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  1. it works, but if one of you get banned, the other one can still be in the same server but he/she can't rejoin
  2. well i am still here, but i don't think anyone here knows/knew who i am since i never played online. Reason: 56/Kb modem. But now that i finally (march this year) got a high speed connection i'm just waiting for this mod. GL with coding mta guys
  3. crazy_man


    and you MUST have a saved game on singleplayer, i dunno why though...
  4. i think it has or shall come out an compatibyllity (i dont remember how that was spelled in english) update to vista, mabye it will work with that ::hoping::
  5. or you can use VLC (i seem to have forgot the web site, can sombody help me)
  6. er... how large is the video? BTW: keep up the bloddy good work
  7. i think there was somthing bugged on the Check vista progam if you are using that
  8. wich firewall do you have? does it block programs?
  9. yeah, and make them lift the bus over an edge
  10. well then it depends on wich of the games you have played the most then. Or who is the best developers.
  11. please...just, just dont bother, okay? They dont know EDIT: typo
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