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  1. <~Imed you on ProneIIchaos through AIM. hope you respond. have some questions.
  2. ^Fku^$oahC

    rT* Red Turret

    whats ur next clan gunna be gunny?
  3. ^Fku^$oahC

    ][)oo]\[ - SiX86

    i hope doon replys to the 1 on 1 soon....im itching for a good fight
  4. ^Fku^$oahC

    ][)oo]\[ - SiX86

    k just tell me a time n date n server n Ill be there. No need for ref. When we go we go fair. .
  5. ^Fku^$oahC

    ][)oo]\[ - SiX86

    DooN...challange you to a 1 on 1....Cop vrs Your choice. I choice cop because stubby glitch is to easy thanx to r33dh4m and I'd rather not glitch you to death. first to 10 .
  6. ^---now thats spam . lol damn dood lay offa nikateen man he's a good guy n so r u you both should just 1 on 1 ur frustrations away or something.
  7. GG AA hope to war soon no flames or glitches just an awsome game great players
  8. nice name i said that like 17 times in the last three days. I shoot to kill goodluck
  9. yo...i was there be there was a tr biadey in the room and a tr bLadey in the room ...tr bLadey was idle in the room for 30 minutes and got kicked....tr biadey was kicked by admin chao$ for speed hacking. as soon as i saw that i said he doesnt speed hack at all then he said it isnt the normal bLadey its biadey and the other one right after was promptly kicked for being idle.
  10. ...it was 5 on 7 ....i killed 2 myself point killed 2 himself....u were talkin in french about pausing in which point said u did. then u come in here and flame our forums? sad. when ur team learns how war goes.. then back to us? come on you wanted to freakin defend cortez's ship. LOL. hell u were even killing us when we were doing pickups 4 on 1? then point comes in and kills all 4 of you but that wasnt even part of the war. U thought u won after first match. that wasnt war that was hectic shit. you even had your own people respawn and come back after dieing....get a real gang lower pings and a better attitude then talk to us. ChAo$ out.
  11. aw wheel babe how u been ! havent seen yu in awhile. Drop a line down my way . hope to war soon . u should play mta for the hell of it again like the good old days. bring everyone so we can have a good old fashioned blood bath. cheriO mate.
  12. i had a conversation with r33d and he is exploiting a glitch . im not quite sure what glitch yet. i know ive seen many people have unsync issues where they run and shoot at the same time then appear somewhere else. Ive seen sloth and a few others have this issue...where they say they have no idea they were doing it at all and what are you talkin about. or How did i shoot you? if you learned how to do this glitch and aim properly at the right times along with useing the well known "croutch" glitch. for the glitching across the screen and apparently running faster with stubby in hand. also being able to move instead of jump during stubby animation. then ur like super human mta style. in which r33d does exploit yet promises during 1 on 1 or war that he would not use this glitch at all. I hope that the mta creators fix this glitch. and r33d said that if they somehow contacted him that he would tell them how the glitch is done. r33d reminds me of another kfc member once thought to use speedgear. if u talk to him though he'll tell u all u want to hear except how to do it. even gives u props for killing him a few times in a row while he does it. a deffinate advantage to him while he's playing but brings ur skills up to be able to kill him while he does it. ChAo$ out.
  13. 3 to 4 more DAY$. =/ waiting for my windows cd. i have no a button copy n paste sucks.
  14. This Is The New Revolution! BeWaRe N Be $cAReD!
  15. Hello It's ChAo$ again and I wanted to get everybody in FKU's attention somehow, so I felt this was the best way. I was sitting here thinking to myself about our gang in general. As I see it we have the best potential in the mta community for an advancing gang. I was thinkin we should create this forum to take suggestions and looks into each of our individual fightin styles, and our teaming styles. Critism is a MUST. We in a whole can take over VICE CITY And shut down any advancing threats. I also beleive we should look into each of our individuals Availability and somehow make a normal training schedual for everybody even the more advanced players. I know playing in our server is great practice for our teaming but I also beleive we should have practice IN Team wars, tagging ourselfs red team, blue team. This will help our stability as a full unit and further progress the goal of overthrowing VICE CITY and our control over the community. We can also take a look at our competition by critism, and have almost like a play book to conquor over ALL competition. When I called out the whole community last night in my "sleeplessness" frenzy. I look back and I Still mean it. I want the best competition out there to come at me...because when I learn you, no matter your speed, your moves, and your accuracy...I will be victorious. and No matter what new things you learn. I'll see it coming. I'm ready for the fight. Are you? plz feel free to reply.
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