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  1. i voted no for no good reason really.
  2. I removed "=AA=Patriots" aka Gunny From admin, abuse of power. yes thats good. he must've kissed mad asses to get admin in the first place... lol banned me all because he was scared i was gonna take his 100,000 on the way to buy a house, he was riding a securicar across the golf course bridge where i cut him off in my hummer, i had him where i wanted him, i got out and shot at his securicar and [KFC]Starsky (the passenger in my hummer) got out and blasted me, claiming he was protecting Gunny's cash...betrayed by my own teammate....even HE chooses a damn =AA= over a [KFC], and we're talkin G
  3. nice, i haven't been playing for a while, and im not right now, thx to faggy, i mean gunny... but i currently own 1: Washington West Constructions site 175,000 2: Gonzales' Pad (lol, north of Malibu) 45,000 3: Fort Baxter Army base 300,000 and because i am happy with my purchases i have been making donations to the less fortunate users (lmfao) and i got like 11 g's in da bank.
  4. hey wheel; kinda curious: what happened to the idea of 'your computer taking too much of your life away' I hear ya on that idea btw, but am i doing anything about it? nah
  5. ok i find it very hard to believe that gunny aka =AA=Patriots has admin access to this server. This is the first i heard about it and already he has been abusing it, i have a log, and this time i didnt even mouth off and i got banned by this cock-smokin bitch. Mills will have your damn admin revoked right soon gunny, im glad you had fun abusing it while you had it, and nice try tryin to get another name with admin (Gunny) while DJMills wasnt there. have a fun night.
  6. LOL i got a war story similar to that. i was minding my own business driving my gang burrito from the robber spawn and then i saw the dots on the radar movin like crazy i thought they were speed hackers until my car was lifted off the ground and they all "hurricaned" to the field right beside sunshine autos. I managed to get out the car in a laggy manor right before all the cars started exploding, i guess everyone else crashed or died in the explosion but i was left with 12 health watching this shit, i think i got screens hold on...sorry that was a different time i was a robber, i was a cop i
  7. meh i decided to say: service pack 2. I have 1 and it is fine. I already have a firewall that does its job fantasically (that even a werd?lol) so screw dat shiat.
  8. OMGLMFAO!! what a noob this michael kid is, and his gang is made up of cheaters....lmfao what do ya bet he made up those "well known gangs" that "he has forced to quit"? Todays post has been brought to you by the letters, "n", "o", "o", and "b", (aka michael) omg i still find that kids post jokes,.
  9. maybe id would install it if i knew more about what it did? i have SP1 installed, is it wise IYO to install it?
  10. well my associate(HwDThuGakaPiMpDaDDy) and myself experienced extreme lameness towards those two admins. I rest my case and continue to play. peace
  11. yea simple script could take care of that, i bet DJ Mills could make on of those in like 5 mins lol guys a genious.
  12. You guys forgot to mention the fact that u blatently went against the rules. You were not only kicked my me and Dan but also by the Client admin who saw it all. You broke the rules, u got kicked, you flamed, flamed, flamed, and flamed again after a number of kicks you were banned yet to come back again and flame. Read the server rules, we did not get pwned, after i first kicked you you didnt enter game again, only connected to bitch an whine like a little baby. Grow up guys. what you said above does not even come close to the log. Because dan pissed me off so i off'd him in the bank -
  13. yeh theres a problem with 2 admins i have come across so-far. some retard named Twig and TLR Dan or w/e the fuck it is i dont even care. They are admin abusers. You are not allowed to shoot them, or they kick you and if you come back and accuse them of admin abuse they ban you. Watch out for these whores. I got a chat log here im just waiting to get a hold of DJ Mills so he can sort out these losers.
  14. A war with TLR was supposed to go on today, but Chef withdrew from the match long before it was to go on. So we get the points due to forfeit. and heres my proof: TheCigaretteMan says: heya *TLR*CHEF says: erm who are u? TheCigaretteMan says: Nikateen *TLR*CHEF says: o hello TheCigaretteMan says: so we havin the war at 6? *TLR*CHEF says: no we are'nt playin KFC TheCigaretteMan says: oh,whys that? *TLR*CHEF says: cause i was in the kfc ts last night and thug banned me for no reason, and i don't like attitudes like that so TLR are not playin KFC now and u can have the points Th
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