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  1. the "google english" thing is not exactly the URI, its the VHost they use, if it cant find the right VHost, it goes by IP lookup. (google has a custom webserver )
  2. woulnd't it be funny if the bot makers knew more about the current core then the devs.
  3. the autolock is only a big problem when the person coruches and it doesn't show them as crouching, then the game aims too high, and, it doesn't seem to autoaim much for me...... Also: gtat sux...yes...but the shooting fighting, etc is not why, its a beta give it that, the crappy sync is the reason it sux, not its...beta..nees
  4. im gettin pretty far on a php-cli scriptable admin client.. =D... (PHP-CLI runs in a dos box, on any php-compatible OS)... im almost done =D... i just got the playerlist done.... =D =D =D (its really simple now, all the MTA info given to scripts.php is the raw packet, the users ID, and their name, but it does have all the fancy PHP features, like ez mysql access)
  5. i made a simple admin thingy in PHP-CLI (command line interface)... for 0.5... could be done for blue im sure =D
  6. lol.......... Link (Edited by JonChappell)
  7. i've had problems with besweet, but, besides from the name, Lame is the best Open Source Encoder i've ever used. _________________ -- Page Load Time: 12 Minutes, 34 Seconds -- STUPID WIRELESS CONNECTION -- On Vacation And Now For The Oringally Scheduled Signature:
  8. well, first, give game-monitor 10 minutes to half an hour to register the server, second, get some kills goin on the server so GRS starts to recive the information about teh server.
  9. "[FKU]Drivers Server" install mta: mirc admin and then MTA: mA: GRS
  10. Driver: the server's gotta be listed at game-monitor, and GRS.. i submitted it To Game Monitor *changed to game-monitor.com*
  11. I Added The Sources, it doesn't interfere with the stats ethier
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