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  1. Linux support! Recent changes to Scene2Res and dependencies have added Linux compilation support. Thus I want to share it with you guys. Linux only download: Windows only download: Some people have noticed me that they could not download from, thus here is a mirror: How to compile on Linux First execute the following commands in your terminal: sudo apt-get install g++-7 sudo apt-get install codeblocks sudo apt-get install subversion cd ~ subversion checkout scene2res Then go here to setup your Code::Blocks for compilation. Now continue with the commands... codeblocks --build --target=Release build/scene2res.workspace mv obin/linux/Release/scene2res bin/scene2res cd bin Now you should have a terminal with Scene2Res set-up in the common run location (contents of a downloaded zip archive). Have fun! You can execute scene2res using... ./scene2res Of course, you can simply use the Code::Blocks GUI interface to build Scene2Res. But that ain't the fun, rite? What is new? Nothing really noteworthy. The whole implementation of my modules has received a huge facelift over time. Yours, - Martin
  2. Did you know that GTA San Andreas is based on the RenderWare engine? It is a product of Criterion which, in the past, was used by great game developers. Due to my heartfelt affliation to MTA I want to say: The source code is available. But I must not tell where. Hot stuff. Gosh, why could it not be that way three years ago?
  3. PSA: Turns out GTA3 DFF files are not supported by SA. Try this fix if you use DFF files from other platform or different game. You need to transform them to SA DFFs, which is easy. * makesadff.bat: * dffconv.exe: When you converted map you get this "output" folder. Put dffconv.exe and makesadff.bat into there. Then run "makesadff.bat". It should create a new folder "models_sa" with GTA:SA compatible DFF files. Delete "models" folder and rename "models_sa" to "models". Last time I said original GTA3 map is completely supported. So turns out I forgot this. But now it should work, sort of. Better idea is to start out with GTA United 1.2 GTA3 map because it is converted to SA already. This fix works for any map tho, I think The Hero added support for PS2 files aswell. If you have further problems with DFF files please post in his GTAForums thread! - Martin
  4. Thank you for thóse kind words! I indeed see little use for MTA:BLUE because it just works. But I want to do a special installer for other projects, for example (as you mentioned) .ASI projects and alternative MTA solutions. Long term goals.
  5. Correct! Hope you enjoyed the show, Simple01. I really should switch the wallpaper, huh ^^ After all it is my default account I record on.
  6. Here is a quick new video. A brand new way to load MTA. World premiere, using pefrmdllembed, the DLL to EXE injector. Not like it amounts to anything playable. You might enjoy this if you are a technological mind like me.
  7. Please take a moment and salute the passing CodePlex SCM host. It will die by the end of 2017. I remember the days when I used to check out the MTA:BLUE codebase from google code using TortoiseSVN. Good old days. Soon, no one will be able to use SVN for free anymore.
  8. Glad I can still use my mipmapped textures on MTA. This counts as modification of gta3.img. But I do not think it is a good idea to punish modders by default.
  9. Scene2Res has been updated greatly, thanks to renewed interest by people in custom maps in MTA (Matias_Montana, Cody, HeySlickThatsMe just to name a few). New things: added automatic TXD optimization for smaller and clearer map textures (thanks to my work on Magic.TXD) added support for original GTA3 and GTAVC maps fixed many rotation issues (hopefully all) fixed unicode path issues added Windows XP compatible executable added enableFiltering and ignoreFlagsSecure INI options added ability to automatically process COL archives (has been there for a while but not announced) open source using SVN and CodePlex many under-the-hood improvements Happy modding! <3
  10. Please understand that it is a reasonable decision to use only one CPU core. MTA uses technologies such as Lua which do come with a threading model and those make it next-to-impossible for an architecture redesign. MTA performance depends on GTA:SA performance. If you are looking for GTA:SA performance improvements you could try adding mipmaps to your textures (safe) or reducing the complexity of DFF files (could lock you out of public servers).
  11. Good job! I see your dedication and creativity. Impressive modification thread. And the fact that it is entirely multiplayer is great.
  12. Nice debug console. You seem to be a reputable person too. Could look into adding debug pipeline support to resedit this weekend, if I find the time, as well as fixing it up for latest MTA.
  13. The_GTA

    Green Candy

    I had the crazy idea once to write a Lua resource which would parse HTML content and display it in DX drawings. That idea is still floating around my head, you see CEGUI surely seems old; that is why I made dxElements which is an OOP GUI programming environment in Lua. An example of it's usage is resedit. What if said dxElements can parse configuration files for GUI, like XML? It could be neatly combined with Lua scripts for actual functionality. HTML seems powerful though and is known by lots of people. We will see whether it will fit into the 2.0 concept. For now, cool GUI is possible with Lua, too. Good example is the one from the FFS server: straightforward. About the pdf: it looks like an advertisement for web programming (cons for C++, blurry IE, suggestive presentation of IMVU); I cannot make my mind up about it
  14. The_GTA

    Green Candy

    Yes, currently the RpLight only supports dynamic vertex lighting as you know it. More advanced lighting routines may come if demand is high enough.
  15. The_GTA

    Green Candy

    I put a lot of effort into MTA:Eir. Most of these ideas are mapped out in my brain and are constantly developing. Those charts are the result of said long-term development process.