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  1. not to mention my solo meet the wretched and other various vids lol oh n thanx for the front page post
  2. no mods lol u know what i mean guys thanx for the comments so far
  3. Well the Z3ro Signal crew consisting of Me (kemical previously known as BARNEY) Aenima,MorTon and newcomer Taclite, have done this snazy little vid called Untouchable. Please check it out and comments are always welcome... Thanx for the hostin TGA... http://www.thegamersalliance.com/dynamic.php?file=Untouchable.rar Enjoy guys
  4. http://www.thegamersalliance.com/dynamic.php?file=B_9159.rar
  5. sorry for the double post http://www.thegamersalliance.com/freefo ... tation.rar for the spin
  6. i just did it so its not uploaded anywhere and i don't know the tga situation so hmmmm my msn is barney1238@hotmail.com if ya want to see some sweet spinny action EDIT: http://www.thegamersalliance.com/freefo ... tation.rar for my spin and height record
  7. sorry ramon i just had to break urs 8552 and 180 ft height 2 world records in 1 w00t
  8. sorry dude i just bet yours spin: 8552 height: 180 barney takes hold of both records w00t
  9. i didn't mod that packer on the bulding was i think either grim or samurai ohk's stunt and the bigbang thing i hit esc and typed itthen hit esc again to get back into the game cheats used: aspirine- to get health back up and repair bike no mods
  10. haha nice well guys i just got 6200 but can't be bothered upadting everything for 60 odd rotations i wil update when i get 7000 or sumthing
  11. samurai is uploading it so be sure to see the spin in action soon
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