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  1. It's official.

    SA-MP is smoking MTA.

    Thought I'd never see it, but now I have.

    I'm highly disappointed with this announcement. I mean, I've always been disappointed, but now it's fairly obvious that it takes a hard-working team to get the job done. I can only hope SAMP doesn't decide to lie to the public and feed us shit for over a year.

    For those of you who read the KFC Forum, you know that my view is not biased either way for either the MTA team or the SAMP team.

    Good job, MTA. :roll::roll:

    I'll probably be banned for this, and this post deleted.


    Nobody DRIVES around in MTA:VC, I mean WTF? How many people play stunt mode? Barely anybody... You'd have to be a total douschebag to want to drive around in a multiplayer version of San Andreas. SA2P is more synched than that. People want to kill, and carjack. Nobody wants to be friends and race around. This isn't Need For Speed or any queer game like that we're playing here. This is an AO rated bloodbath where we carjack you and then put some shotgun shells into your skull. If you want to race people with multiplayer, go play some Mario Kart on your LAN with your shithead friends.

    I agree with both of you 100%

  2. gj pontera...he was caught red-handed cheating there is absolutly nothing he has to say for himself as we have seen no denial from r33dham...i know kfc will back there members up 100% but if that is not cheating than i do not no what is anymore...

  3. :lol: .... not funny kid. you just continue playin like you dont know what im sayin but i know, soon more people will realise that your a fake. 8) gg no re

    hey man i didn't post on the kfc boards of 5:20 am pwnage with BazW's site on the top of your msg....if you can show me a picture of me hacking a msg of me saying i hack go right a head but if you can't then get your modder bitch ass out of these fourms and go crawl under a rock and die....and about the fake thing man you ain't nothin but a bitch who got kicked out of KFC for hacking can you get any lower than that you worthless son of a bitch.....you come talk to me when u got some proof thx


  4. Here's a short log of me in partyserver approximately 5:20-5:35 Am. Peep this, i bolded the lines having to do with me.



    Updating INI ... INI Updated.


    Server Map: Vice City

    Server Game Mode: Regular (Deathmatch)

    krtek: jo

    Mr.sock: do nej

    Ghost killed sakuL. (Stubby Shotgun)

    yositheking has joined the game.

    sakuL: shit

    player`ko killed himself. (Explosion)

    krtek killed Ghost. (M60)

    Ghost: lol

    puko: sory prepacte

    pokevitek: dobre good

    Ghost: cant kill u all... toomany in 1 place

    sakuL: jaka postava je podle vas nej?!

    Mr.sock: podle me ten fizl jak mam ja!!!

    pokevitek: zbranema mexican vzhledem vc crusader

    Ghost killed [KFC]Chronic. (Stubby Shotgun)

    Pooyan has joined the game.

    puko: uz to vipinam za i=1minutu som tu

    sakuL: takze mexican

    Mr.sock: kde si sakul??

    Ghost: everyones at airport chronic

    puko timed out.

    pokevitek: sem vzdusna podpora

    pokevitek: sem vzdusna podpora

    [KFC]Chronic: im scared to fight that 700+ pinger

    puko has joined the game.

    Mr.sock: jedou tam za wama na letiste!!A tantokrat sou dva!!!!w

    pokevitek: sem vzdusna podpora

    Ghost: lol

    Pooyan killed krtek. (Python)

    sakuL: co delas

    Ghost: mines ok for once

    Pooyan killed sakuL. (Python)

    [KFC]Chronic killed Mr.sock. (Stubby Shotgun)

    sakuL killed Pooyan. (M60)

    Mr.sock: kurwa nejakej chronic me dostal!!!

    sakuL: ten kokot se zblaznil

    [KFC]Chronic: w/e the fuck that means

    Ghost: all they can talk is polish or summat :S

    sakuL killed Pooyan. (M60)

    Ghost killed sakuL. (Stubby Shotgun)

    krtek: poyan zabi te ho hrablo mu

    sakuL: me to prave ze jemu

    [KFC]Chronic killed krtek. (Stubby Shotgun)

    sakuL: von do me zacal strilet minule a zabil me

    sakuL: tak sem tedu udelal odlatu

    Ghost: ow

    Mr.sock: sakul kde si??

    pokevitek died. (Impact)

    [emir]homa has joined the game.

    sakuL: kurva uz mi to zase vypadlo

    Ghost killed yositheking. (M60)

    sakuL: do pici kde je ten minibOOn

    Ghost killed Mr.sock. (MP5)

    [sKO]-junior has joined the game.

    Mr.sock: ten ghost je kokot!!!!

    Mr.sock: dostal me!!

    [emir]homa has left the game.

    pokevitek: a kde byl?

    [sKO]-junior has left the game.

    Mr.sock: taky me sere ze tu neni!!!Ale tady byl normalne za michala

    [sKO]-junior has joined the game.

