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  1. CToN

    MTA is off

    Yes. Sa-mp too(work), just MTA dont work
  2. CToN

    MTA is off

    But my windows is xp, not vista
  3. CToN

    MTA is off

    Hi, i don't know are it's good section or not, but that's okey....When i play MTA and when i do smth, it's off, i dont wanna off it but it off, it's been when i connect to server, or playing race, when new race been, it's off, what i have to do? P.s. I'm not good on english langue
  4. CToN

    Public beta #2 details

    I have error, connecting to at port 22003 failed... what i have to do?
  5. CToN

    BIG FPS- problem

    ahh sorry for that misunderstanding
  6. CToN

    BIG FPS- problem

    I did write nothing about low-FPS, its amazing big; I've updated first post, so please re-read it. I'll try that optimizer anyway
  7. CToN

    BIG FPS- problem

    Yes, it does Look at this :
  8. CToN

    BIG FPS- problem

    I don't have any viruses / malware software. I have already tried reinstalling nVidia graphic drivers from nvidia.com site drivers updater, still it's same. Gforce 8800, 1GB rams, Windows xp, Athlon 64x2
  9. Hai, My problem is that I've got very big FPS (1000+), so the game runs so quickly I can't play normally. I don't have any hacks/cheats or other software. I have reinstalled the game 3 times already. I tried deleting gtasa.set file. I tried setting frame limiter on. Always same, after some time playing, it begins run like with speed hack, look at this :