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  1. The download links are not working for any of the downloads
  2. Killeralec99

    Travel Meter

    and if you want it in miles, just divide it by 1609 i belive meters/1609=miles
  3. Or just cover a city with a mountain if you dont want that city to be there and make a REALLY long bridge to make another city
  4. You should make a admin adder, moderator adder, so you can make admins/remove admins, so people dont mess up the ACL like five times like me.
  5. Wow, i saw peds just walking forward with animation the first day i came to MTA like a month ago
  6. Are you settings for MTA windows, and if so, is the resolution greater than your screen?
  7. nope, when your in a plane, and you make you do setPedControlState ( PedDo, "vehicle_look_left", true ) it makes your ped look right in the plane, the rudder doesnt do anything. i think this is just a features MTA Crew forgot to put in.
  8. Im wanting there to be a control name for the rudder of a plane. I made it so my ped can fly with me controlling him, but the problem is that there is not control name to control the rudder of a plane. When your flying it yourself, you press Q and E.
  9. i guess im gonna have to do that, i was just wanting to get the keys to make my ped drive a car, but make it so he speeds up and slows down
  10. Im wondering if there is a keylogger that will tell me how long i press the key and what the delay is from me pressing the next key. It also would be a plus if the keylogger wasn't invisible
  11. alright, i never noticed this before, thanks, it looks helpful
  12. Im having troubles setting the control state for the ped i have. i wanna make the ped walk, but i don't wanna just animations, he will more likely run. But i used this run setControlState ( Runner, "forwards", true ) but when i do that, it turns out false. Ive tried crun also and it results in the same problem.
  13. so make it when you do /spawn, make it so i will get playerskin and save it as a variable, and do the same for the money. Then make it so when player spawns, it will load the skin and the money
  14. it doesnt matter what you think about it, we need more gamemodes that utilize the features that samp doesnt have, so more people will come here, and when that happens, we can worry about if we like the gamemode or not.
  15. you could find a skin that it fits on fine and use it for that skin