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  1. uuh .........the topic is add-ons ...and.. .. we was talking about.........................add-ons..
  2. lol i made a huge typo VULNERABLE is what i meant, sorry bout that.. the pausing for 5 seconds vulnerable simply gives people time to kill them, that is, if they are near death. its not to avoid dangerous situations. and if some retard thinks it is, then let them watch theirselves die and being able to do nothing about it. in fact, i could even make an addion to the script. in the 5 second wait that you are frozen in, if you die > crash your game that'll teach you to escape death.. jk
  3. first thing im going to do is write a capture the flag addon will models be able to be an option? like can u make it where it downloads dff / txd, import into gta3.img, load game? well theres our flag
  4. hahahahaha funny story, but actually no, that doesnt relate to my idea at all.. when the player pauses, he is teleported to the spawn roof (after freezing for 5 seconds VULNERABLE) i hope you know where that is, its basically where a crap load of actors are and where the sabre turbo is and where you get to choose your character. everything is unsynched up there. when he unpauses, he is teleported back to his original location.
  5. My DSL modem doesnt have some kind of special port forwarding properties option in control panel or anything.. even if my modem DID have a built in router, I wouldn't know how to forward ports anyway.. only way i kno is a firewall, and thats the last thing i want right now btw my modem is a Westell..
  6. Wich is why BLUE will give us the choice. For stunt servers / weaponless servers, I don't see why option 3 isn't optional.
  7. txtHandling.text = Inet1.OpenURL("http://www.blah.com/handling.cfg") If replace(txthandling, " ", "") = "" then Msgbox "Error: One of the files required to play this modification could not be downloaded.", vbCritical, "MTA Blue") Exit sub End if edit: if they are dumb enough to rely on tripod then they shouldnt serve
  8. Can't we all just get along...lol.. btw, Bob_TDH, mtaservers.com gives me the classic "Hello World!" page edit: baah.. i put http://www.mtaservers.com and it worked. wonder why that mattered so much haha
  9. Plus its pretty much not possible. Since the server does not load the game or anything, how can it know how to control the cop? The server doesn't know where buildings and lightpoles and roads are. Even if it did load the game.. I guess if it actually DID load (not suggesting it), with some scm functions you could make a cop car chase people.. and you could just send its coordinates/everything else to the clients connected and theres a synced AI cop. but do you know how bad having the server load game would suck. that would mean if you ran a server - you couldnt play on it. wich sucks.
  10. <?php $banned_ip = array(); $banned_ip[] = '61.90.34.x'; foreach($banned_ip as $banned) { $ip = $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR']; $ip = explode(".", $ip); $bip = explode(".", $banned); for($i = 0; $i < (count($bip) - 1); $i++){ if($bip[$i] == $ip[$i]){ $is_banned = TRUE; } else { $is_banned = FALSE; } } if($is_banned === TRUE){ die("you're banned fag"); } } // rest of PHP Script here! ?>
  11. Well hows it going? I'm waiting for a model of the parachute or something. I heard that Switch Designs has made a parachute mod already but I havent seen / downloaded it yet. btw have u all seen the parachute @ the end of the explicit "homecoming" trailer of san andras?
  12. I have given up on this. my ip INCOMING and ip OUTGOING are totally different and i dont even have a router and i have all firewall disabled and people still cant connect. i can somehow create servers on other games (ie halo) but not mta.
  13. Well there is a proper solution to this. I know its been sudgested over and over and over and talked about in countless threads, but when you enter a server with a mod you DONT have > have it download the mod. How does it download the mod? I bet you could write some kind of script system. Like.. in the server directory, have a file called "mod.script" And in this mod.script file will be things like: $blah = download_file 'http://www.blah.com/handling.cfg' replace gta.handling, $blah ^ that would load the handling.cfg from the website I know thats not any programming language, but i kno
  14. omg why didnt i think of that. someone is inches near death, they pause and teleport away. hmmm... i guess there are a few solutions to that issue 1) Deduct 10 health for pausing (wich would get annoying) 2) Have a time limit in the pause menu before you are killed 3) Freeze the player for 5 seconds and then pause him, making him vulnerable long enough to be killed if he is in the middle of a fight near death. I'd say option 3 with my pause mod idea is now flawless
  15. changing one file can turn GTA:LC into multiplayer. with around an hour's worth of work, any scm coder can do it.. but i'm starting to get worried about all of these people's ideas. EVERYONE may try to make their own gta:lc multiplayer.. there will be 50 versions and no one will know wich one to pick. same thing goes for other ideas. will the future of blue be nothing but a thousand servers with 1 person in them, just waiting for someone to come in and play their mod?
  16. that is, if the rocket launcher is even placed on the map. not every server will want rocket launchers, they can get a bit unfair sometimes. for the first month or so after blue is released, people will go crazy over it.. then it will be divided into the "Rocketn00bs" and the "non-rocketn00bs"
  17. when I get blue and set up my server, this is how im going to do it (that is, if the devs dont come up with a better solution ) when you press PAUSE, it saves your current coordinates. it teleports you on top of the SpawnScreen building so no one sees you and no one can kill you. then it takes you to a black screen that says "Press {ENTER} to return to your game".. you press enter, it immediatly teleports you back to your saved coordinates. flawless
  18. lmao.. before you call jay a cheater i would definatly take a gander at [HW]Anonymous.. hes flooded so many servers, ruined so many games, cheated so many times.. ive lost count. oh and not to mention the trainer he modified to work with MTA.. A cheater reported Jay's ip. Jay told him to **** off and told him that he only uses it for personal use. Thats enough to get you banned? where the hell have i been.
  19. what was the point in that pause screen you showed me? ive only seen it a billion times. they may have created a custom pause screen, but this still doesnt exactly answer my post.. will OTHER PEOPLE be able to somehow notice that you are paused.. or that pause screen could possibly not be a pause screen at all. maybe the game is still active, kinda like how useless pausing is in Halo i personally wouldnt like the pause system to make gameplay still active. if your afk for 5 minutes you notice that youve been killed 20 times.. its just not fair, there is a pause option for a reason. if th
  20. When a player pauses, could you somehow let the other players know he is paused? Like.. say I'm paused... other people see my name as red instead of white. Or maybe small italicized PAUSED may be above my name. Plus you could temporary un-sync the paused people, why continue to send all that packet blog if he's not even at the computer. Saves bandwith and complainers, 2 birds in one stone.. lol however it goes.
  21. dude they aren't making a new game, its still the same old vice city engine, same old vice city cars, same old vice city drivebys. i could do it with scm and since they say it will be scm-modd-able then i dont see why not..
  22. read it 5000 times.. I've noticed MTAServer isn't the only thing having connectivity issues.. I've had problems with a few other games and p2p file sharers. could this be because i have winxp sp2?
  23. yes, they are COMPLETELY different. what you all dont realize is.. AOL IS MY THIRD PARTY ISP. aol is not even in my startup. how in the hell can they assign me if i dont load their program, letalone connect to it? i think i have some kind of hidden router in my modem. if i do, what do i do to fix my server problem? thanks
  24. Ok.. while playing a game on GameSpy, a message interrupted my COMMAND AND CONQUER: RENEGADE game. it basically said: Your internal ip is different from your external ip. This can cause not being able to host servers. ^^ wtf do i do about this?
  25. Read my last post. Read my last post. Exactly. That would require SCM editing wich I am 100% positive i did not do. Doesn't matter. Now that all the retarded comments about the geniune pic i took above are set aside, time to go screen some more drunk adventures.
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