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    Sorry for awakening this old dead topic.. I'd just like to request that someone could check this script. I tried to use it but with no sucess. I'll appreciate to have those commands working. Oli, you might consider to include those commands in next version of GRS. Thanks.
  2. yield

    WWW server stats

    What about creating stats using MTA:MA logs? Something like mircstats. Is it a reliable idea?
  3. That's it Oli! I'll be very grateful Thanks
  4. I want it to disconnect and reconnect once a day. So what I need is something like: " /timerconnect 0 86400 /mtaconnect 1 " Am I right? Thank you very much Mike and MrBump.
  5. Erhm.. sorry if this is kind of weird.. but i really need some script to mtama (+grs) to force it to connect and disconnect at a given time (dont need to be changed once setuped). Can anyone give me a hand? Thanks in advance
  6. Sorry if this has been discussed before, but I need to know how much CPU usage does MTA:MA plus GRS spends for each server. I'm asking this cause I need to tell that information to the host admins so they can see if they can afford it or not. An average value will be enough. I think the server will be something like 1800mhz and 512MB RAM. Bandwidth its not a problem, but I think its similar to one MTA 0.5 server, right? Thanks.
  7. Sorry if this is a dumb question, but is it possible to add a temporary ban without the !tempban function? I mean, directly from the BanList dialog.
  8. Yeah that happens to me too! I live about 15 miles from server location! I have the same ISP as the server and my ping is very low. I don't think thats related to lag, i really doubt. Anyway, I never had differente blips colors, I don't care much about that, but yes, it happens to me too.
  9. Hey.. nice work Oli. I don't know if this is any kind of bug, but when looking at Server Stats, some servers are displayed twice: with client port and with admin port. Stats are also (not well) distributed between this two matches.
  10. Thanks for your reply. The server always had register with ASE enable. And yes, I entered the client port correctly (2003). I need to install MTA:ma in a remote server, so I'd like it to be completely stable...
  11. Sometimes I got the error "Nicklist refresh failed". This causes others scripts to do not work well. When this happens I have to disconect and reconnect MTA:MA so it will refresh with no prob. Very few times it refreshes with sucess without reconnecting. What is the cause of this error? How can I fix/avoid it? It's annoying cause I can't just leave MTA:MA open without checking it status all the time... I think it's something with packets loss but not sure. Thanks in advance.
  12. Oh no, please, that's very annoying! So if I got timed out, I'm obligated to restart VC? Hell no! That's a good idea, yes, but only if client detects if we are or not changing server/mode.
  13. Like patolider said, we used to have "pick ups" (thats what we called them) here in Portugal, and a lot of players enjoy it a lot. We've also reproduced it in Qnet with some guys from mfC, zor, ms, etc. Everything gone well. So i vote yes. Btw, why not in Qnet? I don't want to open a 3rd server window... i'm too lazy... and a lot of clans already have channel @ Qnet... sorry my bad english but i'm tooo sleepy atm
  14. yield

    MTA:mA 3.19

    This is what happens to me. Note that I used to run MTA:MTA for 0.4.1 with the same config.
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