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  1. hahah how funny u say u pwn me but score says other nub hahaha and i fucked ur mom then she sucked my dick and at the end i gave her to my dog he fucked that slut a bit and thne eated her hahaha pwned
  2. i pwned u 9-5 and 9-6 and i pwned ur mom even more bitch haha she sucks hard
  3. Haha nub yeah lie bitch lie i pwned u 9-5 and 9-6 ahaha pwned faggot
  4. ok its just pointles to talk more i pwned u two times already 9-5 9-6 u are pwnage faggot now stfu. ROFL
  5. Hey u dumb twatduck i chalenge u 1v1 now u loser. Anyone can provide locked server for ducks pwnage? i invite all to look how i will pwn this nub faggoty duck.
  6. ok n00b if u want i can pwn u in any server u twat but now we will have spectators who will see that u not lame again. without lamings score would be liek 10-0 nub hahah
  7. HAHa u loser nub i wpned u it was till 10 but u left on 9 fucking loser i pwn u anytime. LMAO it was 1v1 and in middle of it he makes rule ONLY BATS rofl lame get a life prick i won u and my ping was 90 so stfu nub. since when hp pickups is alowed in robbers match u fucking prick we didnt agreed to this rule u idiot. P.S I OWN U! nub hahahah
  8. w00t! just had 1v1 with Tduck first one - 9-5 2nd - 9-6 ofcourse he was moaning laming and picked hp in 2nd battle and wasnt even good to finish both fight what i can say... PWNED!
  9. tx just dont reply to hid dumb posts and it will end.
  10. jumping is ok. crouching is bad coz u cant see other player crouching and he warps its shit if it would be synced i dont care use it i dont care it cuts the animation but u can see what is he doing u can do the same if u want.
  11. Those ramps would fuck all fun or mayeb it would be even more fun
  12. oh lol yeah maybe u are i made mistake there was gang H4k or somthing it look similiar
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