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  1. oh thats cool, I did notice a few similaraties, however I did find out that there are no pointers in java, I'm hoping there are no pointers used in addons (I wouldnt think so). Thanks again
  2. Hey just a quick question for all you C++ developers, I'v just started studying java as part of my degree course it looked quite similar to C++, do you guys think that a java developer can successfully code a blue mod?. Thanks
  3. hey was just wondering if the MTA team will ever write a very general overview on how it was developed, blue i mean. I'm very interested and curious to know how they did it, you dont have to give a very technicial guide but just a very general overview would be great!. - Jim
  4. great idea Aphid !!, maybe if you start the mod as open source other ppl would start to help, it sounds complex to code but i'm no programmer so you probably know best. anyhow great idea
  5. I dont, I was thinking maybe a couple of more extra helping hands
  6. it wouldnt just be RPG like, i mean no doubt many people will commit crimes, like killing people, driving erratically even and the cops sort it out. I can never make a addon like this as I'm not a programmer I dunno, it sounds pretty cool to me, and its most simplest level there doesnt have to be rankings etc, ppl can just join the server and start their role of what they wanna be, so if you feel like being chased by loadsa cops you can just join the server, ram a cop car or something and the cops will be all over you. similarly if you want to be a cop and feel like givnig chases you can d
  7. Hey I just had a idea which i had to share. how about we all donate, and using that money the MTA team can hire a professional developer for a little while, that way blue can be done a lot quicker as there would be a dedicated developer working on it all day, I'm sure if enough people donate we would have enough money to pay the developer. what do you guys think? PS in NO way saying that MTA team arent professsionals, just trying to say that we can maybe get a dedicated developer so blue gets finished more quickly - Jim
  8. yeah I was hoping ppl would think of something, lol. hmm, how about making it really simple, so you can start off as a civilian then you can apply to join the police/army whatever. the remaining civilians can do whatever they want, they would most likely break the law so the police can deal with that, if it gets too bad army can be called etc, i think that would work quite nicely.
  9. Just wanted to add a idea, please do tell me what you think. how about adding a very realistic game mode. basically theres a city, there are robbers, cops, normal citizerns who drive around etc. once a player joins a city he can be a cab driver, cop or whatever he wants, for example if a cop is patrolling a city and he see's someone driving recklessly he can give chase, request backup etc. i know it sounds boring but there are some ppl who would luv this game mode (me being one of them). let me know what you lot think! - Jim
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