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    Where do i get this radar in mta ???? http://community.mtasa.com/images/galle ... d/2197.png see the radar in the picture
  2. no . i am going to implement unique features too .
  3. the thing is that , i havent created much from scratch , but i have implemented the best things in the server . superman , paintball , glue , freeroam gui ,custom cars etc . and some races also .
  4. I have made a new server and need some beta testers . It has got very cool features . Beta testers will be made mods when server is launched . Reply for details .
  5. Most of the servers I connect to any server it shows "Downloading Resources" .... It downloads damn slow ( i have a high speed broadband ) and then this error comes "Download Error [0-28]" reason "download speed too slow " plz help
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