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  1. Thats total bull shit.We never banned anyone from killing us on mta.Thats just your excuses for losing too us too many times
  2. Well i hope i was a good buy mike but that wasnt very nice.Iwasnt getting into this and i dont want sides i just said it how it is
  3. OH dear you two say the nicests things but i aint on no ones side but i dont think ppl should be saying ppl cheat cus they fell out.Also i have been round mikes house and watched him play fair and square
  4. How can you thank him when you dont belive him??
  5. Another good documentry is 9/11 in plane site which is also on suprnova http://www.911inplanesite.com
  6. Well i go for kerry because bush is corupt as they come.He and the american goverment were behind the attacks on the wtc.Now i know there is a lot of ppl who will say this is bullshit but there is too much evidence to say its true.If you can get your hands on the documentry 911/the road to tyrany and you will see all the truth like the bushes and bin laidens have been friends for many years and why did norad get told to stand down on september 11th and also how does a boeing 747 just vanish when it hits the pentagon and not leave any wreckage.You must download that documentry 911/the road to t
  7. I didnt want to put it on but i did and everything is fine
  8. TmM-kane

    MSN 7

    I mean in the final release m8
  9. TmM-kane

    MSN 7

    Oh well i can wait. /me like my winks
  10. In that case i'll wear my best dress and splash out on some make up. Thanks its a date then
  11. Well you stop breaking the rules you set and i will leave you and your clan alone.The day you tryed to fuck TmM over was the worst thing you could of possibly done.I will be watching
  12. Well i for one think it should be classed as a glitch and if not its a noobie way of killing
  13. I am afraid to say vces are at it again glitching.They had a match with UA earlier tonight and the same result as with tmm has happend http://bb.vces.net/index.php?showtopic= ... #entry7286
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