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  1. 100 isnt even alot in gta sa. due to the map size its rather small and u will have to drive awhile looking for people when they spread out
  2. ya, even 100 isnt alot. i noticed when playing sa mp, because mta sa is just so huge. but if we could have a few hundred players it would be nice. also a nice script for the game would be like gtat its set up kind of like an mmo within sa-mp. http://gtat.org/ current feature list http://spieleschuppen.de/index.php/GTAT:Features
  3. another pretty good mod sa-mp supports 100 players, so was just wondering if mta will support 100 and maybe more like 128-160 or even 256 if possible.
  4. why not just support mta sa instead of vc because vc blue is a ways off which is obvious everyones jumping on the sa bandwagon. might as well ake a kick ass gta sa star wars conversion
  5. if you join you get free taco bell for a year but on a serious note we are back in the game. we sorta broke off most of us kinda loss pthe passion for the game. i still played from time to time. some of us did join games togeher still. we once had like 25 memebers we are smaller now just in need to new memebers. we have a goal of 30 new members so we can be a regular clan again. we did enjoy a small fued with kfc on the kfc servers last year, it was gonan bea huge clan vc clan thing we was planning before we broke off we mostly played with a few kfc guys. too bad it would have been fun
  6. sweet, i've been checking here since you all have started working on this mod. its looking sweet. will you all add any new game modes for this mod?
  7. i'm using a no cd crack to play gta 3 and it wont seem to work with mta but with vc it does. this sint a warez topic because i own the game but cd drive doesent work properly and gta 3 play cd got scracthed up in cd drive but gta vc both cds fine i hope maybe i'm doing something wrong. i miss playing gta 3 online.
  8. i was wondering since mta blue supports mods, will it also let you download the mod from the server you are playing from, much like games like quake did where u join a server and the game downloades the files needed to play ?
  9. actaully at times they have enough players, but not everyone who plays gta even plays mta yet, so making it bigger could help but those could be features allowed to be set up by who is running server so not ever server would allow that many but the ones that do u can play on. and the comunity like featurs with money and all could be added to mta and they could only apply to certain game types or whatever, but it would be a cool feature
  10. will it be like gtat which can support 96 players? i remeber reading on gtat message board that its possible to have up to 128 maybe. i was just wondering if we can finally have a larger game because the game world is too much for 26 or 32 players. also will we have networked features like gtat is supposed to add, like the gtat comunity where u earn money for you and your clan and u can buy weopons and temporary sheidls and what not? either way i can't wait to play but these would be some great additions to the game giving it a mix of great death matches and clan wars and a feel of
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