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  1. I have tryed servers on port 2003 2004 2005 but still wont connect. Its getting anoyin, i wanna play MTA:VC!!! lol
  2. Got 1 server pinging in ASE since i updated it "version i was using wasnt that old but w/e." Anyway i still cant connect to any games though, i just get. Connecting... Disconnected: Connection timed out. (Delay = 5 sec) Auto Reconnect in 5 Secs, Please Wait Connecting... etc etc lol
  3. Yeah and i have tryed it with it on and off lol
  4. Nope, still wont work. ASE still wont brows and cant connect manualy. If i remember right didnt MTA add a new menu into the GTA menu, as i dont see that in this release etc lol
  5. The ASE list just dont show but i know why i cant connect manualy, i cant set the game path for some reason.
  6. Its been a while since i played MTA:VC but i just reinstalled MTA:VC and if i enter a server IP manualy i just get disconnected then it says waiting 5 seconds etc also i cant get anythin to show up in ASE. Do i need open ports to be able to play MTA now as well as host ??
  7. Thanks for the info, and yeah people can connect manualy.
  8. I tryed getting some people to see if they could see the server but they couldnt.
  9. The game port is 2003 and i did try 2126 but that didnt work, both where UDP btw.
  10. I just set a GTA:VC server up and i can get people to connect via the IP etc but i cant get it to show on ASE. What port(s) need to be open/forwarded so it will showup on ASE ? also UDP/TCP ?
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