    [sKO]-junior has left the game.

    yositheking killed Ghost. (M60)

    [KFC]Chronic killed Pooyan. (Chainsaw)

    yositheking killed [KFC]Chronic. (M60)

    [KFC]Chronic: omfg go away you lagger

    yositheking: !stat

    sakuL: tak a sem z5

    player`ko has left the game.

    [KFC]Chronic killed yositheking. (M60)

    yositheking: !stats

    [sKO]-junior has joined the game.

    yositheking: what?!

    Mr.sock: tak pod na letiste!!

    [sKO]-junior has left the game.

    pokevitek: fakt tady nebyl tom?

    sakuL: sem tam

    Ghost has left the game.

    yositheking: ! <- that guy lags bad, so i was standing at his spawn with a chainsaw*

    [sKO]-junior has joined the game.

    yositheking: !ping

    [sKO]-junior: ola

    yositheking has left the game.

    [sKO]-junior: ola

    puko: no uz drvim na koho ideme

    krtek: bacha

    Mr.sock: honi me nakej zmrd

    pokevitek: kde je ghost?

    puko: no nakoho

    sakuL: ghost se odpojil

    Mr.sock: uz mel bobnky!!!

    pokevitek died. (Explosion)

    [KFC]Chronic killed sakuL. (Chainsaw)

    sakuL: to je srac

    [KFC]Chronic killed Mr.sock. (Chainsaw)

    [KFC]Chronic killed krtek. (Chainsaw)

    Mr.sock: co blbne ten kokot??

    [KFC]Chronic killed puko. (Chainsaw)

    [KFC]Chronic killed Pooyan. (Chainsaw)

    [sKO]-junior: lol

    Mr.sock: won me rozrezal

    pokevitek: nevim, na nje

    [KFC]Chronic killed Pooyan. (M60)

    puko: cize kfc

    [sKO]-junior: lol

    [KFC]Chronic killed sakuL. (Chainsaw)

    Pooyan: fuck you chronic

    [KFC]Chronic killed Pooyan. (Chainsaw)

    Pooyan: fuck chronic

    Mr.sock: tak ted dame chronicovi!!!!

    [KFC]Chronic killed sakuL. (Chainsaw)

    sakuL: yeah fuck him

    [KFC]Chronic killed pokevitek. (Chainsaw)

    pokevitek: zabte ho

    LameAss has joined the game.

    [KFC]Chronic killed sakuL. (Chainsaw)

    sakuL: ten zmrd

    puko died. (Explosion)

    pokevitek died. (Explosion)

    [KFC]Chronic killed sakuL. (Stubby Shotgun)

    Pooyan has left the game.

    pokevitek killed [KFC]Chronic. (M60)

    [sKO]-junior killed puko. (Vehicle)

    pokevitek: je po nem

    sakuL has left the game.

    Disconnected: Client disconnected. (Delay = 10 sec)

    OMG!!!111 lmfao look what i just found lmfao chronic you piece of hacking shit LMFAO and you say we hack man you just got caught with a cracked client LMFAO!!!1111 ......i remeber you saying you actually fought with AA the modders when the funny thing is you have a cracked client yourself LMFAO...guess its tru what goes around comes around bitch....Yankee's btw lhttp://bazw.i8.com <---Owned....BazW is the hacker that mat mta .5 cracked client

  5. This is a simple suggestion and I hope it's considered

    Most of the crying about the DM version has to do with the stubby.. jumping... crouching... damage etc...

    The cop shotty is just as good if not better but you can't spawnwar with it because noone spawns in one spot with it...

    My suggestion...

    Eliminate the Robber entirely... Give the VCC the cop shotty for balance with the Cops... And add a spawnwar character who spawns at the DirtRing with Cop Shotty, M4 and M60, Colt, Katana or Chainsaw and MP5. You don't need to give them much ammo since it will be a spawnwar... (This would be a great character to spawn with for easy setup gangwars)

    For the ppl who can't live without Stubby... Add it as a pickup in a hard to get to location (like the old spaz) Possibly where the M-4 pickup on the crane is.

    If you could make the Sailor, Mex and SS spawn random it would spread gameplay but it's not completely nessesary...

    If you can't fix the nade/mollie unlimited throw I would remove that as well

    After this I am sure new players will be equal to veterens and noone could complain about glitches for the most part.

    that sounds like a good idea....i would like to see that spawnwar to be prawn Island as those spawnwars owned :roll:

  6. lol i made a post about walking and firing earlier and it got deleted :roll: ...and to all the ppl who think the gameplay and stubby are unbalanced, if u dont liek the way the game is...simply quit ur whining and stop playing the game

    i agree and for all you people that say .5 is laggy VCdm is laggy then go buy a new computer or get a better video card cause vcdm isn't laggy for me or ne of AA and about the walking and fireing lol thats just stupid lol....the gameplay in my opinion is balanced and the stubby is just like .3 which most of the older players wanted back when they took it out in .4 so if you don't like it now then your a hypocrit and should just stop playing mta all together...and boro you can stay "cause you like it here" but then you don't have a right to whine as you can always leave

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