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  1. ok your a dumbass...if i recall mta is still a beta so there still is going to be some glitchy things about it but i wouldn't go as far as to play MTA just to find things wrong with it is just plain stupid....
  2. ok you can argue about both sides in this case for example the .3 stubby really isn't a glitch as all your doing is switching from stubby to pistol then running i personally don't think that is a glitch a glitch is when you have M4 or m60 and you crouch to get infinite ammo thats a glitch or when u throw a grendade then jump thats a glitch but when you switch from pistol to stubby then run that isn't a glitch its just a switch of weapons....and whats the big deal anyone can do it and i seem to recall everyone whining when .4 came out that omg the mta team wrecked the stubby omg this sucks but
  3. lol i have to agree with him on that one as i don't seem to be getting ne of those problems it works fine maybe you need to like reinstall vc or sumthin
  4. Yeh it was fun for the 2 days ne way back to AA peace you can lock this topic or delete it w/e peace
  5. lol who cares everyone hates wheelman so whats the point of staying in AA when you won't get ne gangwars cause everyone hates him
  6. nah we don't need luck just get a couple guys and fight us
  7. Yes i don't care if it is 6-3 give us a shout and we will fight you and uhhh we own n stuff right
  8. ««Sc4r»»

    Gangwar Mode

    I guess it was better that they did clan bann us in that gangwar cause we wouldn't have wanted to play with hackers that have cracked clients...well i guess thats what u get for being a kfc nubs joo got owned by deathB P.S deathB is my hero
  9. yeh that was a well played war..GG all and hope to fight you guys soon
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