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  1. nah i think it wasnt responding so i tried compatibility mode. hmm let me try installing it today and ill get back 2 u. btw sorry for the delayed replies.
  2. its Windows Vista.
  3. wahid2oo9


    everytime i join a server through internet or lan... the game doesnt respond..?????????? i join it says "entering game"... then it downloads the files on the bottom while screen is black.. with a box on the right top corner saying "ive connected" after downloading finishes... game doesnt respond at all.. i put ctrl alt delete to open windows task manager it says "Applications: San Andreas "status: Not Responding" anyone know why?
  4. wahid2oo9


    hmm sounds really interesting... when do you wreckon the pedestrians is released?... yh ive seen the zombie one loll abit boring you could say. thanks for replying anyway
  5. wahid2oo9


    i no how to create a lan game playin me and my brother.. but is there anyway we can play together with pedestrians?.. them walkin around normal in the streets or driving around?
  6. my lan san andreas suddenly stopped working. i copied the folder from the other computer and replaced the folder i had.. and it worked but now seems like it stuffed up again not working. please help
  7. sorry about that. it worked thanks for helping... I followed HeavyAir's post.. how he wrote i had to do portfowarding... it worked. THANK YOU! it didnt work before because what i done is.. everything he told me except ( Port Fowarding ) thank u again everyone.
  8. ok still not working. i tried every ip that was in CMD > IPconfig/all and I tried the ip from http://www.whatismyip.org i even tried creating a server on the other computer and connectin in it with this one.. still no hope i think the port number works coz when i create a server and connect usin the port number.. it goes in but when i go to the other computer and connect it says "Connection timed out"
  9. ive already tried all the IP's i got using ipconfig/all.. none of them seemed to work and i even tried using the ip from "whatismyip.com" that one didnt work to. btw i used port :22004? i think the port number is wrong or something?
  10. I have download San Andreas Client and Server package from this site. after i created some settings following the manual on the site. I have accessed my server using the computer i created the server on. and how i did that is.. click quick connect and enter but when i go to my other computer and connect with the ip it wont connect it says "connection timed out" ive tried to enter all the ip's that ive got using "cmd > ipconfig/all" and "whatismyip.com" but it seems like none of them worked only if im using the wrong port number? please help thanks Wah
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