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  1. xArgonx

    sql database

    i have a question about sql database: if i want to create a sql table must i have a loaded database? and where does the data which inputs get saved..
  2. because it did some changes: i wanted to let the script start onplayerjoin (instead of /loadacc) and onplayerquit (instead of /saveacc), but it doesn't work not data get saved and no data will load, maybe because i get an error attempt to getPlayerName (also for getPlayerUserName and getPlayerSerial) i don't know what to do... getClientName is not a updated command, so i do not use it..
  3. xArgonx

    save values

    i have already tried that, but it doesn't change anything, i think maybe there will not create any row for the users
  4. i wanted to test your script but i got this: Bad ' client' pointer @ 'getPlayerName ' <1>
  5. xArgonx

    save values

    ok that's right the other problem is that i think the executeSQLInsert does to start, so there is nothing to update or to get from because there is no row for a player in the sql data table
  6. xArgonx

    save values

    actually i tried to go on whith the script i postet before now it is: function dbadd (commandName) executeSQLCreateTable ( "Players", "Money INTEGER, Skin INTERGER, Team TEXT, Wanted INTEGER, Player TEXT" ) end addCommandHandler ("dbadd", dbadd) function onjoindb () local sourcename = getPlayerName ( source ) player = executeSQLQuery("SELECT Money FROM eVo_Players WHERE Player=?", sourcename) if(#player == 0) then executeSQLInsert ( "Players", "'5000', '0', 'Arbeitsloser', '0', '" .. sourcename .. "'" ) else money = executeSQLQuery ("SELECT
  7. xArgonx

    save values

    yes i have already writen and started a working script which creates team on server start
  8. i did , but i tried it again today and it worked^^
  9. i have the same problem... not errors but these things are not saved... it is a server side script? am i right?? must i do somthing with SQLite Browser
  10. i want to replace a vortex for my server this is the script: function vortex ( ) vortex1 = engineLoadTXD ( "data/vortex.txd" ) engineImportTXD ( vortex1, 539 ) vortex2 = engineLoadDFF ( "data/vortex.dff", 539 ) engineReplaceModel ( vortex2, 539 ) end addEventHandler ( "onClientResourceStart", getRootElement(), vortex ) i make it in the meta file as client type and it work i see it but all other do not see the replaced vortex and the funny thing is that server is not on my pc^^
  11. xArgonx

    save values

    ok your right sry, i was a bit busy since i read your post first^^ i do not get any error messages now, but if i use /dbadd or updatedb nothing happens and nothing is saved
  12. xArgonx

    save values

    could u post what u have changed?
  13. xArgonx

    save values

    i have already read that topic, but it would be very nice of you, if u can update it for nightly...
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