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  1. local houses = {} local nextHouse = 0 function createHouse ( player, commandName, name ) local x, y, z = getElementPosition ( player ) z = z - 1 local hMarker = createMarker ( x, y, z, "cylinder", 1.0 ) if not name then name = "House #" .. nextHouse end if hMarker then houses[nextHouse] = {} houses[nextHouse].marker = hMarker houses[nextHouse].name = name outputChatBox ( "House has been created!", player ) nextHouse = nextHouse + 1 else outputChatBox ( "House can't be created!", player )
  2. Sorry, code was wrong, the script is server-side, edited it, but still not working. Only triggers when the first hit happens.
  3. Hello, I'm creating a house system, but I ran into a problem I can't solve. I want to handle when a player hits a house entrance's marker, but it only works once, the second time I hit the marker, there's no server reaction. function houseMarkerHit ( elem, matchingDimension ) if getElementType ( elem ) == "player" then outputChatBox ( "Marker hit", elem ) end end addEventHandler ( "onMarkerHit", root, houseMarkerHit ) How could I solve this problem? Thanks Nonameman
  4. Edited, but the icon still not appear. Checked the directory and it's right.
  5. <meta> <info author="Nonameman" version="0.1" type="gamemode" edf:definition="edf/ncrp.edf" /> <file scr="\edf\img\office_door_cp.png" /> <script src="authServer.lua" type="server" /> <script src="authClient.lua" type="client" /> <script src="generalServer.lua" type="server" /> <script src="generalClient.lua" type="client" /> </meta>
  6. Thanks, but the main proble is that the icon, like marker, object, pickup and vehicle icons in the default EDF doesn't appear when I add it to the definitions and try to scroll to the correct def.
  7. Hey! I'm working on my custom EDF, this is the code: <def name="RP definitions"> <element name="office_door_cp" friendlyname="Office door" icon="edf/img/office_door_cp.png"> <data name="name" type="string" default="" /> <data name="team" type="integer" default="0" /> <data name="position" type="coord3d" default="0,0,0" /> <data name="type" type="selection:arrow,checkpoint,corona,cylinder,ring" default="checkpoint" /> <data name="size" type="number" default="3" /> <data name="color" type=
  8. Aha, so it's a hidden data. Thank you guys!
  9. But gridlist item's data isn't the text you can see?
  10. Hey! I'm confused about two gui gridlist function, guiGridListGetItemData() and guiGridListGetItemText(). They both return a string, so I thought they do the same, find the item from the given column and row index, and return the found item's content. Am I right or not? Which of them shall I use? Thanks Nonameman
  11. Thanks, so scrollpane should be the memo's child?
  12. Hey! I'm trying to create a gui window with scrollpane that'd contain the rules of the server. Shall I use more labels to show the rules, or one label is enought? If there's other way(s) to show them, what gui element and how many of it needed to make it work? Thanks Nonameman
  13. Thank you. 2 more questions, I do not wanted to create new topic for these: 1; A global variable can be used in both client- and server-side, or only in one side? 2; If I create a variable client-side, it will be created for all clients, who will use this var, or it would be created once and every clients will use it, so they will delete/replace it's value?
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