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  1. I was addicted to Team Fortress Classic for about 5 years. The last summer, I was addicted to Garry's Mod and MTA VC. Later on in the summer, I got San Andreas. I was very additced to that with all the modding and stuff... then I got Battlefield 2. Now im addicted to San Andreas and MTA VC.
  2. Oyst3r

    No CD

    My friend bought San Andreas and he brought it over and put it on my computer. But since he has the DVD, I just use a No CD exe. Can you play MTA with a No CD exe or do you have to have the DVD? Also, would it have to be a 1.0 or a 1.1? Thanks
  3. So wait... the purpose of GTA is to roam around, kill what you want, drive what you want, do what you want type thing... There isnt ONE game mode that allows that into ONE game mode? There better be DeathMatch in the first release...
  4. Oyst3r

    GMOD pics/vids

    lol nice. I play GMOD too. Not recently, ive been messing around with San Andreas. Its a fun mod.
  5. Yes ive read it. I was just saying that since thats been the story since blue was announced, then that if someone is interested in using blue, then they should be able to use their mods.
  6. Im calculating a 99.9% chance MTA wont be released this year. Theres some info.
  7. Im sure mods will work. After all, MTA SHOULD be able to support your mods RIGHT?
  8. I'll tell you what though, you can count on it being released sooner if they would work on the core MTA, getting the plain client finished, before putting in all these mods. Im sure if they are modding it already then it is done already.
  9. Oyst3r


    My dogs shit in my house. Theyre also the reason that all 8 of my cats went missing .
  10. I could still tell u what it was probably.
  11. Oyst3r


    Well, for my main computer with the dual LCD's, I got a COMPLETE leather chair. For my other computer, I got that crappy stool, made from a cheapo chair that broke...
  12. Oyst3r


    Just updating pics. Dual LCD's for the HP, Got a new desk for my other box, so that way friends can have a comp to use when we play LAN games.
  13. Well the only cars that arent in GTA3 are the Luton and panto. All the rest just have different names and look like cheap beta cars, but notice how they have reflections, when GTA3 doesnt.
  14. *smacks head* leno never told me this was our SASP site. Im beldar, .
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