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  1. UL needs to get wake up in the UK and get on, lol, cuz all my guys finally got out of jail.........
  2. some guy at my work is beta testing it. he told me that about the monthly fee and I'm like "FUCK IT" and he tells me its worth it for the lag free servers. I'll wait and see if it gonna hit Xbox before I decide to get it for the PC.....
  3. whoopie dooooooo! my parents can fuck off before looking at me talk to someone.
  4. Okay, its gonna be funny when we play u guys. I'll be [NS]Nemesis..... S.T.A.R.S.!!!!!!!!11
  5. Which one of them have a big ass space like the Turtle Head Co. and/or you can get on the roof?
  6. Sloth, you got anyother good bases for Staunton? Like something bout your bases size?
  7. 3 pm and its still not out... I'll start killing peeps in line if its not at 100% in the next 5 minutes!
  8. Makes things look better when u say it like that. thanx dragon & quig
  9. I dont wanna get on the admins' bad sides, but why not just let the owners of the clans run their threads. I mean, if it spams, its doesnt have to be your problem, unless the person has no right to post in that clan thread
  10. Played TF: [NS]Base: Print Works =TF=Base: Parking Garage Near SS Spawn ROUND 1: WON ROUND 2: WON FFA: N/A Woo Hoo! We finally getting there. gg
  11. Had match with DNA... [NS]Base: Cortez' Boat Garage [DNA]Base: Cuban Cafe ROUND 1: LOST ROUND 2: WON FFA: LOST OUTCOME: LOST gg
  12. We had 2 matches. We had one with KFC: Round 1: WON Round 2: LOST FFA: LOST OUTCOME: LOST And with DA: ROUND 1: WON ROUND 2: WON FFA: N/A OUTCOME: WON NS @ DA was abit bad, since they kept respawning in ROUND 2. We decided the game was over, and left.
  13. Comes out for PS2 in December 2005
  14. Anyone get it? Wat do ya think?
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