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  1. wharfshrimp

    MTA Tournament ChampionShip

    Hey pal how long has it been since our last shotgun duel??? . Ok got a server (Linux) up and running lets make a date. P.s How's chiefy btw.
  2. wharfshrimp

    MTA Tournament ChampionShip

    A reunite sounds good. When?
  3. wharfshrimp

    MTA Tournament ChampionShip

    Vice City?
  4. wharfshrimp

    Deathmatch Server up!

    Mad or w00t .
  5. wharfshrimp

    Deathmatch Server up!

    Port: 2004 for Portland, 2005 for Staunton & 2006 for Vice City Stunt (24/7/365). No need for Vice City DM, Bcos FMJ's Server is Top's . Ps ip is:
  6. wharfshrimp

    Deathmatch Server up!

    Agreed! Hey Stoku long time no see . I agree too, If you wanna game visit: ip: port: 2003 It's a VPS running SSV map. Update Port: 2004 for Portland, 2005 for Staunton & 2006 for Vice City Stunt (24/7/365).
  7. wharfshrimp


    Try http://liberty-unleashed.co.uk if u wanna play gta3.
  8. wharfshrimp


    Cheers mate will try. Btw do u play GTA3?.
  9. wharfshrimp


    Keeps saying unhandle exe mate.
  10. wharfshrimp


    The new version (0.5r2)? if not goto ip port 2003 for SSV, port 2004 for Portland or port 2005 for Staunton (VPS based in Holland). P.s Running Vice City too, ip port 2006 for DM and port 2007 for Stunt. (trying to get vc to work atm ).
  11. wharfshrimp


    Sorted, port got me too (Query Port + 123).
  12. wharfshrimp

    [ACK] - Anti Car Killerz (Recruiting) New Leader

    new member signing in as [ACK]Wharf . CARKILLERS BEWARE .