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  1. Opening: 16.45 GMT+1 on the latest Nightly version. IP: port 22006 Forums: Version: TRSA - RP v1.0 Host: Menace 2 Society Player Features Player Position saving wherever you are when you stop playing there you will spawn again when you rejoin Hunger System, you now have to eat to keep your hunger up else you will probably faint Skin changing which is only allowed at Binco's clothes shop Mobile phone system which allows you to call and receive calls if you have a mobile phone Player damage system for when driving and crashing that reduces a players health depending on how big the hit was Vehicle Features Setspawn the vehicle, set it's spawn point for when the server restarts Engine won't start automatically, you will need to start it, also you control the lights and locks of the car Fuel system Keyset, a secure code of your choice which is needed to unlock the car Mileage metre Mechanic system. Your car will break down if it is damaged to much, you would have to get it fixed at a mechanic Change owner. If you are fed up of your car you can always sell it, just change it's owner after getting the money Don't panic if your car stopped with no fuel! You can fill up fuel in a can and then go fill your car up You can also own as many cars as you like! To buy a car you would have to go to a dealership where you place your order. Then the dealer forwards the order to the car importer who gets your brand new car to be delivered to the showroom Other features Bank system. You can deposit and withdraw money from the bank to keep it safe. There are also apartments that can be rented by contacting one of the admins. They will cost a certain amount of money every week. ... and more to come in future updates There are several jobs on TRSA. These are: Police Medics Taxi Drivers DMV (Departement of motor vehicles) employees Sweepers Mechanics Vehicle dealers and importers ... and more to come in future updates