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  1. If you can, please do. Alot of people would want this, including me.
  2. If you can, please do. Alot of people would want this, including me.
  3. I was wondering if you would release the map editor for singleplayer. I cant get online very often because of dial up, and playing alone in an empty game gets boring. I want to make my own terrain with all the pedestrians walking and cars driving. You'd be able to make new islands for singleplayer. If not, mabe give some instructions on how to put this in ourselves? This would be one of the best mods for GTA:SA's singleplayer.
  4. When I wanted to uninstall my gta sa, I deleted the Gta sa folder from Program files instead of running the uninstaller. Now when I try to install the game, it shows the Play and Uninstall buttons instead of the install button. When I click unintall, the program crashes. I dont know what to do. I checked the registry and removed anything that had to do with Gta. I probably missed something. How can I fix this. I couldnt find the right topic for this so I posted it here.
  5. Areyou gonna make GTA San Andreas work wit mta when it comes out?
  6. In stunt, Can you make it so you can pick your person, then pick the location? Cause I always use the Heli Pilot skin, but I ride bikes. So I start from mad far, gotta go all the way across the islands just to get to the bikes
  7. Are there any Deathmatch servers where ppl aly each other against other ppl(cops aly cops, vs robbers.) Every server i join, all the ppl just shoot each other. Gets mad boring. Any good serves?
  8. well.... 100% Client commin before 12 eastern i hope
  9. I don't know why but, when I installed gta 3 it was working good. Then something happened to my cdrom drive. It can only run the game and not run the installer. When I was lookin for mods, I found one I liked, installed it. Now my gta3.exe got currupt or something. It loads fine but when I try to run the patch (1.1), it sais "gta3.exe: Unknown Version". So now, since my cdrom doesn't load the installer, and I dont know anyone wit the game, I need the 1.0 exe or the 1.1 exe. Can anyone help me out?
  10. The video is phat, I dont know how you did that boat stunt. All of you were talkin about this being a series. You know where I can get the other videos?
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