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  1. your cd probably has something wrong with it
  3. so thats why i can get in now i think you banned the whole of ntl lol so you banned most of the ppl in the uk lol but good to be back neway
  4. forums would be better with my chat room http://www.phpbb.com/phpBB/viewtopic.php?t=147605
  5. i can expect to die on: March 2, 2075 at the age of 85 years old. On that date you will most likely die from: Cancer (45%) Heart Attack (25%) Homicide (10%) Horrible Accident (7%) Organ Failure (5%)
  6. bah mine looks nicer bah bah, mine looks nicer, http://gangs.flashfx.net no it doesnt
  7. thanks i call it the masterbater song
  8. i like it it does work very well has it's own stats page for individual best player blah blah but you gotta be registered on my forum to do it EDIT: heres a screeny of the stats page
  9. it's built in to my forum and is in php so yes it's good
  10. omg that ladder is a joke right? i mean come on, there is only 2 clans on there... and it seems a LITTLE BIASED. lol i really need to stop replying to posts like this... in general if you are gonna make a ladder then dont just rate some clan, rate them based on the number of games won etc... because i dont know what gave u the idea that you guys are rated 5 and vcs is rated 3 when there isnt a single statistic on there... basically u need to come up with something more than that for a "ladder" that may have seemed harsh... but u asked for it oh and this ladder just started and i was telling ppl here so they could join because it's the first mta ladder (i think)
  11. i heard about it from my m8 james moorehead
  12. i decided to make a ladder tell me if you think it looks good or bad it's here http://elitecommandos.gamingsource.co.u ... act=ladder thanks
  13. theres a rumour that there is gonna be multiplayer
  14. fine then you ƒucking make a mod like this i bet you cant can you?
  15. this should be put in useless topics now 0.2 is out
  16. You are really really wrong. The Reason i am on Dial up is because broadband is not yet availible in my Area. This is the case with many other players that may come from the UK. So Essentially all you are saying it "Kick off all people on Dial Ups because they lag the server" Would you like it if that ever happened to you? whats wrong with dialup? sure it's slower but didnt you used to be dialup? i think we all did unless you are new to a pc or to the internet so i dont think it's fair kicking dialups
  17. xp is way better and longhorn will be better than xp and after longhorn there will be Blackcomb which is better than longhorn
  18. yeah the new phpBB looks nice had a look on phpbb's area 51 today and i have to say it looks very nice but i love invisionboard because it's got millions of hacks
  19. what is this? the windows 2000 arse kissing thread xp wins 2000 easy
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