed VC and MTA.. upon trying to start game.. I get two error messages: "Unable to Copy Weapons.mta to Weapons.dat. \r\n\r\n\You may want to do this manualy. continue? When i click yes. "You are running a modified version of the MTA client. Please re-install" re-installed many times, both VC and MTA.. I dont get what you mean by backup the weapons files?... argh.. im an idiot.
  3. lmao... i had to post that "lmao" its too funny!!
  4. How about.... Giving server admin the option of what Area of the map to run their servers on? So if you want to play in one area, you filter the search for A specific Area.. etc etc.. just my tuppenceworth
  5. Well, after taking a much needed break from MTA im back and alot calmer ..Got really wound up that my favourite game was spoiled by bitching fools and yeah, hands up i gave just as bad as i got but thats due to my upbringing (give as good as i get). Mezma has a point, he's put alot of money into [GL] and it would be stupid and a shame to see it go to waste, so when i get my paypal account up mez some moneys comin your way. To be honest, i dont take clans as a serious thing as is "whos clan pwns who" and that sorta thing I'm quite happy playin with my mates. To be honest i would be useless i
  6. Type /kill and when the screen goes white type it again and BAM .. your tommy V on spawn roof with all the characters ..
  7. Awesome screenshots! The exact same thing happened to me when i piled loads of cars at the airport (Vice city..) and i spawned as mexican.. went outside and bam.. one huuuuuuge swat van, if i ran into it i bounced for miles! shame you cant drive them! .. monster trucks
  8. Cant you land the skimmer in a pay and spray? im sure that would be possible with blue (using pay and sprays) makes it more challenging than using a mod
  9. [GL]Rider

    The Vice Job

    I want one I like the sound of this idea .. i cant get the trailors to work
  10. Yes. That's why I quit MTA. Ditto.. until blue i wont be playing it. I know the MTA team put alot of time and effort into it but.. theresj ust as much bugs as the last release. The only thing enjoyable for me with MTA at the moment is stunt... but i dont wana rant.. il just wait for blue
  11. have they fixed the crashing every 2mins issue?
  12. Yet in the screeny its a fist
  13. Domspy read what i say about locations... i said it should be on the other bridge. I didnt have a blank map at the time and i wasnt going to waste time starting again or removing that one so i told people under neath
  14. yeah i missed a few like theres a rutger in a shop near the golf clothing shop, (Dont play MTA much now so i havnt got an exact location on map) as for the others im sure people will add them, i just made a map of ones i knew at that time. And as far as im aware its still valid in the new release.
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