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  1. I know, and it won't run on sparc either but bsd runs on x86 machines. And there are plenty of x86 emulators mac users could try to bundle w/ winex, although it's prolly difficult, and prolly goes a bit beyond the point & click interface. also, there is a version of Sparc for the x86, and I believe there are x86 emulators for the sparc processor. But this is in no way a good solution, it's like trying to play a playstation game on the comp. You can, but it won't work well. And not only will you get bugs from wine, but you'll get bugs from the emulator... it's interesting how this th
  2. wow, 3 pages... well, isn't the linux userbase bigger than mac's now, I know some people say it is and others say it isn't, so it seems that it would be the second biggest to invite in. And Solaris and BSD's seem to have some compatability w/ linux proggies. open sourced mta would be neat, but there is the hacking thing, revealing the innerworking could allow hacker's to more easily find holes in the code. Plus there is the thing that it is no longer your program. I'm a senior, about to go to college, and anything I write I know store in a portfolio type thing, and I can say, hey, this is
  3. man, I was just getting used to this yum and apt stuff, it all works togeather I wish I knew what they did to make em work, I'm running the latest 2.8 smp kernel in yum... maby that will make it work. could it have something to do w/ XFree over x.org??? cause fedora uses x.org and both debian and SuSE use XFree, I don't even think there is a x.org .deb yet hmm... needs investigation, but I'll definatly choose XDamage and XComposite over MTA...
  4. I just switched to fedora cause skool jumped up on me, and I had a half baked gento system emerging. I heard of lfs, and it sounds fun, but that would prolly take longer than gentoo (and w/o portage, not wanting to start flamewars, but I like it better than apt and this yumi thing I have on fedora). I'm gonna get cedega again soon, just need to make sure this is ready for skool, and kill the fat f... err fruitcake who stole my usb stick. yes I am registered (that $30 was really worth it, a lot less than m$), and thanks for that info on SuSE and Debian. Debian doesn't like my s-ata hard dis
  5. suse was pretty good, but the free version is missing way too many features. Gentoo is awsome once it's set up, which takes about a week mepis is kool, I forget y I dropped it, I think because I was getting errors w/ cedega that others weren't. atm, I've dropped gentoo since school started before I could get it set up, and I just installed fedora core for some reason. I think I didn't like this one's update system or the difficulty it puts you through setting up an nvidia card. but, anyway, I'd appreciate any work done here to make it easier to get this game to work with linux. In additi
  6. yes, I know I did write a nice 14 page essay on y linx is better than any other of the mainstream os's for an english class (got marked down cause the max was supposed to be 4). it's amazing how cult-ish linux becomes, it has obsessed every moment of my day, and now as I try to free myself, I get stuck deeper. I had a just works distro, got bored, and installed gentoo, y, I don't know. I like it, and you would to but yeah, performance isn't great under winex (but it can be better than windows in some games, mainly since it doesn't have IEXPLORER.exe and explorer.exe running in the backgro
  7. I have half-life (w/ mods), ut2004 (w/ mods), quake3 (w/ mods), and Battlefield 1942 (w/ mods) all working w/ full multiplayer support. I have no problem with steam, and I even got Doom3 to work with multiplayer support. For the most part, I love linux. The performance is awsome, the next release of x.org will give us mac quality special effects, and runs on almost any machine with some sort of writable disk and a cpu.
  8. ah, yes, root access could be bad. I may do some testing over a private network (aka, unplug my modem) but I hate doing anything as root, too easy to break gentoo
  9. nope linux only wait, I have a spyware infested 3 yr old bottom quality (then, cheapest @ best) laptop w/ xp... but xp is on the vendor's cd... not a m$ cd it lags while playing starcraft though, I get somewhere between 2 and 8 fps for most shooters... I wonder what vc would do?? I may actually test it. but I have a top of the line, hand built (by me) desktop that I installed linux on. p4 lg775 processor at 3.2 GHz, GeForce FX 5900 pcx, 3 cdrom drives, 2 hard disks (yes, games take up 1 80 gig, and one 120 gig, especially when I have 6 copies installed to test different features of diffe
  10. ok, I know gta.vc doesn't support linux, but it runs in cedega mta doesn't work in cedega (winex), and it seems mostly to be the netcode is what is causing this error. there is a linux server, which means some coding (at least a backend) has been done w/ the necissary code. I'm not sure how the winelibs work, but would it be possible, to compile the game using winelibs, and include the linux specific code in there? or maby work on getting this to work with cedega. I understand that you can not release a fully native linux client without gta being written w/ a linux client, but I really wa
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